The Evolution of Tactics Over a 12 Year Period | Ostersund #12.3 | An FM18 Story

Tactics in Football Manager, where to start? They are a major talking point in every version of the game. Some players find them too challenging whilst others find them too exploitative. I love the tactical side of Football Manager, despite not being anywhere near an expert on the tactical side of football. The following post will analyse how I have used tactics over a 12-year period with my Ostersund side. Continue reading

Our Tactic: The Dutch 4-3-3 | Ostersunds FK #2.3 | An FM18 Story

Tactics are one of the most important aspects of Football Manager. If you learn how to use tactics effectively you’ll be able to make the most out of your players to overachieve and find success. But should you struggle, success could well be a long way off. Continue reading

Scoring More From Midfield | Torquay #9: League One | FM17 Stories

Welcome to a rather interesting post in VivaTorquay. In the previous post, we saw how Federico Hurtado led newly promoted Torquay to back-to-back promotions from League Two as one tiny tweak was enough to turn around his team’s fortunes. Continue reading

3-4-3 | River Plate: Argentina #5 | Football Manager Tactics

Welcome to the 25th post in VivaGlobetrotting. We’ve made great progress in our South American adventure so far having managed in Chile, Colombia and now Argentina. Continue reading

Step up to the Primera | Union San Felipe: Chile #4 | Football Manager Stories

If you missed the last part of VivaGlobetrotting now is the time to go back…. VivaGlobetrotting Part Seven. Those who’ve read it already, let’s get started with our review of the Opening Stage of the 2019 season in the Chilean Primera Division. Continue reading

Pre-Season | Zulia FC: Venezuela #4 | Football Manager Tactics

So, after progressing past Day One, creating a tactic and organising my staff, scouting assignments and training, we are finally ready to begin pre-season. This post will focus on the games throughout pre-season and my analysis of the games. In addition I will speak about any transfers that I make and any other events that occur during the first few weeks of this save. Continue reading