Building Bursaspor #2 | 2018/19 | An FM18 Story

I hope that you all enjoyed Part 1 of Building Bursaspor save and welcome to Part 2. In this part we will be trying to improve on our unbelievable debut season in Turkey and if you haven’t checked it out yet I would definitely recommend catching up before reading this part! You can find the previous post by clicking here. Continue reading

Up The ‘Boro! #2 | Halfway Stage | An FM18 Story

I have to admit, I have absolutely loved playing this save. It has made me wonder why it has taken me so long to pick up and play a save with Middlesbrough, but I guess I may find that out down the line, somehow. I have enjoyed a number of saves this year and my success has ranged, but I do think this is easily the most enjoyable save I’ve had and we’re only 23 games in! Continue reading

The Bromma Boys #33 | 2031 – “Time to build something great!” | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the 33rd episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna. I feel amazed that I’ve kept this save going longer than any of my previous saves, and I’m even more amazed that I’m still really loving both the save and this blog series. Continue reading

Up the Boro #1 | Introduction | An FM18 Story

I have been interested in writing for a little while now. Whilst I never joined the FM community, I would happily read many blogs and watch the content provided by many. FM has been a game I have loved for a number of years and it has been a part of my upbringing. Continue reading

Building Bursaspor #1 | 2017/18 | An FM18 Story

Welcome everyone to my new Football Manager 2018 save, this time I have chosen the mighty Bursaspor FC who play in the Turkish Super Lig. I have never managed in Turkey on Football Manager before but I have always had a number of good Regens from the European Nation. Continue reading

Our First Club | St Lucia to Real Madrid #4 | An FM18 Story

So, at the end of the previous post in the series, I talked about where our future should lie as we aim to reach Real Madrid. In this post, I reveal the first club of the save! We have left St Lucia to begin our journey up the club ladder towards the Spanish giants of Madrid. Continue reading

The Bromma Boys #31 | The Overhaul | An FM18 Story

So, welcome to a post completely different to what you’ve gotten used to in this series! It all started with me feeling like I was playing the same season over and over again, breezing through the domestic competitions but failing to make an impact in the Champions League. Continue reading