A New Save | St Lucia to Real Madrid #1 | An FM18 Story

Back when I was just an FM’er, and not an FM blogger, one of my most memorable saves came from the idea that I must start at a low ranked nation or club and work my way up towards managing Real Madrid. This type of save would consume my days as I planned my potential career moves and thought about how could I possibly reach the pinnacle of football management.

My first save of this type was named ‘East Fife to Real Madrid’. I began in the Scottish League Two with East Fife and ended up at Sporting Gijon, via Hearts, before the save ended.

fm16 saveOn FM16 I tried again, this time I started with the Fijian national side. From there, I won the ACL with Sydney FC before moving to Swansea. I was sacked pretty promptly which led to my appointment with Dundee in Scotland.

After winning the SPL, I was approached by Manchester United! Again, the save ended here before I could complete my goals of reaching Real Madrid.

fm16 save competition wins

Now on FM18, I want to try for a third time. And this time will be the toughest version of the save yet. The plan is to begin with Saint Lucia, a small island in the Caribbean with a population of fewer than 200,000 people, and work my way towards the ultimate goal of managing Real Madrid.

The rule that will make it more difficult is that I can only manage in a country one time – I can’t, for example, take charge of a Chilean club and then move to a different Chilean club. This means that my 1st and only job in Spain will be the Real Madrid job!

A bit about Saint Lucia
Listen to the Saint Lucian national anthem as you read!

Saint Lucia is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea, just north of Barbados and south of Martinique. Historically, Saint Lucia has been fought over by both the British and the French (both countries have ‘owned’ the nation 7 times each) before becoming an independent state in 1979. Cricket is the most popular sport in Saint Lucia which is closely followed by football.

Why have I chosen Saint Lucia? Back when I was in primary school one of our projects was to research and create a poster or booklet on a country. I remember doing my project on Saint Lucia and ever since I have had a certain attachment to the Caribbean nations, I’d love to go there in the future. The small island of Saint Lucia just seemed like the perfect place to begin an FM18 adventure!

saint lucia 2.jpg

Let’s find out a little about the Caribbean nation in-game.

Saint Lucia in Football Manager 2018

Upon starting my brand new Football Manager save, Saint Lucia are 179th in the FIFA World Rankings.

saint lucia overview

Saint Lucia | An overview in FM18

Looking at the Saint Lucian squad, there are a few players worth looking at here in our introduction. As you’d expect, my national pool offers little choice for my national squad selections as there really is no depth after our best XI. But we do have four stand-out talents that we will be relying heavily on in the first few years of our time with Saint Lucia.

  • Caniggia Elva
caniggia elva

Caniggia Elva

Caniggia Elva is probably our key man in attack. The winger plays for German club Stuttgart (any player who plays for a European club must be good!) and could have plenty of years ahead of him in our first-team – he’s only 21. I am slightly worried as he is also eligible to play for Canada so I am eagerly anticipating our first competitive fixture to get him declared for us.

  • Janoi Donacien
janoi donacien

Janoi Donacien

Accrington Stanley defender Janoi Donacien will be our rock at the back. He’ll be our right-back moving forward as he displays good physical attributes and good crossing and dribbling, meaning he could be a threat in attack as well.

  • Lester Joseph
lester joseph

Lester Joseph

Lester Joseph will be our captain. He will play as our right-sided winger to deliver crosses to our advanced forward and I’m hoping that he can also provide goals with his decent finishing.

  • Zaine Pierre
zaine pierre

Zaine Pierre

You could argue that Zaine Pierre is our star player. He is incredibly well-rounded and will be our rock in defence – Pierre will play as a half-back (a role I have used in my Ostersund save and analysed here).

Having assessed the strengths of our squad I have chosen to play this formation below. I’ve tried to keep it simple in terms of our instructions, we will play an attacking style of football with a very low tempo. My thinking is that our quality of player won’t be able to play at too high a tempo as this would increase the occurrence of mistakes.

saint lucia tactic

Saint Lucian tactic

I’m very hopeful these four players can lead our nation to glory!

Short-Term and Long-Term Aspirations


  • The next competitive fixture for Saint Lucia will be in the Caribbean Cup – I want to progress through in the tournament and beat my board expectation of reaching the 3rd round. It would be cool to get to the semi-finals but there are some strong nations taking part so progressing past the third round would be a good achievement


  • I don’t plan on staying with St Lucia for decades to come. At the moment, I think I’ll stay until the end of the next World Cup qualifying campaign. But this could change depending on how enjoyable it is
  • Ideally my reputation as a manager will grow over my time with Saint Lucia, but with the nation being so tiny only a huge overachievement is likely to raise my rep

So, I hope you have enjoyed this little introduction to my new Football Manager 2018 save. It is a save that I am really looking forward to getting my teeth into and I hope that the journey will be fun to follow along with for you. Thanks for reading.

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3 thoughts on “A New Save | St Lucia to Real Madrid #1 | An FM18 Story

  1. Great concept for a save. I love taking over the small nations (for a few seasons that is – it can be frustrating when players start to retire in their 20s) and working my way up. I’ll be following this one 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • This is exactly what has started happening to me! I can’t imagine being with St Lucia for too long, we barely get any newgens and the ones we do get aren’t very good.


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