Colo-Colo? | Colo-Colo #1 | VivaGlobetrotting #7 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Hello and welcome to Part 7 of VivaGlobetrotting, a Football Manager 2020 series that follows the managerial career of Ken Sasaki. As you will see by the thumbnail, Sasaki has found a new job in Chile. This post will reveal all and is without doubt the most important post of the series so far. If you have missed any posts so far, now is a great time to catch up! Follow the link below. Continue reading

Following An Identity | Coquimbo Unido #2 | VivaGlobetrotting #6 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

In the previous VivaGlobetrotting post, we saw how Ken Sasaki had been hired by Coquimbo Unido, a Chilean top-tier club, with ten games remaining of the 2021 season. In this post, Ken Sasaki had identified his own managerial identity in order to try and improve his own performance as a manager. This post will take a look at the 2022 season to see if Sasaki’s identity has had an effect on Coquimbo Unido’s fortunes. Continue reading

Finding An Identity | Coquimbo Unido #1 | VivaGlobetrotting #5 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Football Manager can often be a very frustrating game. You can pile hours into preparation for a season, only for your tactics to fail and your squad to underperform. You can battle bravely to save your job or fail miserably. In Ken Sasaki’s first two seasons in management, he has done both. Continue reading

Sasaki Sacked | Puerto Montt #4 | VivaGlobetrotting #4 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

The title has already revealed the fate of Ken Sasaki, the Japanese manager who is the focus of VivaGlobetrotting. Previously, we saw Sasaki save his job before taking his side on a magical cup run in the Copa Chile. Unfortunately, progress could not be made and Deportes Puerto Montt sacked Sasaki midway through the 2021 season with the club falling short of their demanding expectations. This post will review what went wrong before looking towards the future. Continue reading

La Magia de la Copa | Puerto Montt #3 | VivaGlobetrotting #3 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Domestic cups can often provide a perfect distraction from the difficulties faced in league football. Clubs can decide exactly how they want to use cup football – it could be to develop youngsters, to chase silverware or to keep lesser-used senior players happy. Previously, we saw how Puerto Montt initially struggled under new manager Ken Sasaki before eventually finding some for heading into the mid-season break. In this third post of VivaGlobetrotting, we will see how Puerto Montt have fared in the second half of Sasaki’s first season in charge. Continue reading

Saving The Job Already | Puerto Montt #2 | VivaGlobetrotting #2 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

The previous post in this series introduced Ken Sasaki, a Japanese manager who has begun his career in football management. Deportes Puerto Montt are the side that have gambled on the young boss, hiring him at the end of the 2019 season in which they finished in 9th place in the Chilean Primera B. The club parted ways with Fernando Vergara, citing that ‘a new direction’ was being sought. Continue reading

Ken Sasaki | Deportes Puerto Montt #1 | VivaGlobetrotting #1 | Football Manager 2020 Stories

Globetrotting, defined by the English dictionary as ‘the act of travelling to a lot of different countries’, forms the main idea behind many of my Football Manager saves. I love building a club up from nothing and making them one of the most feared clubs in the continent. My Ostersund save from FM18 still remains one of my best ever FM saves. However, I always find myself drawn back to ‘journeyman’ saves where I will move around a range of clubs, aiming to reach the pinnacle of football by whatever means necessary.
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