About me

Back in 2014 I blogged an FM save where I tried to get from East Fife in Scotland to Real Madrid.

The save (and my blog) ended when I returned to Uni after the summer holidays. But the dream stayed alive.

Now I’m bringing to you a Football Manager website with a wide range of content that will hopefully continue to grow and grow. If you love Football Manager then this is the site for you.

An FM website with guides, experiments and stories

My name is Tom and I’m 22 years old. Basically I should be beginning to reach my potential. The fast developing years are over and the jovial personality certainly hasn’t been kind, but I’m a steady Football League player with ambitions to reach the top.

I’ve already began preparations for a career in coaching after football, having graduated with a Sports Coaching degree.

Away from Football Manager I am a teaching assistant in a special needs school. This is one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had (albeit I’ve had very few) and it is a privilege to work with our students.

You can contact me by my Twitter: @VivaLaVidaFM