Tricky Start | River Plate: Argentina #2 | Football Manager Stories

In the previous part of VivaGlobetrotting we ran through what happened since leaving Colombia after the 2026 World Cup. Catch up on that post here. Continue reading

The Union San Felipe Years | VivaGlobetrotting

So, if you missed the last post in VivaGlobetrotting now is probably a good time to go back… Here we will be reviewing the Union San Felipe years throughout our series. Continue reading

Hurting No More | Alejandro Hurtado’s 5 Season Ascent | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado was known throughout his football career as a dynamic centre attacking midfielder. His passing and vision excelled where others’ failed, allowing him to spot a key pass that could unlock an opposition defence. Continue reading

Los Hermanos de San Felipe | Union San Felipe: Chile #6 | Football Manager Stories

Los hermanos. Do you know what it means in English? It’s Spanish for ‘the brothers’ and it doesn’t sound quite right without ‘pollos’ in the middle (Breaking Bad fans will understand the reference..). Continue reading