Los Héroes Del Uní-Uní | Union San Felipe: Chile #8 | Football Manager Stories


Los Héroes del Uní-Uní, or ‘the heroes of the Union’, is a very apt title considering the season that has just gone. Union San Felipe have astounded critics in their bid to become Primera Division champions. Continue reading

Youth Development: Scouted | Man Utd 2021 | Football Manager 2017

Welcome to the penultimate part of the Manchester United stage of Youth Development. I recently announced plans for my next club in Youth Development on Twitter after running a poll: Continue reading

The Unforeseen Drop Off | Union San Felipe: Chile #7 | Football Manager Stories

Through all of our previous seasons with Union San Felipe, we have yet to suffer the dreaded dip in form. We’ve lost games of course, but never enough to worry about. However in 2021, the unforeseen drop off arrived and it tore our season in two. Continue reading

Youth Development: Homegrown | Man Utd 2021 | Football Manager 2017

For those unaware, we are ending our Manchester United save. This means that Youth Development will be moving on to another club. Continue reading

Hurting No More | Alejandro Hurtado’s 5 Season Ascent | Football Manager Stories

Alejandro Hurtado was known throughout his football career as a dynamic centre attacking midfielder. His passing and vision excelled where others’ failed, allowing him to spot a key pass that could unlock an opposition defence. Continue reading

Los Hermanos de San Felipe | Union San Felipe: Chile #6 | Football Manager Stories

Los hermanos. Do you know what it means in English? It’s Spanish for ‘the brothers’ and it doesn’t sound quite right without ‘pollos’ in the middle (Breaking Bad fans will understand the reference..). Continue reading