The Laughing Man | The Swedish Mafia #4 | An FM18 Story

In the last episode Hansa Rostock managed to reach promotion to the 2. Bundesliga in Marcus Allbäck’s first season at the helm. If you want to catch up on the previous part before moving on to this one, follow this link! Continue reading

A Rocky Start | The Swedish Mafia #2 | An FM18 Story


“Schneller, schneller! Faster, faster!”

Manager Marcus Allbäck went from talking to yelling. The training session was just 15 minutes old, but Allbäck was enduring yet another Hansa player who stopped chasing yet another slightly inaccurate pass. Allbäck turned to coach Rade Prica and switched from German to Swedish. Continue reading

A New Beginning | The Swedish Mafia #1 | An FM18 Story

In the last episode, Hansa Rostock owner Rolf Elgeti brought back “The Swedish Mafia” in an attempt to get Hansa Rostock back to the Bundesliga. You can go back and read this episode here: Continue reading