Patience, Perseverance, Success | Celta Vigo #10 | Football Manager Stories

In the last instalment of VivaGlobetrotting, Alejandro Hurtado had attended a job interview from Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Despite not getting the job, Hurtado believed that it could be time to move on from Celta Vigo. Continue reading

Time To Move On? | Celta Vigo #9 | Football Manager Stories

After just two full seasons with Celta Vigo, Alejandro Hurtado is beginning to think that the club are not improving under his leadership. Could it be time to move on from the Galician club? Continue reading

Optimism? | Celta Vigo #8 | Football Manager Stories

Hello and welcome to Part 43 of VivaGlobetrotting. We join Alejandro Hurtado and his Celta Vigo side at the end of the 2032/33 La Liga season, Hurtado’s second full season in charge of the Galician club. Continue reading

The Frustration of Underperforming | Celta Vigo #7 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado sadly has a history of underperforming at clubs and unfortunately Celta Vigo is no exception. Continue reading

2032/33 Season Preview | Celta Vigo #6 | Football Manager Stories

Hello and welcome to a brand new season with Alejandro Hurtado and Celta Vigo. In the previous post (you can find it here) we saw how a terrible end to the year ended what was, to begin with, a fairly promising first season. Continue reading

Pushing For Europe | Celta Vigo #4 | Football Manager Stories

Previously in VivaGlobetrotting we sat 6th in La Liga heading into the 2031/32 winter break. Could Alejandro Hurtado and Celta Vigo keep up the good work and push for Europe? Continue reading