The Bromma Boys #24 | Ten years in – Time for another five-year plan and a nice surprise! | An FM18 Story

Welcome to yet another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen the Season Summary as well as the Academy Report for the 2026 season, which actually ends our tenth year of the series! Before going into our eleventh season we’ll briefly pause with a look back at these ten years in general and look at the five year plan we made after the 2021 season in particular.

The Bromma Boys|Bonus episode: A five-year plan

Ten seasons have passed since I started the FM18 save with Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna and also decided to try blogging about a save for the very first time. I don’t think I’ve ever kept a save going for this long before, but I must say that I’m still enjoying it massively, both the playing and the writing! Hopefully you have enjoyed reading this as well!

This “bonus post” will mainly look at how well we managed to reach our goals of our five-year plan which we set up in 2021. We will also look five seasons ahead with a new plan and end the episode with a nice surprise, as promised in the title.

At the end of the 2021 season we made a plan for the 2022-26 seasons with five goals to reach:

Goal number 1: Qualify for Champions League EVERY YEAR. “This would really put us in the driver’s seat in Swedish football”

Result: Achieved!


BP Allsvenskan form

We really achieved this, since we won Allsvenskan every season in a steadily increasing dominant fashion. We struggled in the Champions League group stage in the first couple of seasons, but in the last two, we have managed to get through the group stage into the Knockout rounds. In early 2027 we’ll face AC Milan with a chancing of earning our very first quarter final spot!


Goal number 2: Only sign players aged 21 or younger. “I will only accept three exceptions to this rule: former BP players, Swedish Internationals and tutors”

Result: Achieved! Sort of…
I’ve stayed true to this strategy and I’ve even gone younger in my signings in the last couple of seasons. I’ve also temporarily brought in a couple of tutors with decent results. Former BP Icons Albin Ekdal and John Guidetti came in and made an impact primarily off the pitch. I made exceptions to this rule during one season, signing Aaron Ramsey and Riyad Mahrez, which didn’t pay off at all. They didn’t manage to become starters and just kept complaining about lacking first team football. Not at all worth their high wages.

Goal number 3: Financial stability. “At the end of 2026 we must have at least €50M in the bank”

Result: Achieved!


BP finances over the last five years

This is basically all down to the fact that we’ve been selling a lot of Academy products, both players not good enough for us and players too good for us. Even though I really would have liked to keep the later ones, this new state of financial stability gives us the opportunity to truly progress in the future.

Goal number 4: Make EVERY Academy player a professional footballer. “I will try to get EVERY player that enters the Academy a professional contract before they turn 22”

Result: Achieved! Sort of…
From 2022 through the 2026 season 61 Academy products left the club, either through transfers or contract terminations. Going through the list of players in the end of 2026 you can see that most of them actually play professional football. Not ALL of them which was the goal, but I’m still satisfied with the number.

57 players playing professional football in:

Swedish Allsvenskan (1st tier): 18 players
Swedish Superettan (2nd tier): 7 players

Norwegian Tippeligan (1st tier): 2 players

Finnish Premier League (1st tier): 1 player

Icelandic Premier Division (1st tier): 1 player

English Premier League (1st tier): 3 players
English Championship (2nd tier): 3 players
English League One (3rd tier): 2 players

Italian Serie A (1st tier): 2 players

Dutch Eredivisie (1st tier): 3 players

German Bundesliga (1st tier): 4 players
German Second Division (2nd tier): 1 players

French Ligue 2 (2nd tier): 1 players

Portuguese Premier Division (1st tier): 2 players
Portuguese Second Division (2nd tier): 1 player

Turkish Super League (1st tier): 4 players

Argentinian Premier Division (1st tier): 1 player

Belgian Pro League A (1st tier): 1 player

4 players playing non-professional football:

Swedish First Division (3rd tier): 1 player
Swedish Second Division (4th tier): 3 players

Get a player with a BP Style rating of 60 or above “with an average of 15 in all twelve attributes counted towards the BP Style Rating”

Result: Failed!


Magrao fell just short of the magical BP style rating of 60

Even though he’s an amazing player, Brazilian star Magrão just falls short of the goal. His BP Style Rating of 57.33 is the highest in the club, but his poor Off the ball and Teamwork makes him less of the ideal BP player. Still currently the best of the bunch though!

Club Legends


BP legends

Since 2021 late captain Pontus Segerström and former superstar Anders Limpar have been joined by manager Mikael Bergström and Brazilian fan favourite Lucas Crispim as true club legends. New Icons joining Albin Ekdal and John Guidetti on the list are former players Joachim Edvardsen and Kevin Kabran and current superstar Magrão. New Favoured personnel are current players Tobias Jönsson and Gustav Lorshag.

A nice surprise – I’m the new Sweden manager!

After 10 years as the Sweden manager Janne Andersson resigned when Sweden got knocked out of the 2026 World Cup 2nd round against Germany on penalties. I applied for the job and got it, becoming Sweden manager in a bright time for the Swedish national team.

Sweden is currently ranked 8th in the World, which would be unthinkable only a few years earlier, when we were consistently around 40th place. We have somewhat of a golden generation by Swedish standards, with the players that came second in the U19 European Championship in 2020 and third in the 2021 U20 World Cup now reaching their prime.

The brightest star by far is now 27 year old striker Alexander Isak, playing for Stoke since 2023. There is also quite a few exciting youngsters coming through, primarily from our Academy, like midfield wonderkid Erik Peterson.

In a year our Brazilian star Magrão has spent five consecutive years in Sweden, which means he would be eligible for the national team, since he hasn’t represented Brazil yet. He has been rumoured for a spot in the last couple of squads but he is yet to be picked by the Brazil manager. I cross my fingers but I realize that it’s probably a pipe dream seeing him in the Sweden kit in the future.

Either way I will aim high with this team and hopefully we’ll be as successful as the team, including BP legend Anders Limpar, that won the bronze in the 1994 World Cup in USA.

The next five years – It’s time for a new plan!

We were quite successful in reaching 4 of the 5 goals we set for ourselves at the end of the 2021 season. I will make a new plan for the coming five years, where we’ll aim even higher.

  1. Win Allsvenskan every year
  2. Go unbeaten for an entire season in Allsvenskan
  3. Reach the Champions League semi final
  4. Expand our stadium to at least a 30000 capacity.
  5. Win at least a bronze medal with Sweden in the 2028 European Championship or 2030 World Cup

I know that these aims, besides the first one, are set really high, but I need well-defined goals to work against in order to not settle as simply the best team ever on home turf. I wanna keep climbing towards the top, with both my club and Sweden! Hopefully The Academy will continue to bring some great players in coming years, helping me reach these goals!

The next episode

I hope you enjoyed this little bonus episode. In the next episode we will take a look at the 2027 season, where we’ll hopefully win our sixth Allsvenskan title and progress past the 1st knockout round of the Champions League!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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