Pre-Season | Zulia FC: Venezuela #4 | Football Manager Tactics

So, after progressing past Day One, creating a tactic and organising my staff, scouting assignments and training, we are finally ready to begin pre-season. This post will focus on the games throughout pre-season and my analysis of the games. In addition I will speak about any transfers that I make and any other events that occur during the first few weeks of this save. Continue reading

Youth | Accrington Stanley #11 | Football Manager Stories

Three games away from League One. A semi-final against Woking awaits. Woking, like Accrington, were promoted from the National League last season so will be very confident ahead of the playoffs. Accrington have been building towards this for the last part of the season, with Robson bedding in several youth players over the past few games. Continue reading

The Club | Zulia FC: Venezuela #3 | Football Manager Tactics

The third part in our possession football series focuses on our club, and how we can hire staff, set up our training and send out scouts on assignments to best improve our club’s new philosophy. After meeting with the board, I chose to select ‘Play possession football’ as a philosophy to be judged upon. As manager of Zulia FC, I have set all of the staff responsibilities to myself. I want to have complete control over Zulia in order to fully implement our possession-based philosophy. Continue reading

Robson: Coming of Age | Accrington Stanley #10 | Football Manager Stories

3 years ago Joseph Robson had been relegated from League Two with York City, who then proceeded to sack him. Without a job for a year, things were looking bleak for the young manager. Accrington Stanley took a chance on Robson having been relegated to the National League. It is a decision that, two years later, is looking set to be a defining moment in the history of the club. Continue reading

2-3-2-3 | Zulia FC: Venezuela #2 | Football Manager Tactics

In the last part of our possession-based tactic guide, I wrote how I wanted to develop a newer tactic into a controlling formation. Rather than use a standard 4-2-3-1, I decided to try and adapt a 2-3-2-3 strikerless formation. Continue reading

Pushing for Playoffs | Accrington Stanley #9 | Football Manager Stories

Accrington Stanley have spent the last few months building a case for promotion. The Reds find themselves in 7th place, just six points behind an automatic promotion position. Though manager Joseph Robson will be pushing for 3rd and above, a more realistic aim for Stanley would be to remain in the playoffs. Portsmouth and Oxford are running away with the top two and Accrington have been unable to string several wins in a row, dropping points at regular intervals. Continue reading