MLS Adventure | Chicago Fire #1 | Football Manager Stories

At the end of the previous VivaGlobetrotting post we discussed how Alejandro Hurtado’s future at River Plate depended on the outcome of their Copa Libertadores campaign. Continue reading

Another Bottle | River Plate: Argentina #7 | Football Manager Stories

Back in May 2027, we had just bottled the Argentine Primera Division. In our final eight matches, we went on a three match winless streak that curtailed our chances of winning the league. Continue reading

3-4-3 | River Plate: Argentina #5 | Football Manager Tactics

Welcome to the 25th post in VivaGlobetrotting. We’ve made great progress in our South American adventure so far having managed in Chile, Colombia and now Argentina. Continue reading

Bottle | River Plate: Argentina #4 | Football Manager Stories

Welcome to another instalment of VivaGlobetrotting, our Football Manager story that follows the career of Chilean manager Alejandro Hurtado. His current club River Plate were embroiled in a championship battle the last time we saw him. Continue reading

Tricky Start | River Plate: Argentina #2 | Football Manager Stories

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The Union San Felipe Years | VivaGlobetrotting

So, if you missed the last post in VivaGlobetrotting now is probably a good time to go back… Here we will be reviewing the Union San Felipe years throughout our series. Continue reading