Our Authors

 VivaLaVidaFMSite Owner

I’m Tom and I work full-time in education. I’m an avid football and cricket fan and, obviously, I enjoy Football Manager!

bergstrom MikaelinhoFM – Author

I’m Mikael, father of three from Stockholm. A passionate football fan, been playing the FM games since they were called CM. My favourite team is sadly QPR

casual fm Casual_FM_ Author

I’m Charlie and I work in a local hospital in Liverpool. I’m a huge football fan with a season ticket for Everton. I also love to travel and am obviously a Football Manager fan


I’m Joe, I’m a type 1 diabetic and a Leeds fan. I also love music, boxing and Miniature Schnauzers.


I’m Glenn, Belgian and I work full-time for Nike. I love Football Manager and football in general. KRC Genk is my favourite team!

 Alex Sneddon – Author

Hi, I’m Alex, I work with children who have disabilities and conditions. I’m a mad Newcastle Utd fan who travels down from Scotland with my lad Jack on a regular basis👌