Our First Club | St Lucia to Real Madrid #4 | An FM18 Story

So, at the end of the previous post in the series, I talked about where our future should lie as we aim to reach Real Madrid. In this post, I reveal the first club of the save! We have left St Lucia to begin our journey up the club ladder towards the Spanish giants of Madrid.

If you missed the previous post, do go back and read it through the link below. I showed St Lucia’s progress under my management and discussed the problems we were facing as a tiny island nation.

So, who is the club I have chosen to join?? Let’s find out now.

Our First Club | St Lucia to Real Madrid #4

Saint Lucian men to remember

One of the best things about my Ostersund save was the attachment with the players. Over thirteen seasons with the club, I grew fond of several players (Soderstrom, Tesfa, Bachirou to name but a few). With a journeyman save these bonds are harder to form due to the regularity in which you move clubs.

In an effort to try and remember more players from this save, I’ll be writing a section in each post devoted to players who have stood out from the rest at the current club/nation. In this section, I review some of the men from the Saint Lucian ranks who made my time with St Lucia most memorable.

st prix

Shirvone St Prix

Strikers are often more memorable than defenders, certainly in my experience, just because of how often they win games with their goals. Shirvone St Prix did this for St Lucia in abundance, netting 16 goals in 25 matches under my management. He’s the player I would most want to join us on a journey from club to club.

caniggia elva

Caniggia Elva

Caniggia Elva was easily the standout player for Saint Lucia when we joined, and he remained that upon our departure. It’s fair to say he didn’t change games as much as St Prix, but his presence out on the left winger was sorely missed in the four games he was out injured. He is a player I would definitely be interested in signing with future clubs.

Now, let’s find out who we will be managing next.

Club Atletico Torque

TorqueClub Atletico Torque are the club who I have joined as my first club on the way to Real Madrid. Torque are a Uruguayan second-tier outfit and are based in Montevideo. After their formation in 2007, they have fought their way up the divisions and even reached the top tier of Uruguayan football in 2017. Coincidently, 2017 was the year in which the club were taken over by City Football Group, the holding company that owns Manchester City, New York City and Melbourne City, as well as a few others.

I join Torque in November 2019, one season after they were relegated back to the second tier. The club failed to earn automatic promotion back to the top tier, the Primera Division, and so it is up to me to try and guide Torque to a return to the top flight. City Football Group will certainly be expecting it.

Goal with Torque: Secure promotion back to Tier 1

A reminder of the rule I have implemented in this series – I can only manage in a nation one time, this means that Torque will be my only club in Uruguay. I’ll need to make a good impression here in order to move on to a higher placed club abroad!

2020 Pre-season

Rather than end this post with us joining Torque, I thought it would make sense to play through pre-season and see where we are at in terms of our new side and how we will look to play this coming season.



When I joined Torque the squad was very thin with hardly any depth in any positions. My first job was to assess the players, fit them into a system and then go out and find players to either improve our best XI or add depth in the positions required.


Our tactic

At the beginning, I had originally chosen to play a flat 4-4-2. Over the course of pre-season, I have changed this to a 4-4-2 with one DM, offering a touch more solidity at the back. We will be starting to play with a counter-attacking mentality. You can see from the screenshot below our pre-season matches. I adapted the formation prior to the Colegiales match after three poor games to start off my time with Torque.


Pre-season form

The change has had an effect on our results, but this could easily be to do with the standard of opposition rather than the effectiveness of the tactic. I’ll keep a close eye on how we play in the opening games of the league season to make sure we are heading in the right direction.

Torque | Who to watch out for

Having only just joined Torque, I don’t really have a feel for the players and I haven’t seen enough of them to develop any attachments. But we do have a couple of players who stand out from the rest as potential key players for the coming season.

In central defence we have Facundo Mallo. His core defensive attributes are really good for this level and his 16 in heading will prove to be a threat from attacking set plays if we can find a routine to use him effectively. Out on the right wing we have Leonardo Pais. The winger looks a decent all-round player with solid attributes in all areas. He is rated as a 4.5 star player in our team, as is Mallo, and so I’ll be looking for him to influence games out on that right side.

So, pre-season is complete, signings have been made and a tactic has been assembled. How will I fare in my first season in charge? Have your say below!

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