Developing your Football Manager Wonderkid | Ostersund #12.2 | An FM18 Story

Back in 2021, so 7 years ago now as we end season 12 with Ostersund, we checked our youth intake to find Manuel Tesfagiorghis O’Michael (or Tesfa for short). The 16-year-old Swede was rated as a 3-star current ability player with 5-star potential. The following post will review how he has developed with Ostersund now that he is 23 years of age. Continue reading

European Progression | Ostersund #12.1 | An FM18 Story

I’m really into this save with Ostersund and I can safely say I have never had a save quite like it. Before blogging about Football Manager I would rarely stick with the same club past 6 seasons and when I did it was with the team I support. Continue reading

The Invincibles | Ostersund #11 | An FM18 Story

Hello and welcome to another update from Ostersund! We have now completed 11 seasons with the Swedish club and we are consolidating our position as Sweden’s greatest team. In this post, we review the 2027 season to see if Ostersund can continue their progress in Europe. Continue reading

Ten Seasons Gone | Ostersund #10.2 | An FM18 Story

This post will be slightly different to all of our other posts here on VivaLaVidaFM in that it will be mainly based on images rather than text. As this is the 10-year review of my save with Ostersund, I have already written about what has happened in each season. This post I will be reviewing our ten years in Sweden with graphics. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Unbeaten In 51 | Ostersund #10.1 | An FM18 Story

For ten seasons Oscar Friberg has grown his Ostersund side into one of the top 25 clubs in European football. Now with three Swedish Allsvenskan wins under his belt, Friberg is chasing a fourth domestic title. In Europe, Ostersund are consistently reaching European knockout stages and surely it is only a matter of time before the Swedish side reach a European final? Continue reading

The Ostersund Youth Academy | Ostersund #9.2 | An FM18 Story

Youth has played a crucial part in the success of the last nine seasons with Ostersund. Over these nine seasons, Swedish manager Oscar Friberg has convinced the board on several occasions to invest in their youth setup and it is beginning to pay dividends. In this post, we look into this youth system to review some of the players it has produced for Ostersund. Continue reading

Quest for Domestic Dominance | Ostersund #9.1 | An FM18 Story

Oscar Friberg and Ostersunds FK have progressed and developed together over the last nine seasons and it’s fair to say that the progress is clear to see. In this season nine review post, we see whether Ostersund could retain their Swedish Allsvenskan title, a feat they were unable to do three years before. Continue reading