Benfica – Conveyor Belt to the Stars | Ep3: The only goal is survival | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Welcome back! I’m really excited to get this series going and after reviewing the squad it’s now time to look at how the team performed! Can Brazilian Ronaldo build a Benfica team full of youngsters? Continue reading

Incredible Turnaround |MVV Review & Groningen #1 | Football Manager 2019 Stories

It’s the 1st June 2025 and Erwin van Dijk is sat at home in his birthplace of Groningen, the Netherlands. It has been 15 months since the debacle at Plymouth, where van Dijk resigned from his role one game away from being sacked after a poor run of form. The past 15 months have seen an incredible turnaround in the fortunes for van Dijk – this turnaround began in late September 2024 with MVV Maastricht taking the opportunity to hire Erwin van Dijk. Continue reading

Benfica – Conveyor Belt to the Stars | Ep2: The Great Purge of Benfica | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Welcome back to “Conveyor belt to the stars”, the series where I’ll try to win the Champions League with a Benfica team consisting entirely of U21 players. In the first episode we said hello to newly appointed manager Ronaldo and reviewed the tough challenges ahead. In this episode we’ll look at his first task at the new job, the gigantic challenge of getting rid of every single player over the age of 21. Continue reading

Heaven and Hell | Sexi Brexi #12: Stockport | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Welcome to another instalment of Sexi Brexi, a Football Manager 2019 series following Marcus Allback as he aims to take Stockport County to the top of English football. If you missed the last post, we saw how Stockport fared in their first season back in the Championship. Go and read it by clicking the link below! Continue reading

Benfica – Conveyor belt to the stars | Ep1: You Can’t Win Anything With Kids | Football Manager 2019 Stories

Hello and welcome to my new series, which I will carry on parallel to my Stockport County series. In this save I will attempt to win the Champions League with a team made up entirely of U21 players! Impossible? Maybe! Entertaining? Hopefully! Am I excited? Hell yeah! I’m calling the series “Conveyor belt to the stars” and you’ll soon find out why. Continue reading