The Bromma Boys #32 | 2030 – “You can’t win anything with kids” | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the 32nd episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna. I feel amazed that I’ve kept this save going longer than any of my previous saves, and I’m even more amazed that I’m still really loving both the save and this blog series. If you missed last seasons’ update, do go back and read it through the link below.

“You can’t win anything with kids”

The famous Alan Hansen quote echoed in my mind as we entered the 2030 season after the most turbulent off-season ever. What had I done? After a major squad overhaul, only ten (10!) first team players were allowed to remain at the club, the rest being shipped away to new locations throughout Europe.

In came twelve youngsters straight out of the Academy, trying to fill these big shoes! What had I done? Everyone knows you can’t win anything with kids! I had certainly put our supreme reign over Sweden at risk by doing this, and many were the red-and-black supporters who had shook their heads in disbelief over the winter as player after player was deemed unwanted by the BP manager.

Stars and former Barcelona players Aparicio and Falcón were the first to leave for West Ham and A. Madrid respectively, soon to be followed by striker partner Murilo Barroso who was sold to Genk. Not even vice-captain Albin Wahlberg was spared, as he was mercilessly shipped away to Villareal.

Supporters throughout Sweden started fearing that the manager had gone mad and journalists wrote article after article on the subject of how quickly one man had destroyed the greatest team Sweden had ever seen. However, when the dust had finally settled, wonderkid after wonderkid started showing up on the senior squad training ground. Extraordinary midfielders and Academy products Marcus Boström and Lionel Bourgeois were soon followed by many more.

The supporters who had recently been completely without hope started talking about a “golden generation” and the ones old enough were drawing parallels to the Manchester United “Class of 92”. Never before had so many supporters spent hours and hours on the training ground, trying to get a glimpse of the youngster who could possibly become “the new Anders Limpar” and lead the team to European glory!

“You can’t win anything with kids”

2030 Overhaul2.png

Or, can you?

The Bromma Boys #32 | 2030 – “You can’t win anything with kids” | An FM18 Story

Transfers out

Transfers ut.png

BP transfers out

As stated above, many of the players that were sold throughout the pre-season and more players including manager favourite Mathias Johansson left in the summer. After the major overhaul only a select few were kept for the attempt to push towards the European top, a gamble unlike anything ever seen in Sweden before.

Transfers in

Transfers in.png

BP transfers in

Only three players came in, as there really was no need to fill up the squad. All of them are top quality talents who will compete for places in the first team over the coming seasons. One of them stands out however. In the spring of 2030 my scouts started returning with reports of a German 15-year-old, displaying attributes never seen in such a young player before. I took a look at him, and they were certainly spot on.


Incredible FM18 wonderkid

Young Mansourou Nimaga looked exceptional in every area, and the fact that he stood 195cm tall didn’t make matters worse. What surprised me the most was the fact that my scouts were reporting that we had a shot at signing this absolute beast of a wonderkid! Leverkusen accepted my bid of €5.75M and after tough negotiations, the young Malian/German decided to join us on his 16th birthday! Possibly my greatest signing ever, this could potentially be the player to lead us into a golden era!

The squad


The 22 players of the newly reformed first-team squad were divided into two elevens; A (on the left) mostly filled with the former first-team players and B (on the right) mainly consisting of young talents. The plan was to play A in Champions League and important games and B in cup games and the league games deemed less important.

If a player was missing from A, a player from B was temporarily promoted, and if a player was missing from B I would temporarily promote a player from our U19s. By doing this my hope was to maximize our chances of performing straight away in the games that mattered while giving our young players at least 20+ games in the 2030 season and a real chance to develop.

Swedish Cup – Group stage



The season started with us smashing the opposition in the cup as usual. We gave both elevens game time and both of them impressed in three wins out of three, scoring 17 goals and not conceding a single goal. However, the cup adventure came to an abrupt halt as the youngsters of XI B were knocked out by GIF Sundsvall in the first knockout round in a major upset.

Champions League 2029/30 – 1st Knockout round

Champions league

After the second place finish in last years Champions League group stage my fears of getting a tough draw was realised in the most brutal way possible as we were drawn against reigning champions Real Madrid. I would have felt satisfied with a decent performance and a respectable loss to these European giants, but after an absolutely insane 4-0 win at home I certainly got my hopes up of advancing to the next round! We managed to squeeze through to the next round by a small margin after a 1-4 loss away at Santiago Bernabeu, which was more than I could have hoped for!

CL 1a

Champions League 2029/30 – Quarter final

In the quarter-final we were to face Bayern, an equally difficult opponent. Once again we managed to win at home, but away in Germany Bayern were far too good. We lost 3-5, but the loss could have been bigger. We were knocked out of the Champions League, but I’m more than satisfied with reaching the quarter-final this early on!

CL Kvart




My worries of us not being good enough to retain the league title were quickly put to the side. We kept winning game after game, heavily rotating between our two XIs. After Mathias Johansson left for Juventus halfway through the season I simply promoted 18-year-old Academy player Martin Lundgren who impressed immediately in his place.

Finally only a draw against former giants Malmö FF stood between us and a perfect season! Winning our 9th consecutive Allsvenskan title in our best season ever really gives me hope that this group of players might make up our “golden generation” after all!

Champions League 2030/31 – Group stage

Champions league

Perhaps as some sort of compensation by the Footballing Gods for last years tie against Real Madrid we were handed our easiest Champions League group ever. We finished top of the group after three wins and a draw against Galatasaray and Porto and we absolutely smashed tycoon-led Scottish side Ross County, who finished bottom of the group.

CL Grupp.png

We were also handed a fairly decent tie in next years 1st knockout round in Dutch giants Ajax. A fellow talent factory used to European glory, but I certainly view us as favourites going into those games.

Great achievements both domestically and in Europe and I’m already looking forward to next season, but before ending this episode I will go through some player performances and outline plans for us to take another step towards European domination.

Elevens A and B – How did they perform?

  • XI A – 23 games – 19 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses – Average scoreline: 3.08-1.04

Matcher Squad A

XI A played every Champions League game and a little more than every third league game, giving the XI B a chance to breathe. Obvious high was the 4-0 win at home to Real Madrid and the low was our only draw in the league.

Squad A

Every single player in the XI A had a good season, but Jawad Hajji was the strongest performer throughout the season, providing a lot of goals and assists. Tobias Jönsson also impressed with 13 assists from his position as right wing-back.

  • XI B – 22 games – 21 wins, 1 loss – Average scoreline: 3.14-0.41

Matcher Squad B

The “Talent eleven” certainly impressed in this season. They were in no way in it on a watch-and-learn basis, as they won every single game besides the loss in the Cup quarter-final. A 7-0 win at home to Häcken in Allsvenskan was their best result, but their most impressive feat throughout the season must be the average of 0.41 conceded goals per game! A fantastic achievement!

Squad B

In the same fashion as XI A, all of the players impressed, with the two strikers Lindström and Ricardo impressing the most. Jesper Bergman’s development sky-rocketed throughout the season, making him an absolute beast at age 18!

end of season.png

Ricardo took home every single team award as well, perhaps making this the best debut season performance ever!? Ricardo also won Allsvenskan Player of the Year Award with striker partner André Lindström winning Rookie of the Year and keeper Hallberg winning Best Swedish keeper of the year.


  • U19 players with appearances for the first team

Squad U19

Eight Academy players got to make at least one appearance for the first team this season, coming in to cover injuries and suspensions in XI B. Young Nimaga was the absolute stand-out player of the bunch with 5 goals and 3 assists in 3 starts.

Another player that deserves a mention, despite not playing a single minute for the first team is Portuguese striker Pedro Jorge who managed an insane 79 goals and 42 assists in 42 starts for the U19s/U21s, resulting in an absolutely crazy average rating of 8.93! Unfortunately the competition is too tough for him to gain promotion to the first team squad, but I’ll keep him at the club for another couple of years sending him out on loans to see if he’ll become good enough for us over time.

Plans for 2031

I will be making three squad changes for the 2031 season. Mohammed Ali, who has attracted interest from most European top clubs, will be sold to make room for new superstar defender Jesper Bergman in XI A. 18-year-old Lucas Jansson will take his place in XI B.

Left-back Herman Hedsén will leave XI B to make room for 5-star potential Niklas Svensson. I will also be selling personal favourite Edmilson. He is a great player, but he will never overtake Amendola as our no1 attacking midfielder, and it doesn’t make sense to keep a 24-year-old who have reached his potential in the “talent eleven”. I will experiment a bit and move Ricardo into the AMC position and promote prodigy Nimaga into the XI B striker slot.

I will keep the same priorities regarding XIs A and B, with the primary aim of XI A to perform and XI B to develop players for XI A. My aim is, of course, to win the league again and to reach another Champions League quarter-final. By using this approach my ultimate goal is to win the Champions League by 2034 at the latest!

The next episode

In the next episode we will see if we can keep building on last seasons success in the 2031 season. Will young Nimaga become the new Messi or the new Adu? Will we manage to keep developing into a European giant or is it simply impossible for a Swedish team to win the Champions League? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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