The Ostersund Youth Academy | Ostersund #9.2 | An FM18 Story

Youth has played a crucial part in the success of the last nine seasons with Ostersund. Over these nine seasons, Swedish manager Oscar Friberg has convinced the board on several occasions to invest in their youth setup and it is beginning to pay dividends. In this post, we look into this youth system to review some of the players it has produced for Ostersund. Continue reading

The Bromma Boys #8 | 2019 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

A couple of posts ago we introduced the thoughts behind our often used term ‘The Swedish Talent Factory’. Here we spoke about how we develop our players in order for them to develop into players that suit our BP style. To go back and read this post, follow this link: BP Talent Factory. Continue reading

AFC Ajax: Retirement | The Academies | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to the third and final part of our Ajax Academy series in ‘The Academies’. If you missed either of the previous parts, give them a read now by clicking the links below. Continue reading

AFC Ajax 2026-31 | The Academies | Football Manager 2017

Welcome to our second update in the Ajax Academy series. In the previous part (you can read it here) we saw how our youngsters developed five years into their future. Continue reading

AFC Ajax 2016-21| The Academies | Football Manager 2017

The Ajax Youth Academy, based in Amsterdam, Holland, is one of the most world-renowned footballing academies for producing high potential players.

Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #10 | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to the latest post in Youth Development. You join us at the end of our third season with Porto as we aim to turn the Portuguese giants into a homegrown club. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #9 | March 2019 | Football Manager 2017

Regen day has arrived. One of the most important days of the year in a homegrown challenge. The future of our series relies on a decent and consistent income of decent youth players. Continue reading