Closing Time | The Swedish Mafia #7 | An FM18 Story


For several reasons, both personal and work related, I didn’t have the time to finish the posts for this series in the time I hoped. As FM19 has just arrived it’s time for both me, Rolf Elgeti and Marcus Allbäck to move along. However, I hate loose ends, and I want to bring closure to this series. Therefore I will post one final episode below, where I briefly go through the final years of the series. Enjoy!

The 2019/20 season

Andra halvan.png

Second half of season 3

A fantastic run of form throughout the entire second half of the season saw the team rise from 15th place all the way up to 3rd, which meant a spot in the promotion play-off against Freiburg.

Freiburg finished the Bundesliga season 8 points behind Werder Bremen in 15th place and had been able to focus on the play-off games for quite a while. Despite that, Hansa Rostock were the better team in the first leg and won quite comfortably with 2-1. In the second leg Freiburg came out like a new team, but once again Hansa Rostock won the game with 2-1, this time quite the steal. Nonetheless, this meant that there will be Bundesliga football played at the Ostseestadion next season!

u19 dubbel

The U19s enjoyed a historically excellent season, winning the German Youth Championship, something they had never previously even been close to achieving. The achievement becomes even greater considering the large amount of players technically eligible for U19 games who are already making names for themselves in the first team.


Michael Claussnitzer won the German U19 Player of the Year award, with team-mates Fatih Janssen coming in 2nd and Nico Bade in 3rd, making it a historical treble!
Wonderkid Kai Otto won the German U17 player of the Year Award and 18 year-old Tyson Quinn got his first cap for Australia.

Despite the success, or maybe inspired by it, the Hansa Rostock board decided to improve both senior and youth training facilities along with junior coaching and youth recruitment. At least the team will be good enough for the Bundesliga off the pitch!

The 2020/21 season


Bundesliga League Table – Season 4

The first season back in the top tier of German football really exceeded the expectations! Hansa Rostock managed a solid 10th place finish, 20 points clear of relegation!

This year’s youth intake was incredibly enough called another potential “Golden generation” just like the one two years ago, and a total of five players were awarded with U19 contracts , but only one player really stood out.

Youth Mölders.png

Jonas Molders

Jonas Mölders may very well become the natural successor of Gustav Sandberg Magnusson in the defensive central midfield position. At the tender age of 14 he already possesses some nice technical skills with 15 in First Touch and 12 in Passing. He also has a Resolute personality and a Determination to improve each and every day. He will truly be an exciting player to follow over the coming years!

At the end of the season six players were called up to the German U21 squad for the U21 European Championships. Another fantastic proof to the fact that our focus on our own talents are really paying off!

The 2021/22 season

The final season of the initial 5 year plan really saw the team rise in reputation and sign some real big name players, albeit a bit past their prime perhaps.

IN Beijmo

Felix Beijmo

IN Ekdal

Albin Ekdal

IN Schmeichel

Kasper Schmeichel

IN Özil

Mesut Ozil

IN TKroos.png

Toni Kroos

The signings of Albin Ekdal, Mesut Özil and local hero Toni Kroos really got the supporters expectations running wild!


Bundesliga League Table – Season 5

The team managed to improve on last season’s 10th place finish, but one more win would have meant a 6th place and European football, which would have been amazing. Still a really solid progression into a top half Bundesliga team in just two seasons.

So, did we reach our goals?

In the first post, Rolf Elgeti and his staff posted 6 goals for the five seasons to come. After these five seasons we are now ready to evaluate the results!

Blackboard chalkboard.png

Did we achieve our goals??

  1. Gain promotion back to the Bundesliga
    Yes! We certainly managed this! After only three seasons the team was back in the Bundesliga and managed two good finishes there as well, coming in 10th and 8th place.
  2. Build the team around Academy players and Swedish signings
    Looking at the squad at the end of the 2021/2022 season it consists of 10 former Academy players aged 17 to 21. It also holds seven Swedish players, although not all of them playing regularly. We also managed to bring back own product and local hero Toni Kroos in an amazing transfer story where we first signed both his brother and father before convincing him to come home!
  3. Create a unique club DNA
    Rolf Elgeti formed the IKEA Rating which guided the club in the scouting and signing process. We also managed to create a fun “Park the bus” tactic that worked against the better teams in the Bundesliga.
  4. Improve club facilities
    We improved both training and youth facilities to superb quality, leaving the club in excellent condition to remain in the Bundesliga for many years to come.
  5. Keep finances healthy
    When we took over the club in 2016/17 the club was in €10M debt, and now at the end of the 2021/22 season they have a positive balance of €40M, so we certainly managed to keep the finances healthy and more!
  6. Win a game starting at least six Swedish players
    In the second-to-last game of our final season we managed to beat Hannover at home with 4-1, starting 6 Swedish players. Truly the start of a new era!

So, we actually managed to achieve all the goals in our five years at the club and it’s satisfying to feel that we leave the club in an excellent condition, ready to keep rising the ranks of German football!

Finally thanks to all of you that read my posts and followed this journey. Hopefully you’ll like the new up and coming adventures of myself, Rolf Elgeti and Marcus Allbäck in FM19! We’ll be back!

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Thanks for reading!


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