The Bromma Boys #28 | 2028 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen how BP performed in the 2028 season, so let’s now take a look at our Academy players and how they have progressed in the 2028 season. If you missed the previous post about our academy players, go back and check it out here.

The Bromma Boys | 2028 Academy Report

In last year’s report I expressed a concern that the Academy players had grown too few, primarily caused by me being too picky when bringing in new players. In an attempt to fix this I offered contracts to the entire batch of youth intake players, instead of the usual one or two. I guess the coming years will show if this experiment turns out good or bad…

In this year’s Academy Report we’ll cover the following:

  1. New players – Players that came through our intake or were signed to the club at age 17 or younger this season
  2. Graduation class – Players that turned 19 years old during the year and therefore will leave the Academy. Who will be promoted to the first team and who will be sold?
  3. What about GrassNGear? – The yearly check-up on our GrassNGear named newgens
  4. Top 5 Academy players in Europe – A look at the very best players in other clubs around Europe who have come through our Academy in recent years.

But before we get into the progress of the Academy youngsters, let’s take a look at the results of the Youth Champions League knockout stage.

Youth Champions League 2027/28 – Knockout stage

After winning it all in 2025/26 it was quite the disappointment when we were knocked out in the first knockout round last season. After a great group stage we were really looking for a great cup run this year!

UCL slutspel

We were knocked out straight away this season as well, which was truly disappointing considering the fact that we were outstanding in the group stage.

Youth Champions League 2028/29 – Group stage

UCL matcher

We bounced right back from the defeat by doing the same thing that we’ve done in recent years, we totally smashed all of the group stage opposition. Scoring 29 goals and just conceding two must be considered pretty amazing when playing the best youth teams in Europe. Let’s just make sure that we perform in next year’s knockout stage…

UCL grupp tabell

New players in

Before we start looking at our new players, I’d like to take a minute and introduce our new Head of Youth Development. When former HOYD Roger Palmgren resigned at the age of 65 we brought in this guy who looks absolutely amazing:


Kristjaan Speakman | Head of Youth Development

Kristjaan Speakman came in from Brighton with fantastic attributes in all areas. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but this season’s youth intake was our best by far! As I wrote above, we decided to give all of them contracts, but I’ll only show you the very best of them here:

  • Jesper Bergman – Sweden – 16yo – DC

Jesper Bergman

From: Youth intake
Comment: A central defender with nice well-rounded physicals, good defensive skills and some impressive mentals.
BP Style Rating: 49.33 (Skill 10.67|Perception 12.00|Movement 14.67|Character 12.00)
Prediction: With a Professional personality and some exciting skills I have high hopes of him becoming a BP starter in a few seasons time.

  • Marcus Boström – Sweden – 16yo – AMC

Marcus Bostrom

From: Youth intake
Comment: Oh my god! What a fantastic player! Mentals like a seasoned veteran, great physicals and nice attacking attributes!
BP Style Rating: 63.00 (Skill 16.00|Perception 16.00|Movement 16.00|Character 15.00)
Prediction: With an absolutely insane BPS Rating of 63.00 I firmly believe that this guy has the potential of becoming BP’s best player ever – if we manage to keep him!

  • Alexander Hallberg – Sweden – 16yo – Gk

Alexander Hallberg

From: Youth intake
Comment: Decent keeper with both excellent Aerial Reach and Reflexes. Needs some work on his speed.
Prediction: He is showing a bit of potential, but I doubt that he’ll be good enough to overtake Pintos.

  • Henrik Linder – Sweden – 16yo – DC

Henrik Linder

From: Youth intake
Comment: A central defender with nice Tackling and fantastic Marking and Positioning! Needs to work on his attacking skills!
BP Style Rating: 44.33 (Skill 8.33|Perception 11.33|Movement 13.00|Character 11.67)
Prediction: With both his height and defensive attributes he certainly has the chance to earn a first team contract with the club.

We also brought in a couple of more players than we’ve done in previous seasons, since we had had a bit too few players in recent years.

  • Welder Henrique – Brazil – 18yo – STC
Welder Henrique

Welder Henrique

From: Brazilian Premier Division side Sao Paulo (€6M)
Comment: A technically gifted striker who made his first team debut for Sao Paulo this season. Excellent movement and a nice personality. Lacks a bit of Teamwork and Passing to go straight into the first team.
BP Style Rating: 54.67 (Skill 14.33|Perception 13.00|Movement 14.67|Character 12.67)
Prediction: Comes in for quite a hefty fee, but that doesn’t guarantee him a first team spot. He needs to improve his weaknesses in order to overtake the players in front of him in the pecking order.

  • René Adam – France – 16yo – AML

Rene Adam

From: French Ligue 1 team Lille (€3M)
Comment: A really quick winger with nice Dribbling. Needs to work on his mentals as well as his overall passing game.
BP Style Rating: 46.67 (Skill 10.67|Perception 11.00|Movement 14.00|Character 11.00)
Prediction: With loads of potential and decent Determination I hope that he will progress steadily in coming years. A potential first team player long term.

  • Fábio Baiano – Brazil – 18yo – MC
Fabio Baiano.png

Fabio Baiano

From: Brazilian Premier Division side Vitoria (€400K)
Comment: A real bargain at €400K. A midfielder with exceptional mentals for an 18 year-old. He also has some nice attacking attributes and decent physicals. Will need to improve his passing game
BP Style Rating: 57.00 (Skill 14.33|Perception 13.33|Movement 13.67|Character 15.67)
Prediction: With an exceptional BP Style Rating and a 5 star potential I hope that this guy will turn into a true top level midfielder. His only weakness is the toughness, which needs to improve.

  • Bertrand Cuenot – France – 16yo – AML

Bertrand Cuenot

From: French Ligue 1 team Sochaux (€1.5M)
Comment: A determined hard-working left midfielder. Lacking in many areas though, mainly offensively.
BP Style Rating: 43.33 (Skill 10.00|Perception 9.00|Movement 10.67|Character 13.67)
Prediction: With loads of potential and great Determination he has the chance of developing a lot, which will certainly be needed if he is to play first team football for us ever.

  • Dusan Savic – Serbia – 16yo – AML

Dusan Savic

From: Serbian Premier Division team Partizan Belgrade (€500K)
Comment: A 16 year old winger with decent Technique and speed, that comes in from Serbian talent factory Partizan. Lacking in many areas though.
BP Style Rating: 36.67 (Skill 9.67|Perception 7.67|Movement 11.00|Character 8.33)
Prediction: Doesn’t look like a fantastic player, even compared to other 16 year olds. However, my scouts believe he has a 5 star potential, which was the only reason I signed him. Will need tutoring to be able to reach his potential.

  • José Luis Lara – Mexico – 18yo – MC

Jose Luis Lara

From: Mexican First Division team Chivas (€5M)
Comment: An expensive signing that looks like a really exciting midfielder with excellent technical attributes as well as physical
BP Style Rating: 54.33 (Skill 14.67|Perception 12.00|Movement 13.67|Character 14.00)
Prediction: Even though the competition in midfield is really tough, he doesn’t look too far away from a couple of first team chances. With a current ability of 2 stars and a potential 5 star ability there seems to be quite a lot of development left in him. A future superstar in the making?

  • Fernando Augusto – Brazil – 18yo – RB
Fernando Augusto.png

Fernando Augusto

From: Brazilian Premier Division team Cruzeiro (€180K)
Comment: A defensively solid right back. Lacking a bit both offensively and physically.
BP Style Rating: 48.33 (Skill 12.00|Perception 10.00|Movement 12.00|Character 14.33)
Prediction: Even though he’s not a complete player at all he will get his chances in the first team as a back-up option since Jackson is our only DR at the moment.

  • Dusan Dimitrijevic – Serbia – 18yo – DMC

Dusan Dimitrijevic

From: Serbian SuperLeague team Red Star (€1M)
Comment: Our scouts think that this guy has the potential of becoming a world-class player, but it doesn’t really look like it at the moment. He lacks severely technically, but looks decent mentally – besides a low Determination – and physically.
BP Style Rating: 42.33 (Skill 8.00|Perception 11.33|Movement 14.00|Character 9.00)
Prediction: I got him in because my scouts begged me to, but I’m having a hard time seeing him fulfilling his potential considering he’s miles away from a first team spot at the moment.

  • Jesper Torstensson – Sweden – 18yo – STC

Jesper Tortensson

From: Swedish Allsvenskan team Kalmar (€5M)
Comment: Hugely over-priced as domestic talent usually is, this young striker has some nice Finishing and Work Rate.
BP Style Rating: 40.33 (Skill 9.33|Perception 8.67|Movement 11.00|Character 11.33)
Prediction: I brought this guy in along the lines of our “National Development Plan” meaning that the primary goal is to make him a player for Sweden, not for BP. Hopefully a future Sweden international, but probably never good enough to become a regular BP player.

  • Thomas Tranum – Denmark – 17yo – STC

Thomas Tranum

From: Danish Superliga team Vejle (€1.6M)
Comment: A really nice all-round forward who has already played two U21 games for Denmark at the age of 17.
BP Style Rating: 45.00 (Skill 12.33|Perception 10.67|Movement 12.00|Character 10.00)
Prediction: Looks well-rounded but needs to improve every aspect of the game in order to reach the level needed to play first team football at BP.

After focusing on the new youngsters taking their first steps on the Academy road to greatness, let’s look at the players who turned 19 during the 2028 season and thereby are graduating from the Academy, hopefully ready to claim first team spots at BP or somewhere else.

Academy graduation  – “Class of 28”


This year’s graduation class consists of 12 players; 3 Swedish and 9 foreign. Only one player has a 5 star potential, but I don’t think that’s because these players are significantly worse than those from previous years. Instead I’ve noticed that the potential has generally gone down for our prospects as the players in the first team have gotten better and better.

This is just natural as the star ratings are relative the quality of players in your squad. They are not always correct either, as they are based on the evaluating staff member’s Judging Player Potential value. Therefore we won’t blindly judge the players based on this, instead we’ll look at each player individually and compare him to the current strength and depth in his position before we decide whether to promote him to the first team or to let him go.


Graduating player:

  • Ali Fadhil from the 2026 youth intake


Ali Fadhil is a goalkeeper that’s pretty good on the line. He has improved a lot since he acquired the Perfectionist personality through tutoring. He has played 140 games for the U19s /U21s during his three seasons at the club and has improved enough to make one appearance for the Swedish U21s.


When looking at the first team squad it’s apparent that we have a clear no1 in Uruguayan international Pintos who is just 22 years old and will hopefully remain at the club for many years. We also have two other keepers in young Swedish international Holmén and former Barcelona player Falcón, who is primarily used as a tutor for our younger keepers. It’s clear that Fadhil can’t compete with Pintos for the no1 spot, so his chance is to be better than Holmén to secure the back-up spot.

So, is Ali Fadhil good enough to take Alex Holmén‘s spot as back-up keeper?


Jämförelse mv.png

No, when you compare the two it becomes obvious that Holmén is a much better keeper at the moment. Perhaps Fadhil will become just as good or even better in the future, but that doesn’t matter for us since he’ll never be good enough to become our no1. Therefore, Ali Fadhil will be sold.

Left back

Graduating player:

  • Leif Linder from the 2026 youth intake


A left back with his strengths in the physical aspects of the game. He has played 100 games for the U19s/U21s but hasn’t made any appearances for our first team. He has also made one appearance for the Swedish U21s.


If you look at the DL’s in the first team you quickly come to the conclusion that left back isn’t our strongest position. Lindh won’t get much better and Augustinsson won’t get any younger. Will Linder become our new left back?

Verdict: No, he won’t. It doesn’t matter what the competition looks like, he simply isn’t good enough. I have a hard time seeing him perform against other Allsvenskan teams, let alone European giants like PSG. I wouldn’t even promote him if we were without DL’s completely. Therefore, Leif Linder will be sold.

Right back

Graduating player:

  • Jakob Lehne (Norway) from Norwegian Premier Division club Odd (€160K) in 2027


Lehne is a well-rounded right back with decent attacking and defensive attributes as well as mentals and physicals. He has played 70 games for our U19s/U21s in his two years at the club and he has played two U21 games for Norway so far.


Our first team looks decent in the RB position, both in strength and depth. Youngster Fernando Augusto was our back-up option behind fellow Brazilian Jackson at the beginning of the season, but has progressed enough to become our no1 choice.

Verdict: Lehne is slightly worse than Jackson, but is also a year younger. We’ve been offered decent bids for the Brazilian and I’ll try to cash in on him and will promote Lehne as our new back-up RB behind Fernando Augusto.

Central midfielders

Graduating players:

  • Alfred Alfaro (Spain) from Getafe (2.2M) in 2027


He came in as a great prospect with amazing First Touch and Technique coupled with nice Flair and Passing, making him an exciting creator in central midfield. He spent both 2027 and 2028 on loan at Allsvenskan team Malmö, where he totalled 53 games, 1 goal, 7 assists and an average rating of 6.90.

  • Fabio Baiano (Brazil) from Vitoria (400K) in 2028


He came in early this season as a real bargain deal and spent the season on loan at Allsvenskan team Göteborg where he played 23 games with an average rating of 6.96. He is looking like a great midfielder, but will need a bit of work on his defensive skills in order to become a complete midfielder.

  • Antoine Buteau (France) from Lille (€2M) in 2026


This guy has really impressed during his time at the club. He has mad two appearances for the first team in between loan spells in Belgium (39 games, 8 goals, 9 assists) and France (18 games, 6 goals, 2 assists). He has also made 5 appearances for the French U21s. The only player on the list with a 5 star potential.

  • Mathias Johansson from the 2026 youth intake


Because of the rule of a minimum of 9 Swedish players in the match day squad it’s a bit easier to come through as a Swedish player. Mathias played a total of 20 games for the first team this season and really impressed with a solid 7.31 average rating.

  • Eduardo Leite (Portugal) from Varzim (€500K) in 2025


Spent the 2027 season at Dutch side Zwolle, failing to impress. Went on a new loan in 2028 to Allsvenskan team AIK where he seemed to have adapted to senior football a bit better, managing a nice 7.11 average rating in 10 games.

  • Damian Liendo (Argentina) from Boca (€4M) in 2028


Came in as a high profile signing at 18 years old having already played 25 games for Argentinian giants Boca. He spent this season on loan at Allsvenskan team Hammarby, playing 25 games. He offers something slightly different than most of our other midfield prospects, having his strengths primarily in defence.

  • Duncan Obenans (France) from Bourg en Bresse (€250K) in 2025


After over 60 appearances for the U19s/U21s in his first couple of seasons at the club he got a taste of senior football this season, playing 27 games for our feeder club Assyriska in the Swedish 2nd tier.

  • Pieter-Jan Verbeke (Belgium) from Zulte Waregem (€2.5M) in 2027


A quick player with a nice Technique that I brought in late 2027 as a 5 star potential. Upon arrival his potential sadly dropped to 3 stars though. Verbeke spent the 2028 season playing senior football at Allsvenskan team Djurgården, earning a decent 6.96 average rating in 26 games.

No less than 8 graduating midfielders this season makes it impossible to promote all of them. Since none of them look like a world class player at the moment, we’ll simple need to look at the first team for any holes to fill.


Luckily for a couple of the graduates we are currently a bit short on central midfielders in the first team. Italian star Amendola is our first choice in the more attacking midfield position, while Vitor Farah occupies the more defensive spot. Gonzalez has been a back-up in both positions.

Verdict: Gonzalez has been complaining about a lack of first team football all year, and with some new prospects rising up the ranks we’ll try to sell him. We will promote Johansson being the only Swedish player, together with offensive-minded Baiano and more defensive LiendoWe will also keep Buteau, sending him out on a new loan to see if he can improve towards his 5 star potential. The rest will be sold.


Graduating player:

  • Tico (Brazil) from Fluminense (€850K) in 2028


This guy really impressed this season on loan at Allsvenskan side Kalmar, scoring 16 goals in 27 Allsvenskan starts, making him the league’s fourth best scorer.

Let’s look at the first team to see if there is any place for Tico?


With 6 players competing for 2 spots up front we are really stacked in the forward position. Lorshag is looking for a new challenge and both Aparicio and Edmilson are wanted by Barcelona, so we might lose a couple of them.

Verdict: There are simply too many players in front of him at the moment, I can’t promote him making him forward no 7. However, I’ll keep him in the U21s for the pre-season in case we lose three first team forwards.

Now that you’ve learned the fate of this year’s graduating class of 28, we’ll take a look at how our GrassNGear named newgens are doing out in the footballing world!

What about GrassNGear?

Both Grass and Gear have left the club to go out on adventures of their own, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten all about them. Let’s see what they’ve been up to in 2028!


Carl Bergqvist (Grass)

After two great seasons scoring loads of goals Grass had a pretty disappointing 2028, only scoring 5 goals in 34 teams. As a result of this, his team Sundsvall finished in an equally disappointing 7th place, compared to their top 3 finish the year before.


Hampus Erlandsson (Gear)

Gear is the undisputed no1 goalkeeper for Turkish side Konyaspor that finished 4th in SuperLig last season. This season he has managed 6 clean sheets in 17 games.


With a new Head of Youth Development and a great youth intake, things are really looking bright for the Academy! The first team is starting to get to such a high level where only the very best graduates are promoted to the first team, but hopefully we’ll manage to get the other players contracts at other Allsvenskan clubs, strengthening the league a bit.

Top 5 Academy players in Europe

Over 75 Academy products have left the club since the start of the save, most of them because they weren’t good enough, but some of them left simply because they were too good! Here we take a closer look at the very best of those players, making a name for themselves in various clubs around Europe. We have one new entry at the bottom of the list!

  • Ludvig Johansson – Bordeaux – 27 years old – Estimated value €49M

Ludvig Johansson

Career at BP: Came through our 2017 youth intake, looking like a future BP legend! Played 26 games for the club over two seasons before the board sold him behind my back.
Sold to: Monaco for €1.4M in 2018/19.
What has happened since then: Struggled at Monaco, never really impressed enough to become a first team player. Went out on loan to Premier League side Crystal Palace, where he impressed enough to secure a permanent move to Ligue 1 team Bordeaux for €3.8M in 2024. Has played close to 200 games for Bordeaux up to this point.

  • Lorenzo Venturini – PSG – 28 years old – Estimated value €75M

Lorenzo Venturini

Career at BP: Came in as a 19 year old free agent in 2019 after a great U20s World Cup performance for Italy, earning him a spot in the Team of the Tournament. Played 36 games for us over two seasons with an average rating of 7.38, scoring 8 goals.
Sold to: Juventus for €5.5M in 2020
What has happened since then: Played 14 games for the Juventus first team, before going out on loan to Serie B side Palermo followed by a two year loan at Mexican side (!) Santos Laguna, where he became a key player. Since returning to Juventus in 2024 he played 150 games in the Serie A, before joining PSG in 2027 for €51M. He has already played 70 games for PSG, currently in his second season for the club. Has played 47 caps for Italy so far.

  • Lewis Park – Juventus – 25 years old – Estimated value €50M

Lewis Park

Career at BP: Came in for free from Australian Academy FFA in 2021. Played 21 games for the club before being sold to Genk at the end of the season.
Sold to: Belgian side Genk for €5.75M in 2022, against my will!
What has happened since then: Became an important player for the Belgian side straight away, playing regularly from the start, totalling 90 games for them, before moving to Juventus in 2024 in a €20.5M deal, becoming team mate with Venturini! He has played around 150 games for Juventus since the move, becoming an important player for them. Stands at an impressive 76 caps and 33 goals for Australia at the age of 25, naturally regarded as their most important player.

  • Ali Kemal Yazici – Wolfsburg – 25 years old – Estimated value €66M

Ali Kemal Yazici

Career at BP: He came in as one of four great prospects (Magrão being on of them) in the summer of 2022 from German Third division team München Lions. He was amazing for us in a season and a half, scoring 30 goals in 40 games, before the board sold him off.
Sold to: German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg for €4.1M in 2023, against my will!
What has happened since then: Has played regularly for Bundesliga side Wolfsburg since his awful departure, with 200 games to his name. He is currently regarded as one of their key players. He has played 7 games for Germany so far.

  • Erik Petersson – Real Madrid – 20 years old – Estimated value €73M

Erik Petersson

Career at BP: He came through our 2024 youth intake and immediately stood out as a potential superstar! He played 2 games for us in 2025 and another 8 in 2026 before becoming a really important part of our midfield in 2027, playing 41 games. I had plans for him to become our next club legend, but he had attracted some serious interest from some of the greatest clubs in Europe…
Sold to: Spanish giants Real Madrid for €68M in 2028, in a record breaking deal!
What has happened since then: Immediately became a first team player for Real Madrid, despite his young age. He has already played 40 games and is considered an important player for them. He has played 21 games for Sweden as well, scoring on 4 occasions.

The next episode

The next episode will be a bonus episode where we look at the 2028 European Championships and how Sweden fared there!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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