A New Challenge Awaits? | Colo-Colo #8 | VivaGlobetrotting #14 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Ken Sasaki is building a legacy with Colo-Colo. He is now into his fourth full season and is chasing his fifth league title with the club. He will be looking to add to his managerial cv by progressing much further in the Copa Libertadores this season. Sasaki has already developed a plan for how he can help his side progress continentally – this post will reveal the fruits of his labour! Continue reading

How to Become Domestically Dominant | Colo-Colo #7 | VivaGlobetrotting #13 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

The Colo-Colo side of 1991 will always go down in history as one of the most successful Chileans sides ever. Prior to 2022 they will certainly have been considered as the best ever and indeed they perhaps remain so. But the Colo-Colo side under Ken Sasaki, now officially the most successful manager to have managed in Chile, are threatening to take over this title. Continue reading

Domestic Dominance | Colo-Colo #6 | VivaGlobetrotting #12 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Third time lucky for Ken Sasaki. After two relatively poor spells with Puerto Montt and Coquimbo Unido, Sasaki has turned his third club Colo-Colo back into the dominant Chilean side that they are well-known across the world for being. Last season in the 2024 edition of the Campeonato Nacional, Colo-Colo won their third straight title. This was the first time this has happened in the existing one stage format since the Colo-Colo side of 1989-1991 won three straight titles. Prior to that, the only side to achieve this feat was Magallanes who won the first three league titles after its foundation in 1933. Continue reading

Focus on Youth | Colo-Colo #5 | VivaGlobetrotting #11 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Over the past few posts in this VivaGlobetrotting save we have seen how Ken Sasaki has developed and implemented his own managerial identity at both Coquimbo Unido and Colo-Colo. One of the three main elements of this identity was to focus on youth. This post will look into this aspect in greater detail, detailing how Sasaki has successfully focused on youth at Chilean champions Colo-Colo. Continue reading

A Rollercoaster 5 Years | Colo-Colo #4 | VivaGlobetrotting #10 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Ken Sasaki has completed his fifth year in football management. In these five years he has managed three clubs, two of whom were clubs in which Sasaki played for in his playing career. He is currently the manager of Colo-Colo, statistically Chile’s most successful footballing side – quite a position to be in after just five years! This post will look back at Sasaki’s managerial career so far, taking in the highs and lows before reviewing the 2024 season with Colo-Colo. Continue reading

Consecutive Titles | Colo-Colo #3 | VivaGlobetrotting #9 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

One of the biggest factors behind Ken Sasaki’s upturn in managerial success has been the identity that he developed early in his Coquimbo Unido years. This identity prioritises youth, promotes an attacking mindset and targets specific attributes when signing players. In the 2023 season, Sasaki has been forced into relying on youth by the transfer embargo imposed by the board during a takeover. And it just so turns out that you can win things with youth. Continue reading

Transfer Embargo | Colo-Colo #2 | VivaGlobetrotting #8 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

The previous post in the VivaGlobetrotting series was a big one. If you missed it, do go back and catch up on it before reading this post by following this link. This post will review how the start of the 2023 season has gone so far for Ken Sasaki and his Colo-Colo side. Continue reading