FM19 | My Plans For The Future Of VivaLaVidaFM

Back in September of 2015 I started a blog named True FM Stories where I wrote about my journey towards managing Real Madrid after starting my career with East Fife. This blog never got off the ground and I packed it in after just a few weeks. Nonetheless, this experience in creating a blog, writing content and sharing it with a wider audience was invaluable when it came to my decision to give blogging another go in August 2016.

Since August 2016, I have published 319 posts on my VivaLaVidaFM site. Of those, 247 were written by myself. In total, these 319 posts contain 327,247 words and, as you can imagine, they take a lot of time to write. Considering my last post before this was written in May 2018, on average I wrote just under 12 posts a month. Looking back, this probably led to the break I have had since May of this year. I wasn’t enjoying the save I had committed to writing about (Saint Lucia to Real Madrid) and this led to my break from the game and from writing.

Over the summer holidays this year I began a teacher training course that will lead to me qualifying as a teacher by July 2019. The course I am taking has a lot of coursework to complete and so the added workload will mean that I have very little time to write about FM19.

So what’s the future going to look like for VivaLaVidaFM?

Prior to the release of Football Manager 2019, I honestly had no idea. But at the beginning of October I received an email from Sports Interactive inviting me down to their HQ for the Football Manager Capture Event. This completely took me by surprise and although I could not make the event, being invited was a huge honour and it is something I would never have expected. To know that the content I have created over the past two years led to the creators of the game taking an interest is mindblowing and it shows that hard and consistent work will be rewarded.

Eastbourne BoroughFM19 was then released and after playing the game for just a short while, I knew that I would be playing it for a long time to come. The new features added this year have taken the game to a whole new level and to say I am hooked once more is an understatement. I’ve started a career with Eastbourne Borough in the English Conference South and I’m having a lot of fun.

These two factors have completely re-ignited my love for Football Manager and I do plan to continue to write here on my site.

The Achievement Hunter Challenge

NewgenFM is an awesome FM content creator who has developed a challenge that I will be taking part in this year on FM19. To find out more about the challenge, please go and have a read of Newgen’s blog post here:

I will be taking part in this challenge and releasing seasonal posts as I progress through the save. As mentioned, I won’t have too much free time over the next year and so I’m not entirely sure how often these posts will be released. It will just be a case of playing and writing when I have some spare time.

So, in short: I am back playing and writing about Football Manager. I look forward to sharing my progress with you all!


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