FC Porto | Youth Development #7 | June 2018 | Football Manager 2017

Hello and welcome to the end of season 2 with FC Porto. We’ve completed two seasons with the Portuguese club and are well on our way to creating a homegrown club. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #4 | June 2017 | Football Manager 2017

Things are going well in Portugal. Despite a potentially difficult first-season, we have progressed through it unscathed. In the following post we will go through all of our Porto squads and take a look through our developing youngsters. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #2 | Jan 2017 | Football Manager 2017

January 2017

As discussed in the previous post (if you haven’t seen it click here) I will be writing three Youth Development posts per season with Porto. Each January update will be an update on how our under 19’s and our B-team are progressing in their leagues. Continue reading