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Who to Manage in FM18 | Central Europe | Football Manager 2018

In this Football Manager 2018 series the aim is to provide some inspiration for you to decide which club you will manage in game. We will hopefully put forward a larger selection of teams from some of the more popular regions and countries in the game. Continue reading Who to Manage in FM18 | Central Europe | Football Manager 2018


Who to Manage in FM18 | UK + Ireland | Football Manager 2018

Sometimes I’ll be going about my day-to-day life and suddenly become inspired to take on a specific team in Football Manager. This inspiration leads me to begin to work out how I’ll manage that team before I even load up the game. I’ll plot how I will take down my rivals, I’ll pre-scout potential FM wonderkids and I’ll decide on the players I will be showing the door. Continue reading Who to Manage in FM18 | UK + Ireland | Football Manager 2018

My Plans for FM18 | Football Manager

Football Manager 2018 is coming soon. It will be released on Friday 10th November with the beta-version being available at least two weeks prior to the full-release.

Sports Interactive and Football Manager released a feature video which gives some detail about some of the new features in this years version of the game.

In comparison to last years marketing for the game, this was a much-needed step up, albeit a slightly cheesy one.

VivaLaVidaFM | FM17

Over the course of FM17’s life-cycle, I have published 156 blog posts about the game. Let’s briefly take a look at the series we have written before seeing what I have planned for FM18.

A short series than ran at the beginning of FM17 looked at various other content creators, highlighting some of the best creators producing FM content

My favourite series on FM17 saw us begin with Chilean side Deportes Puerto Montt with the aim of winning every South American competition. The save progressed in a way that wouldn’t have made logical sense to pursue that goal, and we looked to win the Champions League to end the save instead.

Here is the finale of our 50 part save.

In the same FM Universe we began our quest of leading Torquay United, a Conference South side, to the Premier League. Part One of that series can be found here.

My standard first save in Football Manager is to manage Manchester United, the team I support. In this years FM, I decided to use this save to focus on Youth Development. The save ran for 10 years and looked at how some of our better young prospects developed in-game.

We also went on and managed Porto for a short time, using only homegrown players.

  • FM Guides, Experiments and Wonderkids

Some of our most read articles came from these categories. We ran an experiment that saw Paul Pogba play as a striker, wrote multiple articles on Football Manager 2017 wonderkids and we wrote guides on some clubs to be on FM and some of the best academies in world football.

VivaLaVidaFM | FM18

Plans for Football Manager 2018

Though I really enjoyed writing and playing through my VivaGlobetrotting save, I won’t be writing as many FM story posts as last year. Instead, I will use Twitter (@VivaLaVidaFM) to share updates on my saves.

The reason behind this is that it takes a lot longer for me to write story posts than it does to write guides. And as I have a full-time job in teaching I often found myself with very little time to play FM, let alone write about it. This meant that when I did have the chance to play I had to play it a lot and I think this contributed to me becoming ‘burnt out’ from FM towards the end of August.

As mentioned earlier, I always begin each FM by playing with Manchester United and I’m sure I’ll do the same this year in the beta.

Upon the full release of FM18 I’ll be starting with Brighton & Hove Albion in the Premier League. It would be great to transform the club into a European powerhouse! I do plan on moving around a lot more this year on FM and I’d like to win as many competitions as possible around Europe.

With regards to writing the plan at present is to post more guides on VivaLaVidaFM, so if you have anything you would like to see written about then please do get in touch, either through the comments below or on social media.

As you can see, I have no clear idea of what I’m going to do for FM18, rather more sporadic thoughts, but as long as I enjoy the game then content will follow. Thanks for reading


Part 4 | Motorsport Manager | Create A Team

At the beginning of his debut season in Motorsport, Alejandro Hurtado would have been secretly optimistic about his team’s chances. After having success in the footballing world, perhaps Hurtado himself will admit that his ambitious thoughts were unrealistic.  Continue reading Part 4 | Motorsport Manager | Create A Team

Predicted 20th, Finished 3rd | Torquay #10: League One | FM17 Stories

Federico Hurtado has had a rather quiet summer. After finishing 14th in League One last season, Torquay are expected to finish 20th this year. Yet Hurtado hasn’t rushed out to sign too many players and has instead stuck largely with the team that survived League One. Continue reading Predicted 20th, Finished 3rd | Torquay #10: League One | FM17 Stories

AS Roma | The Academies | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to The Academies, a Football Manager 2017 series which takes a look at some of the world’s best football academies and sees how their best prospects progress on FM17. Continue reading AS Roma | The Academies | Football Manager 2017

Scoring More From Midfield | Torquay #9: League One | FM17 Stories

Welcome to a rather interesting post in VivaTorquay. In the previous post, we saw how Federico Hurtado led newly promoted Torquay to back-to-back promotions from League Two as one tiny tweak was enough to turn around his team’s fortunes. Continue reading Scoring More From Midfield | Torquay #9: League One | FM17 Stories