Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Part 5 – 2021/22 Season | Football Manager Stories

First of all I would just like to welcome you all back to Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze, the support I have received from the last four parts has been fantastic but part five will be the final post in this series. Continue reading

Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Part 4 – 2020/21 Season | Football Manager Stories

So after finishing second in the league last time out I decided to set myself a near impossible task for this season, I wanted to win LOTTO Ekstraklasa and with us being priced as 7th favourites at 39-1 I knew that this was going to be a long, hard season. Continue reading

Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Part 3 – 2019/20 Season | Football Manager Stories

Welcome to part three of Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze. If you missed the previous post, do go and check it out by clicking this link. In this post, we will review our third season with the Polish club. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Part 2 – 2018/19 Season | Football Manager Stories

After a somewhat successful league finish last time out (you can read about last season here) the board once again asked me to avoid relegation for this season but I have higher expectations. My plan was to once again finish in the Championship group and achieve a higher place finish than the 7th which we managed last year. Continue reading

Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Part 1 – 2017/2018 | Football Manager Stories

So who are Gornik Zabrze? To be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of them, in fact before starting this save I wasn’t even aware of their existence! But they are actually the 2nd most successful team in Polish history behind Legia Warszawa. Continue reading