The Bidstack FM Cup (MikaelinhoFM) | Squad and Group Stage | Football Manager 2019

I am participating in the BidstackFM Cup, a competition between 32 FM19 content creators, bloggers, streamers and Youtubers, fighting for a total prize sum of £1000 in a Champions League format. Here is my post revealing my squad, discussing my tactic and reviewing the group stage. Continue reading

The Bidstack FM Cup (VivaLaVidaFM) | Pre-Tournament and Group Stage | Football Manager 2019

Hello and welcome to a rather different post here on VivaLaVidaFM. This post will introduce the Bidstack FM Cup, a tournament containing 32 Football Manager content creators, and reveal the results of the group stage. For more information about this tournament, check out CookieFM’s post here: Continue reading