The Bromma Boys #33 | 2031 – “Time to build something great!” | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the 33rd episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna. I feel amazed that I’ve kept this save going longer than any of my previous saves, and I’m even more amazed that I’m still really loving both the save and this blog series.

As you may have noticed, the time between posts have grown longer over the last couple of weeks and it’s probably expected to continue like that over the summer. If you missed last seasons’ update, do go back and read it through the link below.

“You can’t win anything with kids”

The famous Alan Hansen quote from above set the tone of the last episode, as Brommapojkarna was left with half a squad of U19 players after a major overhaul that saw all but ten first team players leave the club. These ten players plus wonderkid Marcus Boström formed XI A – hopefully ready to perform straight away, while XI B or the “talent eleven” consisted of eleven newly promoted U19 players, given every chance available to progress into world class players.

The aim is to win the Champions League by 2034, with the risk of underperforming in the first couple of seasons. However, my worries of us not being able to perform straight away were completely unnecessary. We won the league in an outstanding manner, much thanks to our “talent eleven” and managed to reach the Champions League quarter final.

We made three changes to the squad ahead of the 2031 season with the sale of centre back Mohammed Ali, who had attracted interest from most European top clubs, and personal favourite Edmilson, a great player, but one who would never overtake Amendola as our no1 attacking midfielder, and it didn’t make sense to keep a 24-year-old who had reached his potential in the “talent eleven”.

Young Jesper Bergman was promoted from XI B to take Ali’s place while 17-year-old potential world beater Mansourou Nimaga was promoted into the XI B from the U19s. The final change was left-back Herman Hedsén who was sent back to the U19s from the XI B to make room for 5-star potential Niklas Svensson.

Going into the 2031 season the most interesting short-term question to be answered was whether we’d be able to keep building on last seasons success. In a couple of seasons we’ll know whether young Nimaga becomes the new Messi or the new Adu and if we’ll ultimately develop into a European giant or if it’s simply impossible for a Swedish team to win the Champions League.

My hopes going into the season was for us to replicate last season’s result with another emphatic league win and to reach the Champions League quarter final, all this while developing our talents, taking them one step closer to becoming world-class players. Time to build something great!

The Bromma Boys #32 | 2031 – Time to build something great!” | An FM18 Story

Transfers in and out


Transfers 2031

We brought in 4 young players for the Academy, a Scotsman and three Brazilians. All good, but none of them exceptional enough to get a mention here. If they appear in the first team discussions in the future I’ll give you a more in-depth look at them then.

As a part of our planned transformation of the squad we sold Edmilson to Barcelona and Mohammed Ali to Monaco. We also sold Savic, Baiano and Augusto for decent money, all three former Academy players not making it into the first team squad. These five were players we could afford to lose, they were even players we didn’t want around anymore. However, we suffered one major blow, as Man City mid-season straight up offered €31.5M for our Uruguayan world-class keeper Matias Pintos, apparently meeting a minimum release clause I didn’t even know existed.


Matias Pintos

I’m absolutely gutted losing him, since I consider him one of the best keepers in the world and €31.5M is nowhere near enough for us to replace him with someone of similar quality. Therefore the only solution was to promote Alexander Hallberg from XI B.


Alexander Hallberg

Luckily, we had a great prospect come in through the 2030 intake in young Predrag Radonjic to fill the vacant spot in the XI B.


Predrag Radonjic

So, let’s take a look at how we performed in this season’s competitions!

Swedish Cup – Group stage


Cupen grupp.png

Swedish Cup Group Stage

Nothing out of the ordinary here! We smashed the opposition, only using our talent eleven in the group stage. We continued our winning ways in the knockout rounds and breezed through to the final, still using the talent eleven. In the final, facing Örebro, we started our best possible eleven and won easily, bringing us a new cup title, a nice achievement after last years quarter final upset!

Cupen matcher.png

Champions League 2030/31 – 1st Knockout round

Champions league

We went into the first knockout round against fellow talent factory Ajax as favourites. After a tough game in Amsterdam that ended in a 1-0 win for us it really felt like we were in the driver’s seat. We absolutely humiliated our Dutch opposition in Stockholm with an impressive 8-1 win, meaning we were through to the quarter final and by that we had managed to at least reach the same round as last year, one of the goals we set for ourselves ahead of the season.


Champions League 2030/31 – Quarter final

We got a tough draw in the quarter final against an Inter side that had finished top 3 in the Serie A for the last 6 seasons. We managed to narrow the scoreline away down to a 4-5 loss after a Welder Henrique hat-trick and even though Inter were the better team I had the feeling that tables might turn for the second leg. I was proven right as we were a lot better than our opposition, winning 5-2, taking us through to our first ever CL semi final. Absolutely amazing and almost a bit “too soon”, considering this being only our second season after some major squad changes!


Champions League 2030/31 – Semi final

Upon reaching the semi final draw naturally only great teams remained. We got drawn against Premier League champions Man Utd which felt like the toughest draw of them all. We managed a draw at home, even though Man Utd were the better team and my hopes going into the second leg were quite low. We quickly went two goals down, but managed to score in the 61st minute. we threw everything forward in an attempt to equalise, but instead Man Utd countered on us, scoring three goals in the last minutes of the game.


Man Utd went on to win it all, and even though I hate losing, the feeling was that we lost to a worthy opponent!




Swedish Allsvenskan 2031

Two things really made me happy this season. We retained the Allsvenskan title for our 10th consecutive league title. We also managed our 4th consecutive unbeaten season, which is an absolutely fantastic achievement. We haven’t lost in Allsvenskan in 147 games now!

Champions League 2030/31 – Group stage

Champions league

We got a much tougher draw than last season, but we still looked like favourites to go through to the knockout stage once again. We played our XI A in the first three games, winning them all. After a draw against Wolfsburg in the fourth game we were qualified for the knockout stage, so I gave the talent eleven a chance to prove themselves against European competition, an opportunity they proved more than worthy of!

CL Grupp.png

CL group stage

We topped our group by quite the margin and we go into next season’s knockout stage full of confidence!

Before ending this episode I will go through some player performances and outline plans for us to take yet another step towards European domination.

Elevens A and B – How did they perform?

  • XI A – 21 games – 16 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses – Average scoreline: 3.38-1.09
Matcher A.png

XI A – results this season

XI A played all the important games such as the Champions League 2030/31 knockout games and the Swedish Cup final.  They also played every third league game in total, giving the XI B a chance to breathe, with 9 wins and one draw. They ended the season securing three wins and a draw in the Champions League 2031/32 group games against Man City and Wolfsburg. At home they were exceptional, winning every game except for a 2-2 draw to Man Utd.

Squad A.png

XI A – squad stats

No real stand-out performers here, even though both strikers did a decent job. Vitor Farah and Tobias Jönsson struggled a bit on the other hand, and considering the fact that they’ve reached their potential their positions in the first team squad might be threatened…

  • XI B – 28 games – 26 wins, 2 draws – Average scoreline: 3.64-0.46
Matcher B.png

XI B – results this season

The “Talent eleven” really impressed for the second season in a row! The loss of star midfielder Edmilson didn’t seem to bother them as they started off the season by reaching the Cup final in an impressive style. In Allsvenskan every game but two ended in wins, impressive enough to earn them the chance to play some Champions League football! They didn’t disappoint at all, proving they were up for the task by beating Turkish team Bursaspor both home and away! The defence really stood out as a strong point again, with an impressive average of 0.46 goals conceded per game to show for it!

Squad B.png

XI B – squad stats

Getting a total of 26 games domestically and 2 in Europe really improved a lot of the players. André Lindström was of course the stand-out player with an impressive 37 goals and 17 assists in 25 starts! He impressed on the international stage as well, scoring 19 goals in 15 caps! Quite astonishing numbers for a 19-year-old.


Andre Lindstrom

When you see his profile your eyes are immediately drawn to the Physicals and all those shiny green numbers! What an absolute beast at age 19! He also has some nice technical attributes, with 17 in Passing and First Touch. Hopefully he’ll improve a bit more technically, even though my coaches are reporting that he’s getting close to reaching his potential.

André Lindström’s form didn’t go unnoticed as he won both Swedish Forward and Player of the year as well as Swedish Premier Division Player of the year.

Another player that is starting to make a name for himself is Lionel Bourgeois, a player we signed at age 17 for a record fee of €25M! He arrived in 2029 carrying sky-high expectations, and upon arrival I wrote this regarding his record fee: “My head scout gave him a rating of 91, which is the highest any U17 player has ever been given, so I just had to have him. If he turns out to be the next Eden Hazard or Kevin de Bruyne, everyone will think that I was clever when I bought him!”


Lionel Bourgeois

I’m not in any way claiming that he has proven to be the new Hazard or de Bruyne, but to score 19 goals from his central midfield position is really impressive!

My initial feeling was that potential world-beater Mansourou Nimaga had a pretty disappointing season, but 12 goals and 19 assists must be considered more than ok for a 17-year-old! I have high expectations for him to become one of the world’s best players and I really hope that he’ll keep progressing over the coming years!


Mansourou Nimaga

end of season.png

Ricardo took home every single team award as well, perhaps making this the best debut season performance ever!? Ricardo also won Allsvenskan Player of the Year Award with striker partner André Lindström winning Rookie of the Year and keeper Hallberg winning Best Swedish keeper of the year.



  • U19 players with appearances for the first team
Squad U19.png

Under 19’s

Since we suffered a lot of injuries this season twelve U19 players got the chance to make at least one appearance for the first team. Strikers Claes Mellström and Milton played the most games and also impressed the most. Unlucky for them the competition is quite fierce for the striker positions in the first team squad and neither of them are likely to be promoted for next season.

I really need to mention the U19s performance as a team as well. After an exceptional season they got to lift the Youth Champions League Trophy for the third time!

YCL3031 Slutspel

We followed this up by absolutely smashing every team in the 2031/32 group stage, scoring 49 goals in 6 games and not conceding a single goal! The future is certainly looking bright.


Plans for 2032

A couple of squad changes will be made for the 2032 season. The above mentioned defensive midfielder Vitor Farah and right wing-back Tobias Jönsson failed to impress in 2031 and will be replaced. The defensive midfielder from XI B, Filip Zetterström, spent most of the 2031 season out injured and hasn’t improved enough to earn a place in the XI A.

Instead I will promote current central defender Henrik Linder and retrain him as a defensive midfielder. He is strong physically and defensively and has enough potential left in him to improve his passing and vision. Standing at 192cm, he certainly has the potential of becoming a midfield beast for us!


Henrik Linder

Alex Svensson will be promoted from the U19s as our next XI B central defender.


Alex Svensson

19-year-old right wing-back Gélson has impressed on the pitch for the last two seasons and has improved enough to be considered a really decent player, especially defensively and physically. Hopefully he’ll improve his offensive ability a bit more, but either way he is our best right wing-back.



Lightning-fast Oscar Holmström will be promoted from the U19s to take Gélson’s place in XI B.

I thought long and hard about our forwards. I’m basically satisfied with the four strikers we currently have in the first team squad, but I really want to make room for 19-year-old Milton who impressed with 5 goals in the six first team games he played last year. My coaches are also certain that he has the potential to become a world-class player.

Jawad Hajji, at age 23, has reached his potential and won’t get much better. Don’t get me wrong, he is an excellent player but he isn’t and will never become one of the world’s best strikers. I had a hard time to decide whether to keep him or to promote Milton, so I asked the community and their answer was clear:




Jawad Hajji


Therefore, Hajji will be sold, André Lindström promoted to the XI A and Milton promoted from the U19s to take Lindström’s place in XI B.

By doing these changes I feel that our first eleven will become even stronger, while we make room for some top-notch prospects at the same time! I have high hopes for the coming season. Of course we’ll win the league by a mile as usual, but I’d really like to keep progressing in Europe by reaching the Champions League final! I also hope that our biggest talents will keep improving towards their potential as world-class players!

The next episode

In the next episode we will see if we can keep building on last seasons success in the 2032 season. The squad is slowly improving, making us a real contender for the Champions League title! Will we be good enough to reach the final or even win it all in 2032? The only way to find out is by reading the next post!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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