A Five-Year Plan with Plymouth | Plymouth Argyle #2 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Erwin van Dijk has landed on his feet in English football. After being sacked by Eastbourne Borough, van Dijk found a job at a club three divisions higher – Plymouth Argyle. Yet it hasn’t been plain sailing for van Dijk and the Dutchman found himself invited into another board meeting at the end of his first season with Plymouth. Continue reading

The Bidstack FM Cup (MikaelinhoFM) | Squad and Group Stage | Football Manager 2019

I am participating in the BidstackFM Cup, a competition between 32 FM19 content creators, bloggers, streamers and Youtubers, fighting for a total prize sum of £1000 in a Champions League format. Here is my post revealing my squad, discussing my tactic and reviewing the group stage. Continue reading

You Got The Moves Like Bielsa | Sexi Brexi #6: Stockport | Football Manager 2019 Stories

In the previous post Marcus Allbäck and his Stockport team managed the great feat of back-to-back promotions – meaning a return to League Two and professional status! This post will review the first half of the season, can Stockport continue their impressive form? Continue reading

The Bidstack FM Cup (VivaLaVidaFM) | Pre-Tournament and Group Stage | Football Manager 2019

Hello and welcome to a rather different post here on VivaLaVidaFM. This post will introduce the Bidstack FM Cup, a tournament containing 32 Football Manager content creators, and reveal the results of the group stage. For more information about this tournament, check out CookieFM’s post here: https://thecookiefmblog.wordpress.com/2018/11/07/the-bidstack-fm-cup-information/ Continue reading

Ambition, Loyalty or Sportsmanship | Personality Experiment #1 | Football Manager 2019

You’ve received the yearly notification regarding youth intake, one of the most exciting days on the Football Manager calendar, and you cannot wait to see if your youth academy has produced a gem. Each year brings with it the same feeling of anticipation, followed by either overwhelming joy or despondency. Continue reading

Green Army | Plymouth Argyle #1 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Erwin van Dijk was without a job at the end of the previous episode. However he wasn’t without interest as Vanarama National side Bromley had approached van Dijk to become their manager. In this post, we will see if Bromley became the second club of the series and if not, who will? Continue reading

When the cat’s away the mice will play | Sexi Brexi #5: Stockport | Football Manager 2019 Stories

In the last post, Marcus Allbäck managed to guide his newly promoted Stockport side to a nice 7th place as the season reached half time. To catch up fully on the previous post, follow the link in the image below. Continue reading