FMPressure, Cleon81 | FM Content #7

Hello and welcome to another edition of More FM Content here on VivaLaVidaFM. In this series we take a look at other Football Manager bloggers and their ongoing saves. Continue reading “FMPressure, Cleon81 | FM Content #7”


FMJournal, thewideplaymaker | FM Content

Another week, another two excellent FM content creators to help you find. Each week that passes more and more Football Manager content is produced, and I would like to offer up some advice to anyone thinking of starting to produce content for FM. Continue reading “FMJournal, thewideplaymaker | FM Content”

ThatFMRegen, FM_Grasshopper | FM Content

This is the time of year in which Football Manager content REALLY hots up. The FM beta version was released on Tuesday 18th October and since then we have seen endless amounts of content from the growing FM Community. Continue reading “ThatFMRegen, FM_Grasshopper | FM Content”