The Bromma Boys #25 | 2027 Season Summary | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the 25th episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna, and I must say that I’m still really loving both the save and this blog series. If you missed last seasons’ updates, do go back and read them through the links below.

This episode covers the entire 2027 season. In last season we were outstanding both domestically as well as in the Champions League group stage. We won our fifth consecutive Allsvenskan title and managed to secure a spot in this year’s Champions League knockout stage.

The last post focused on a five-year plan for how we want to move forward. You can read about that here: Five Year Plan. Hopefully this is the season where we start to take the first steps from domestic to European domination by getting past the first knockout stage in the Champions League.

The Bromma Boys #25 | 2027 Season Summary | An FM18 Story

Transfers out

Transfers ut.png

BP transfers out

This season the transfer activity was on a completely different level than before! Regular first team players like Sanou, Kresojevic, Boden, Eike, Berglund and Fröhling left together with underwhelming prospects like Mathias, Vandenbuicke and Espinosa. I had high hopes for these three, but they just didn’t impress me enough to stay at the club. We tried to get at least the Swedish players to sign for Swedish clubs, but they just weren’t interested in joining them. So much for my efforts of building a nation…

Transfers in

Transfers in.png

BP transfers in

With quite a lot of money coming in I decided to go a little wild. Biggest signings were young Italian Amendola from Sassuolo together with unhappy Barcelona duo Aparicio and Falcon. We also brought in veteran defender and former BP Academy player Ludwig Augustinsson to secure game time for him with the upcoming European Championship in mind.

  • Alessandro Amendola – Italy – 23yo – AMC

IN Amendola.png

From: Italian Serie A team Sassuolo for €30M
Comment: By far our biggest signing ever. A complete midfielder with an amazing BP Style Rating of 65.33, making him our best player on paper by a mile! Our expectations are sky high!

  • Ludwig Augustinsson – Sweden – 33yo – DL


From: German Bundesliga team RBL for €135K
Comment: He comes in basically for free but demands quite a hefty salary. I signed him for two reasons; firstly I sold off pretty much every other LB we had and secondly he is still Sweden’s best LB at age 33 but he wasn’t getting any game time at RBL. I brought him home to help his parent club and to give me the chance keep him in form for the upcoming World Cup! Everyone wins!

  • José Antonio Aparicio – Spain – 22yo – STC

IN Aparicio.png

From: Spanish La Liga team Barcelona for €19.5M
Comment: A product of La Masia who hadn’t played a game for Barcelona since 2025. Spent the last two seasons on loan at Villareal and demanded a move away from the club. He looks like a great striker option for us and might be used as a tutor in the long run as well!

Champions League 2026/27 – Knockout stage

Champions league

CL slutspel.png

Quite disappointing actually. Even though AC Milan is a (at least former) European giant I really thought that we had the chance to beat them or at least be a little closer. They were the better team both home and away and our hopes of a great cup run came to a swift end.

Swedish Cup – Group stage


Cup matcher

Business as usual. We steamrolled our lower league opponents. 1st in our group by quite the margin and off to another knockout stage.

Cup grupp.png

Swedish Cup group stage

Swedish Cup – Knockout stage

Cup slutspel.png
Another cup title! It’s been quite a while since the last one. We’ve been struggling in the knockout stage in the last couple of seasons, but this year it was a completely different story. After beating Elfsborg in a pretty tight quarter-final we were clearly the better team both in the semi-final and the final against Norrköping.



Allsvenskan matcher

Allsvenskan 2027 league form

An early loss to Gefle spoiled our chances of a season as invincibles, but there is no doubt at all that we’re the best team in Sweden. We win our sixth straight Allsvenskan title in glorious style. On average we scored over 3 goals per game and conceded close to 0.5. We won the league with an insane 32 point margin even though we rotated the squad quite heavily throughout the season.

Allsvenskan tabell

Brommapojkarna storm the league

Champions League – Group stage

Champions league

CL grupp

Champions League group stage results

We got the easiest group on paper, but didn’t look as convincing as we’ve done in the last couple of seasons. We needed a few results to go our way in order to finish first in the group with a low 11 points ahead of Real Sociedad. Hopefully the fact that we’ve looked anything but great in the group stage means that we’ll win the whole thing in the end, in contrast to recent years where we’ve smashed our group stage opposition just to lose straight away in the first knockout round!?

CL grupp tabell

CL group stage table

End of season

End of season Squad

BP squad stats

Brazilian forwards Murilo Barroso and Edmilson really impressed with over 20 goals each. However, it was Tobias Jönsson who regained the Fans’ Player of the Season Award after Magrão winning it last year. The squad is quite young as usual, with Lorshag as the only player aged over 24 with any serious game-time.

End of season


I feel that we have reached a new plateau phase in our development as a team and club. We have established ourselves as the best Swedish team by a mile with a sixth consecutive league title and we’re good enough to get through a Champions League group, but apparently we’re nowhere near good enough to reach the later stages.

The most troubling thing is that I’m not sure why. Is it simply because our players aren’t good enough? Are they still too young and need more experience to be competitive? Do we need to develop a new tactic for European games? I need to give this a long hard thought and hope that we can overcome this hurdle.

It would be absolutely awful if the fact is that we’ve simply maxed out our potential and this is just how far we can push it. I refuse to believe that and I won’t rest until we’re a force to be reckoned with on the European stage as well!

The next episode

In the next episode we will take an in-depth look at what’s been cooking in the Academy, aka the Talent Factory, during 2027. The talent pool is steadily growing, but are there any real superstars in the making? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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