FC Porto | Youth Development #5 | January 2018 | Football Manager 2017

Here is Part Five of our FC Porto Youth Development challenge. If this is the first post you are reading, feel free to catch up on the series so far by reading the previous post here. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #4 | June 2017 | Football Manager 2017

Things are going well in Portugal. Despite a potentially difficult first-season, we have progressed through it unscathed. In the following post we will go through all of our Porto squads and take a look through our developing youngsters. Continue reading

FC Porto | Youth Development #2 | Jan 2017 | Football Manager 2017

January 2017

As discussed in the previous post (if you haven’t seen it click here) I will be writing three Youth Development posts per season with Porto. Each January update will be an update on how our under 19’s and our B-team are progressing in their leagues. Continue reading