Cristiano Ronaldo | 50 Years On | Football Manager 2020 Simulates

Hello and welcome to a new series here on VivaLaVidaFM. You may have read some of my 20 Years On posts where I look at an FM wonderkid and see how they progress on the game. In this series 50 Years On, I will take a look at both managers and clubs to see how they develop on Football Manager.

This post looks at Cristiano Ronaldo, current Juventus forward, to see what happens to him on Football Manager 2020. Enjoy!

Name: Cristiano Ronaldo

D.O.B: 5 February 1985

Current Club: Juventus (as a player)

ronaldo 2025

Cristiano Ronaldo 2025

Cristiano Ronaldo | 50 Years On

The 2020’s

Cristiano Ronaldo begins the decade as a player approaching the end of his playing days with Juventus. The Italian club end up being his final club as a player and he retires from playing aged 38 in 2023.

ronaldo middlesbrough2026, March – Ronaldo began his managerial career in England, the nation in which he made his name whilst playing for Manchester United. Could Ronaldo end up managing his ex-club in FM20? His first club in management became Middlesbrough in March of 2026. His new club sat 15th in the Championship and he helped lift them two places to 13th by June.

ronaldo norwich2026, October – Norwich approached Ronaldo to become their manager early into the 26/27 season. Both Norwich and Middlesbrough sat in similar positions in the Championship but Norwich were the more established side with more recent history of Premier League football. Ronaldo left Middlesbrough for Norwich. Neither club had a good season, Norwich finished in 15th under Ronaldo whilst Middlesbrough finished in 12th.

ronaldo bournemouth2028, March – Ronaldo spent a-year-and-a-half with Norwich before moving on. He was leading Norwich towards a promotion push in the Championship when Premier League side Bournemouth approached him to become their manager. The lure of the Premier League was too big to ignore and Ronaldo joined the club in March 2028. In the remainder of the 27/28 season, Ronaldo led Bournemouth in a relegation battle and end the season with survival, finishing in 16th place.

ronaldo brighton2028, November – Sadly Bournemouth were not able to push on under Ronaldo, falling to 20th place in the PL early into his first full season in charge. This was enough for Ronaldo to be sacked for the first time in his managerial career. It didn’t take long for him to find work once more with fellow coastal side Brighton appointing him manager. The club were in 20th place in the PL upon his arrival in December and he performed excellently to guide the club to 14th in the league. Ronaldo would remain with Brighton for the remainder of the 2020’s.

The 2030’s

2030, February – Brighton sacked Cristiano Ronaldo in February of 2030 with the side sat 16th in the Premier League. This managerial sacking did not bear any fruit as Brighton fell further in the standings to suffer relegation from the league.

ronaldo leicester2030, June – Leicester City signed Ronaldo in June of 2030 as they searched for the man that would take them back towards the top half of the Premier League. He lasted just six months with the club, receiving his marching orders once more after a poor run of form saw his side drop to 14th in the Premier League by January 2031. This sacking would prove to dent Ronaldo’s reputation enough to see him go without work for 18 months.

ronaldo benfica b2032, December – Ronaldo was itching to get back into management and after several successful punditry stints he was approached by Benfica B to become their manager. Though a definite step down from roles with English Premier League clubs, Ronaldo was desperate to get back into management and moving back home to Portugal would allow him the opportunity to work without the spotlight that comes alongside management in England. He spent a year with Benfica B before leaving for a role with a Spanish second-tier club.

2033, December – A year after his return to management with Benfica B, Ronaldo had rebuilt part of his reputation that had suffered from multiple sackings in England. Enough so that Malaga approached Ronaldo to become their manager.

ronaldo malaga2034, June – Cristiano Ronaldo had a brilliant season with Malaga, lifting them from 11th in December to an incredible 2nd place finish by the end of the season, earning promotion to La Liga. This proved to be the pinnacle of Ronaldo’s time with the club as they struggled to survive in La Liga. By November 2036 Ronaldo was sacked by Malaga, despite having survived so far in La Liga, the sides recent form pushed the board into making a decision.

ronaldo real betis2037, January – After two months without work, Ronaldo found a job once again. This time, it was fellow Spanish La Liga side Real Betis who signed Ronaldo as manager. He spent just over a year with the club, despite being relegated in his first season. He had begun to rebuild the side for a promotion push when in January of 2038, Valencia decided that Ronaldo would be the perfect fit for their vacant managerial position. This would be a huge step up for Ronaldo as Valencia would certainly be the most reputable club of his managerial career.

ronaldo valencia2038, January – Ronaldo joined Valencia in 18th place in La Liga, meaning another relegation battle would have to be fought. And this he did, leading Valencia to 12th place in the league to survive the drop comfortably. The following season, Valencia sacked Ronaldo. This came despite their league standing of 13th and after their incredible rise under the Portuguese last season. A strange sacking and one that will have hurt Ronaldo.

This ends the 2030’s decade with Ronaldo still searching for his first managerial accolade. He came close with a 2nd place finish in the Spanish Segunda Division with Malaga but it still searching for his first title or cup.

The 2040’s

ronaldo watford2040, January – After losing his job from Valencia, Ronaldo was keen to get straight back into management. In particular, he wanted a job in England to see whether his extra experience gained abroad would help him succeed in England. Watford appointed him as manager in 2040 and again Ronaldo found himself in a relegation battle. Watford fell down to the second tier by finishing 18th and whilst Ronaldo retained his job, he was sacked in November with Watford in 9th.

ronaldo derby2042, December – It would be a whole two years away from management for Ronaldo with his reputation dented and his confidence low. Sky Sports were thrilled to have Ronaldo among their punditry team but he, himself, felt lost without a job in management. In December of 2042, Derby County gave Ronaldo the chance to keep them up from relegation, despite his rather rocky track record. Derby sat 20th in the league and there they stayed with Ronaldo suffering his third relegation in five years. He was sacked from Derby with an abysmal record – 1 win from 24 games in charge.

ronaldo benfica2044, January – After six months away from football completely (no punditry stint this time), Ronaldo returned to management with Benfica. It seems that the club were impressed with his time in charge of the B team and as such they gave him the opportunity to take charge of the first-team. This proved a great decision as Ronaldo led the side to two Liga NOS championships and five Taca de Portugal’s in six seasons. Ronaldo left Benfica with the higest win percentage with a team in his career so far at 72%.

ronaldo psg2049, July – Finally, after around 23 years in management, Cristiano Ronaldo has joined a Champions League contender. Paris Saint-Germain were impressed with Ronaldo’s attitude with Benfica and they appointed him as Scott Parker’s successor in July 2049. He spent three seasons with PSG, dominating domestic football, winning three Ligue 1 titles and three Coupe de France, yet he failed to go further than the Champions League semis, losing to Barcelona in 2050 and Manchester City in 2052.

The 2050’s

ronaldo arsenal2052, June – Ronaldo left PSG at the end of his contract. He felt that he could take the club no further and the club agreed, refusing to extend his contract. He was not without a job for long, however, as English side Arsenal signed him as manager. He stayed with the club until his retirement in 2057 and helped them win the Premier League in the 54/55 season.

2057, June – Cristiano Ronaldo retires from football.

ronaldo inforgraphic jpeg

Cristiano Ronaldo managerial career

ronaldo GIF

Cristiano Ronaldo managerial development

Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this Football Manager 2020 post. I have certainly enjoyed writing it! If you have any suggestions for managers to look at in this series, please do leave a comment and let me know.

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As always, thanks for reading!


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