3 Penalty Shootouts in 3 Finals | Tolima: Colombia #5 | Football Manager Stories

In the last part of VivaGlobetrotting, we saw our Chilean manager Alejandro Hurtado experience defeat in the Apertura Final, losing out to Atletico Nacional in a penalty shootout. Continue reading

Colombian Dream | Tolima: Colombia #4 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado’s Colombian nightmare has changed completely, becoming a Colombian dream. The Chilean manager has turned things around at Deportes Tolima, despite coming into the season under threat of being sacked. Continue reading

Colombian Nightmare | Tolima: Colombia #3 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado is in a nightmare that he cannot wake up from. After arriving in Colombia a Chilean hero, a Union San Felipe title-winning legend, Hurtado has regressed back into the manager we saw in the Deportes Puerto Montt days. Continue reading

Tough Start at Tolima | Tolima: Colombia #2 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado has settled in Colombia, but it’s fair to say that he has endured a tough start to life at Tolima.

With a new league with a different format and different rules to adapt to, Hurtado has struggled to make the best of his first few months in Colombia. Continue reading