Year 2 | Celta Vigo #14 | Football Manager Stories

Just the one season remains for Alejandro Hurtado at Celta Vigo as we complete the second year of the three year plan to win the Champions League. Continue reading “Year 2 | Celta Vigo #14 | Football Manager Stories”


Year 1 | Celta Vigo #13 | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado’s time as Celta Vigo is nearing the end. In our previous post we detailed a three year plan on how we are going to win the Champions League. Continue reading “Year 1 | Celta Vigo #13 | Football Manager Stories”

Federico Hurtado | VivaGlobetrotting | Football Manager Stories

Back in Alejandro Hurtado’s playing days he was often regarded as one of the finest midfield playmakers that Chile had produced. His high vision meant he could thread a through ball to split open defences, often creating several chances per game. He could dictate the play and determine the way a match was being played. Continue reading “Federico Hurtado | VivaGlobetrotting | Football Manager Stories”