The Bromma Boys #26 | 2027 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen how BP performed in the 2027 season, so let’s now take a look at our Academy players and how they have progressed in the 2027 season. If you missed the previous post about our academy players, go back and check it out here.

The Bromma Boys | 2026 Academy Report


Above you see the players aged 19 or younger that are a part of the Academy. If you’ve been following the series from the beginning you might notice that there are not that many players anymore. We used to have between 40 and 50 players in the Academy, but we’ve been quite restrictive when we’ve brought in players in recent years.

I don’t know if this new number is optimal or if they are just too few. As you can see we don’t even have a single goalkeeper since I haven’t been able to find one good enough lately. Anyway, this year’s Academy Report covers the following:

  1. New players – Players that came through our intake or were signed to the club at age 17 or younger this season
  2. Graduation class – Players that turned 19 years old during the year and therefore will leave the Academy. Who will be promoted to the first team and who will be sold?
  3. What about GrassNGear? – The yearly check-up on our GrassNGear named newgens
  4. Top 5 Academy players in Europe – A look at the very best players in other clubs around Europe who have come through our Academy in recent years.

But before we get into the progress of the Academy youngsters, lets take a look at the results of the Youth Champions League knockout stage. We won the whole thing last year in quite an impressive manner and managed to impress even more during the 2026/27 group stage. Therefore hopes were high for a new title this year!

Youth Champions League 2026/27 – Knockout stage

YCL slutspel.png
Wait, what? This wasn’t at all how it was supposed to go. Perhaps underestimating our Icelandic opposition we decided to give all the players aged 19 or younger in the first team squad a rest and solely depend on players in the U19 squad, which meant that we started the game with one 18 year old, six 17 year olds and four 16 year olds.

As you can see above, this wasn’t enough. Sure, we were the better team, but not close to efficient enough. FH scored three goals in four shots on goal, while we managed a single goal in seven attempts on goal, which put an end to our cup run just as abrupt as disappointing.

Youth Champions League 2027/28 – Group stage

YCL grupp
We got our revenge straight away in the 2027/28 group stage, even though we weren’t quite as dominating as we’ve been in recent years. Our group was perhaps the easiest one of them all on paper and we finished in first place accordingly, even though we didn’t manage to win every group game for the first time in three years.

YCL tabell

New players in


This season’s youth intake saw a lot of rubbish and two players with great potential in striker Wahlberg and central defender Ali. We brought in three 16/17 year olds and two South Americans on their 18th birthday. Finally we splashed some cash on exciting Spanish prospect Alfredo Alfaro.

  • Alfredo Alfaro – Spain – 17yo – AMC
IN Alfaro 17.png

Alfredo Alfaro

From: Spanish Second Division side Getafe (€2.2M)
Comments: An attacking midfielder with a great First touch and nice Technique. He could benefit from a better passing game and it would be nice to see him increase his quickness as well.
BP Style Rating: 48.33 (Skill 14.67|Perception 12.33|Movement 11.00|Character 10.33)
Prediction: With nice offensive attributes and a 5 star potential he certainly has the chance to become a great player for us, but he still has a long way to go.

  • Damian Liendo – Argentina – 18yo – MC
IN Liendo.png

Damian Liendo

From: Argentinian Premier Division side Boca (€4M)
Comments: A physically gifted defensive midfielder, who needs to improve his offensive attributes. Positioning, Work Rate and Strength are strong areas, while both his First Touch and Passing needs work.
BP Style Rating: 45.00 (Skill 10.33|Perception 12.33|Movement 11.33|Character 11.00)
Prediction: Sadly, there isn’t really a significant difference in quality between when we signed him as a 16 year old and when he arrived at age 18. He really needs to improve his attacking game a lot to become a first team player for us.

  • Pedro Jorge – Portugal – 16yo – STC
IN Pedro Jorge.png

Pedro Jorge

From: Portuguese Premier Division side Vitoria Guimarães (€100K)
Comments: A technically gifted young striker who at age 16 made his debut for his former Portuguese side in a cup game. Nice First Touch, Technique and Flair but needs to improve both his Movement and Perception.
BP Style Rating: 45.00 (Skill 13.00|Perception 9.00|Movement 11.67|Character 11.33)
Prediction: With a Resolute personality I hope that he’ll improve nicely in coming years, which is absolutely necessary to reach our first team. He is only 16 years old so there’s certainly time to improve.

  • Steven Leray – France – 16yo – ML
IN Leray 16

Steven Leray

From: French Ligue 2 side Lorient (€1.2M)
Comments: A speedy winger type with a nice work rate and decent Crossing, Passing and Technique. Solid foundation to build on!
BP Style Rating: 44.33 (Skill 10.67|Perception 10.00|Movement 11.67|Character 12.00)
Prediction: At age 16 I hope that he’ll be able to keep building on some solid basic winger skills. I’m looking forward to see how far he can get!

  • Kim Wahlberg – Sweden – 16yo – STC
IN Wahlberg.png

Kim Wahlberg

From: Youth intake
Comments: A determined striker with a Driven personality as his apparent strength at the moment. Decent physicals and ok technical attributes as well. Doesn’t know how to pass the ball to save his own life though, and rarely runs the extra meter for his team-mates.
BP Style Rating: 40.67 (Skill 9.67|Perception 10.00|Movement 10.67|Character 10.33)
Prediction: Displays some real weaknesses, but certainly has the personality and Determination to improve. However, despite a 5 star potential I doubt that he’ll become good enough for us.

  • Mohammed Ali – Sweden – 17yo – DC
IN Ali.png

Mohammed Ali

From: Youth intake
Comments: The name alone makes him worth keeping! Mohammed Ali, who dances like a butterfly and stings like a bee! He looks like a decent defender even without the boxing references, with great Heading and decent Marking. Lacks a bit of Tackling though, as well as a bit of Character.
BP Style Rating: 42.00 (Skill 10.00|Perception 10.33|Movement 12.67|Character 9.00)
Prediction: Nice to have a Swedish defender coming through the intake, it’s been a few years now. Hopefully he can improve his Tackling and become an important player for both club and country!

  • Pedro Santos – Portugal – 17yo – MC
IN Pedro Santos.png

Pedro Santos

From: Portuguese Premier Division side Maritimo (€35K)
Comments: He is a small quick midfielder with a great Passing ability. Needs to work a bit on his physicals.
BP Style Rating: 52.33 (Skill 14.33|Perception 13.67|Movement 12.33|Character 12.00)
Prediction: With an excellent BPS Rating and a 5 star potential I really hope that he’ll turn into a great player for us!

  • Tico – Brazil – 18yo – STC
IN Tico.png


From: Brazilian Premier Division side Fluminense (€850K)
Comments: He looks like a well rounded attacker with nice Finishing, decent Heading and good physical attributes. Lacks a bit of Perception and Passing though.
BP Style Rating: 49.33 (Skill 11.67|Perception 10.00|Movement 13.33|Character 14.33)
Prediction: With a Determined personality I hope that he’ll keep progressing nicely, since he’s quite far away from a spot up-front in the first team right now. He certainly has the potential to make it.

Academy graduation  – “Class of 27”

This year’s graduation class contains two of the best players to ever come through the Academy in Peterson and Farah. Along with them, most of this year’s class will get a shot at first team football in 2028. The Academy is delivering some serious talent!

  • Jawad Hajji – France – 19yo – STC
GIF Hajji.gif

Jawad Hajji

From: French Ligue 1 club Montpellier (€1.5M) in 2025
Initial comment and prediction: Came in at age 16. A tall striker with nice Finishing. Lacking a bit of Movement as well as some mental attributes.
“Needs to improve his Heading in order to use his height to his advantage. With a Resolute personality he’ll hopefully progress nicely in coming years to challenge for a first team spot in the long run”
Result: He has really been banging in goals for us! He scored 25 goals in 25 games for the U19s in 2025, and scored 56 goals in 54 games for the U19s/U21s in 2026. In 2027 he scored 7 goals in 12 starts for the first team. He has also scored 5 goals in 5 U21 caps for France.
Development: Really nice. Mostly +1s and +2s with +3s in Passing, Anticipation, Concentration, Balance and +4s in Agility and Strength. He also put on 11kgs of muscle, now weighing in at 91kgs.
BP Style Rating: 50.00 (Up 7.00) (Skill 12.33|Perception 12.33|Movement 12.67 |Character 12.67)
Verdict: He has really started to get used to the transition from youth to senior football and will be promoted to the first team as a back-up option.

  • Risto Arsenijevic – Sweden – 19yo – MC
GIF Arsenijevic.gif

Risto Arsenijevic

From: Youth intake 2025
Initial comment and prediction: The only player good enough to make it through this year’s intake. Amazing First touch and Passing! His unambitious personality must be taken care of straight away. Since he joined us he has made his debut for his 2nd country Serbia’s U21 team.
“Shows a lot of promise with a nice passing game. If we can change his personality he may very well be playing with Lip in the first team in a couple of years!”
Result: He has really impressed in the U19s/U21s but has yet to make his debut for the first team. He is currently out on loan at French Ligue 1 side Lille, where he has played 24 games, mostly coming in off the bench. He has earned 11 U21 caps for Sweden so far.
Development: None. Most attributes unchanged, except for a +2 in Strength, a +3 in Jumping Reach and a +4 in Determination. He has also undergone a personality change from Unambitious to Driven.
BP Style Rating: 51.67 (Up 1.33) (Skill 14.67|Perception 12.67|Movement 11.33|Character 13.00)
Verdict: Sadly he hasn’t developed at all. I doubt that he’ll ever become good enough for a midfield spot in our first team, so I plan on selling him to another Swedish team.

  • Erik Petersson – Sweden – 19yo – CM
GIF Petersson.gif

Erik Petersson

From: Youth intake 2024
Initial comment and prediction: What an exceptional talent that came through this year’s youth intake! At age 16 he already looks like a solid player, and a 4-5 star potential coupled with a Professional personality means that there is hopefully room for improvement! Technically gifted with nice Determination and Work rate. Lacking a bit defensively and in Movement.
“Looks like he can become a Sweden international and a potential superstar for us for many years to come!”
Result: He has been exceptional for the U19s/U21s since joining the Academy. Slowly he has grown into the first team as well, playing 2 games in 2025, 8 games in 2026 and 41 games in 2027. He also has 10 caps for the Swedish national team.
Development: Really nice. A lot of +1s and +2s with +3s in Dribbling, Heading, Tackling, Flair, Vision, Stamina and Strength, a +4 in Balance and a +5 in First Touch.
BP Style Rating: 57.33 (Up 8.00) (Skill 16.33|Perception 15.67|Movement 12.33 |Character 13.00)
Verdict: Looked amazing coming through the intake in 2024 and has really started to fulfil his potential. He will lead the team together with Vitor Farah, hopefully for many years to come. A potential legend both for club and country.

  • Zephnad Lip – Holland – 19yo – MC
GIF Lip.gif

Zephnad Lip

From: Dutch Eredivisie club Groningen (€375K) in 2025
Initial comment and prediction: Joined us at age 16. Looks like a clever midfielder with some nice technical attributes. Lacking a bit of quickness and some mentals.
“Shows a lot of promise at a young age. If he keeps progressing I can see him as a future first team player for us”
Result: He impressed enough for the U19s in 2025 and 2026 to earn a loan deal at Scottish Premiership side St. Johnstone in 2027 where he has played well in 23 starts.
Development: Really nice, with +2s in most attributes, +3s in Passing, Penalty Taking, Anticipation, Acceleration, Agility and Strength and +4s in Composure and Pace. He has grown 3 cms and gained 9kgs during his time in the Academy.
BP Style Rating: 58.33 (Up 9.33) (Skill 16.00|Perception 13.67|Movement 13.33 |Character 15.33)
Verdict: Even though I expressed quite high hopes for him in 2025 I feel that he has flown a bit under the radar. He has developed into perhaps the best central midfielder we have without playing a single game for our first team. He will be promoted to the first team as soon as he returns from his loan spell. This one certainly has the potential to reach that magical BPS Rating of 60!

  • Marcos Paulo – Brazil – 18yo – DC
GIF Marcos Paulo.gif

Marcos Paulo

From: Brazilian First division club Botafogo (€40K) in 2026
Initial comment and prediction: Came in as a real bargain with nice physical attributes, nice height for a central defender and with a Professional personality. Needs to work on his technical attributes, both defensively and offensively.
“As the competition is weakest in the back he’ll probably get a couple of games as a back-up option straight away. If he keeps progressing he has the potential of becoming a starter for us”
Result: He played 40 games for our first team in the 2026 and 2027 seasons with a nice average rating of 7.42.
Development: Pretty decent. +1s in most attributes with a +2 in Dribbling and +3s in Passing and Composure.
BP Style Rating: 45.33 (Up 2.67) (Skill 11.33|Perception 9.67|Movement 11.33|Character 13.00)
Verdict: He has become a rotation option for in our central defence with his great physicals. Hopefully he’ll keep improving, making him a future starter for us.

  • Jackson – Brazil – 19yo – DR
GIF Jackson.gif


From: Brazilian First division club Vitoria (€1.3M) in 2026
Initial comment and prediction: Having already proven himself in over 60 games in the Brazilian first division he has impressed primarily as an offensive wing back. His defensive skills need a bit of work and his Heading could use some improvement.
“The competition is fierce in the RB position, but I might give him a couple of chances as a back-up player and/or off the bench. Has the potential to play for us regularly”
Result: Played 8 games for us in 2026 and another 25 games in 2027 with an impressive average rating of 7.40. He only managed a single assist though, which is a bit disappointing. He has played 11 U20 caps for Brazil so far.
Development: Quite disappointing. A couple of +1s here and there, that’s it.
BP Style Rating: 45.67 (Up 0.67) (Skill 11.67|Perception 11.00|Movement 13.33 |Character 11.33)
Verdict: He has done a decent job for us, and since we’ve sold off more or less all other RBs he’ll be promoted to the first team, but he needs to improve quite a bit to become a long-term option for us.

  • Vítor Farah – Brazil – 19yo – MC
Farah 26

Vitor Farah

From: Brazilian First division club Flamengo (€2.8M) in 2026
Comment: Despite the fact that he hasn’t really impressed in the occasional games he’s played over the three years at Flamengo he looks great on paper. He displays an amazing offensive ability, but could toughen up a bit.
“The true gem in our Brazilian necklace. With a 5 star potential, a Professional personality and an amazing arsenal of offensive weapons I really hope that he’ll become an important player for us rather sooner than later. However, he is fighting for a spot in central midfield where we already have a lot of great players, so he really needs to keep progressing!”
Result: Played 19 games for us in 2026, only managing 1 goal and 3 assists, but improved with 6 goals, 12 assists and a 7.67 average rating in 40 games in the 2027 season. He has also played 7 U20 caps for Brazil so far.
Development: Nice. +1s and +2s all over with +3s in Anticipation, Off the Ball, Jumping Reach and Strength. He has also grown 2cms and gained 5kgs in a year and a half.
BP Style Rating: 57.67 (Up 5.00) (Skill 16.67|Perception 12.67|Movement 14.00 |Character 14.33)
Verdict: The future is certainly looking bright for him and of course he will be promoted to the first team. I see a potential Brazilian international in him, that’s how good he is!

What about GrassNGear?

Last year we sadly saw the departure of both Grass and Gear, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten all about them. Let’s see what they’ve been up to in 2027!


Grass – Carl Bergqvist

Grass continued his goal-scoring form from last year, scoring 17 goals in 30 games, making him the third best striker in Allsvenskan and probably the most important player in earning Sundsvall a 3rd place finish in 2027


Gear – Hampus Erlandsson

After a decent loan spell in Scotland Gear came back only to discover that he was our fourth choice keeper all of a sudden. He didn’t complain, but I felt that I owed him the chance to play first team football. When Turkish Super League team Konyaspor made a €1.3M bid I had to let him go. He has played 17 games for them so far with 4 clean sheets. Konyaspor are bravely fighting relegation, currently in 14th place.


As I stated in the beginning of the post, perhaps the amount of players in the Academy is too low right now. I used to stockpile decent prospects, but I’ve grown picky, perhaps too much so!? In my search for only the very best prospects our numbers have dropped steadily. However, the players coming through each year are close to phenomenal, so there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the education! Time will tell whether I’ll revert to bringing in rather large numbers or players or if I’ll keep the numbers down, only bringing in potential diamonds.

Current Academy products in the first team squad: 15 (New record!). Edmilson (40 games), Vitor Farah (40), Peterson (41), Wahlberg (31), Barroso (32), Lindh (30), Marcos Paulo (26), Jackson (25), Höfler (22), Gonzalez (26), Hajji (23), Lorshag (27), Nuno Santos (20), Holmén (10), Giordano (14)

Top 5 Academy players in Europe

Over 70 Academy products have left the club since the start of the save, most of them because they weren’t good enough, but some of them left simply because they were too good! Here we take a closer look at the very best of those players, making a name for themselves in various clubs around Europe.

  • Jonathan Antonsson – Leeds – Estimated value €29.5M

Jonathan Antonsson

Career at BP: Sold at the end of the 2017 season after only 1 game for the senior team
Sold to: Wolves for €375K in 2017/18
What has happened since then: Spent the first seasons on loan gaining experience. Since his return to Wolves in 2021 he got more and more game time and at the age of 25 he had become a key player for the first team, with over 200 games in the Championship. He impressed enough to secure a €20M move to Premier League team Leeds in 2026/27,  where he has played 56 games so far. He has also played 35 caps for Sweden.

  • Ludvig Johansson – Bordeaux – 26 years old – Estimated value €59M

Ludvig Johansson

Career at BP: Came through our 2017 youth intake, looking like a future BP legend! Played 26 games for the club over two seasons before the board sold him behind my back.
Sold to: Monaco for €1.4M in 2018/19.
What has happened since then: Struggled at Monaco, never really impressed enough to become a first team player. Went out on loan to Premier League side Crystal Palace, where he impressed enough to secure a permanent move to Ligue 1 team Bordeaux for €3.8M in 2024. Has played close to 150 games for Bordeaux up to this point.

  • Lorenzo Venturini – PSG – 27 years old – Estimated value €76M

Lorenzo Venturini

Career at BP: Came in as a 19 year old free agent in 2019 after a great U20s World Cup performance for Italy, earning him a spot in the Team of the Tournament. Played 36 games for us over two seasons with an average rating of 7.38, scoring 8 goals.
Sold to: Juventus for €5.5M in 2020
What has happened since then: Played 14 games for the Juventus first team, before going out on loan to Serie B side Palermo followed by a two year loan at Mexican side (!) Santos Laguna, where he became a key player. Since returning to Juventus in 2024 he has played 150 games in the Serie A, before joining PSG in 2027 for €51M. Has played 35 caps for Italy so far.

  • Lewis Park – Juventus – 24 years old – Estimated value €47.5M

Lewis Park

Career at BP: Came in for free from Australian Academy FFA in 2021. Played 21 games for the club before being sold to Genk at the end of the season.
Sold to: Belgian side Genk for €5.75M in 2022, against my will!
What has happened since then: Became an important player for the Belgian side straight away, playing regularly from the start, totalling 90 games for them, before moving to Juventus in 2024 in a €20.5M deal, becoming team mate with Venturini! He has played just above 100 games for Juventus since the move. Stands at an impressive 68 caps for Australia at the age of 24, naturally regarded as their most important player.

  • Ali Kemal Yazici – Wolfsburg – 24 years old – Estimated value €65M

Ali Kemal Yazici

Career at BP: He came in as one of four great prospects (Magrão being on of them) in the summer of 2022 from German Third division team München Lions. He was amazing for us in a season and a half, scoring 30 goals in 40 games, before the board sold him off.
Sold to: German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg for €4.1M in 2023, against my will!
What has happened since then: Has played regularly for Bundesliga side Wolfsburg since his awful departure, with 170 games to his name. He is currently regarded as one of their key players. He has played 6 caps for Germany so far.

The next episode

In the next episode we will see how the team does in the 2028 season. Will we win the league again? How many of the Academy talents make their way into the first team? Will we ever start a game with only Academy products on the pitch? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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