World Cup Qualifiers | St Lucia to Real Madrid #3 | An FM18 Story

The Caribbean Championship has come and gone, with St Lucia proving that they are a nation not to be taken lightly. With the World Cup qualifiers approaching rapidly, the small island nation of the Caribbean will be looking to continue their progress and perhaps cause a few shockwaves across the footballing world. Continue reading

Caribbean Championship | St Lucia to Real Madrid #2 | An FM18 Story

St Lucia is proving to be a very fun beginning to our challenging Football Manager 2018 save. In the last post, I discussed our aim of the save in detail. In short, we want to get from St Lucia to Real Madrid! It certainly won’t be easy. To read part one of this story, do go back and read it through the link below. Continue reading

A New Save | St Lucia to Real Madrid #1 | An FM18 Story

Back when I was just an FM’er, and not an FM blogger, one of my most memorable saves came from the idea that I must start at a low ranked nation or club and work my way up towards managing Real Madrid. This type of save would consume my days as I planned my potential career moves and thought about how could I possibly reach the pinnacle of football management. Continue reading