The Bromma Boys #23 | 2026 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen how BP performed in the 2026 season, so let’s now take a look at our Academy players and how they have progressed in the 2026 season. If you missed the previous post about our academy players, go back and check it out here.

The Bromma Boys | 2026 Academy Report


Our academy players | Plenty of potential!

Above you now only see the players aged 19 or younger that are a part of the Academy. Previously I’ve covered them all in these Academy Reports. I won’t be doing that anymore since it wasn’t a fun read, just a nearly never-ending list of names. This year’s Academy Report covers the following:

  1. New players – Players that came through our intake or were signed to the club at age 17 or younger this season
  2. Graduation class – Players that turned 19 years old during the year and therefore will leave the Academy. Who will be promoted to the first team and who will be sold?
  3. What about GrassNGear? – The yearly check-up on our GrassNGear named newgens

But before we get into the progress of the Academy youngsters, lets take a look at the results of the Youth Champions League knockout stage. We won our group in style last season and went into the knockout stage with high hopes.

Youth Champions League 2025/26 – Knockout stage

YCL slutspel

We started by beating tough opponents Atletico Madrid before being handed an easy quarter-final draw in Russian team Zenit. We beat them 9-1(!) away from home after 5 goals from striker Samuel Espinosa.

We were again handed a fairly easy semi-final draw in Celtic who we beat 3-0 in front of an excited crowd of 11 people. We were then up against the final hurdle, Real Madrid who knocked us out last year.

After a really tough and close final game we managed to come out on top after a penalty shootout where they missed three of their first four penalties. This means that we have the best U19s team in Europe, what an achievement by our Academy. I’m absolutely delighted by this title, even though the main goal of the Academy is to develop individual players for the first team, not to win titles.

YCL vinnare 2526

BP academy win the 2025/26 U19 Champions League!

Youth Champions League 2026/27 – Group stage

YCL grupp

2026/27 U19 CL group stage

We really stuck to our winning ways in the 2026/27 group stage, where we destroyed top Academies from France, Spain and Denmark. We look even better this year, and I really hope that we’ll be able to defend our Youth Champions League title in next year’s knockout stage.

YCL grupp tabell2

New players in


New players to the BP academy

This year we didn’t see that many players come into the Academy. Two players, Carlsson and Johansson came through our youth intake, where at least Johansson looks like a potential superstar. Besides them, we mainly focused on finding and bringing in quality players aged 16, which finally meant that we only brought in two new 16-year-olds. We also brought in three Brazilian youngsters, arriving on their 18th birthdays, who all look pretty close to earning first team spots already!

  • Max Tiefenbrunner – Germany- 16yo – AML
Tiefenbrunner 26

Max Tiefenbrunner

From: German Second division club Frankfurt (€2M)
Comment: A really young winger with nice speed and Technique. He will need to improve his passing game as well as build some muscle in order to gain a first team spot in coming years.
BP Style Rating: 41.33 (Skill 10.67|Perception 8.33|Movement 12.33|Character 10.00)
Prediction: At the tender age of 16 naturally he is quite far away from the first team squad. Will need to improve his attacking skills to become a first team player for us.

  • Gabriel Carlsson – Sweden – 16yo – MR
Carlsson 26

Gabriel Carlsson

From: Youth intake
Comment: Meh, he’s fast but that’s basically it.
BP Style Rating: 39.67 (Skill 9.00|Perception 7.00|Movement 12.67|Character 11.00)
Prediction: Needs to improve everything in coming years, but with a 5 star potential he certainly has the chance to do it!?

  • Mathias Johansson – Sweden – 17yo – MC
Johansson 26

Mathias Johansson

From: Youth intake
Comment: Wow! This is amazing! For the third year in a row we are gifted with a great central midfielder through our youth intake. Mathias Johansson displays some nice physical attributes coupled with an amazing First touch and nice Passing and Technique!
BP Style Rating: 56.00 (Skill 15.33|Perception 13.33|Movement 13.67|Character 13.67)
Prediction: With a BPS Rating pretty close to 60 at the age of 16 I’m certain that he’ll turn into an excellent player for us, and most likely for Sweden as well.

  • Antoine Buteau – France – 17yo – AMC
Buteau 26

Antoine Buteau

From: French Ligue 1 club Lille (€2M)
Comment: Excellent physicals coupled with nice Technique and Flair. His Perception needs a lot of work though for him to be able to use his Technique properly.
BP Style Rating: 49.33 (Skill 13.33|Perception 8.67|Movement 14.00|Character 13.33)
Prediction: Nice Technique coupled with a Spirited personality and a 5 star potential makes this 17-year-old (came in at 16) a really interesting midfield prospect. If he’ll develop according to his potential he’ll certainly become a player for the first team!

  • Marcos Paulo – Brazil – 18yo – DC
Marcos Paulo 26

Marcos Paulo

From: Brazilian First division club Botafogo(€40K)
Comment: Came in as a real bargain with nice physical attributes, nice height for a central defender and with a Professional personality. Needs to work on his technical attributes, both defensively and offensively.
BP Style Rating: 42.67 (Skill 9.67|Perception 9.00|Movement 12.33|Character 11.67)
Prediction: As the competition is weakest in the back he’ll probably get a couple of games as a backup option straight away. If he keeps progressing he has the potential of becoming a starter for us.

  • Jackson – Brazil – 18yo – DR


From: Brazilian First division club Vitoria (€1.3M)
Comment: Having already proven himself in over 60 games in the Brazilian first division he has impressed primarily as an offensive wing back. His defensive skills need a bit of work and his Heading could use some improvement.
BP Style Rating: 46.67 (Skill 11.67|Perception 11.00|Movement 13.33|Character 10.67)
Prediction: The competition is fierce in the RB position, but I might give him a couple of chances as a back-up player and/or off the bench. Has the potential to play for us regularly.

  • Vítor Farah – Brazil – 18yo – MC
Farah 26

Vitor Farah

From: Brazilian First division club Flamengo (€2.8M)
Comment: Even though the fact that he hasn’t really impressed in the occasional games he’s played over the three years at Flamengo he looks great on paper. He displays an amazing offensive ability, but could toughen up a bit.
BP Style Rating: 52.67 (Skill 15.33|Perception 11.00|Movement 12.33|Character 14.00)
Prediction: The true gem in our Brazilian necklace. With a 5 star potential, a Professional personality and an amazing arsenal of offensive weapons I really hope that he’ll become an important player for us sooner than later. However, he is fighting for a spot in central midfield where we already have a lot of great players, so he really needs to keep progressing!

Academy graduation  – “Class of 26”


Academy graduates

With 9 players graduating this is one of the biggest graduating classes so far. Murilo Barroso is the standout player of the bunch, but pretty much all of them will be promoted to the first team with a chance to make a real mark in 2027.

  • Alex Holmén – Sweden – 19yo – Gk
GIF Holmen.gif

Alex Holmen

From: Youth intake 2024
Initial comment and prediction: A fantastic determination coupled with a 4-5 star potential and nice attributes makes him our most exciting goalkeeper prospect yet!
Certainly has the potential to become our no1 keeper in a not too distant future”
Result: Really impressed in nearly 100 games for the U19s and U21s between the years 2024-26. He also made three appearances for the first team.
Development: Decent. +1s or +2s in most attributes, +3s in One on Ones, Throwing and Jumping Reach and a nice +6 increase in Strength.
Verdict: Since we’ve sold most goalkeepers due to the fact that we’re yet to be really impressed by a goalkeeper coming through the Academy he will be promoted to the first team squad. However, he will need to improve a lot in order to take the no1 spot away from Pintos.

  • Per Lindh – Sweden – 19yo – DL
GIF Lindh.gif

Per Lindh

From: Youth intake 2024
Initial comment and prediction: A small and quick left back, that is seriously lacking in many technical attributes. “Will need to build on his quickness and improve his technical abilities quite a lot in order to make it at BP”
Result: Just like Holmén, he really impressed with an average rating of 7.89 in close to100 games for the U19s and U21s between the years 2024-26. He also made four appearances for the first team.
Development: Ok. Mostly +1s and +2s with a single +3 in Balance and a +4 in Strength. He also grew 1cm and managed to gain 5kgs.
BP Style Rating: 48.67 (Up 5.00) (Skill 11.33|Perception 12.00|Movement 13.00 |Character 12.33)
Verdict: In all honesty he is not looking brilliant. However, we only have one LB in the first team, which means that he will be promoted to the first team squad as a back-up option. He’ll most likely be out the door once we find someone better, though.

  • Christoph Höfler – Germany – 19yo – DC
GIF Höfler.gif

Christoph Hofler

From: German Premier Division club BMG (€350K) in 2025
Initial comment and prediction: A defensively strong central defender. Will need to work on his technical ability. “Strong and fast with nice defensive stats. If he continues to progress nicely he may not be too far away from first team football”
Result: Played 9 games for the first team in 2025 and 2026 with a nice average rating of 7.34.
Development: Sadly not that good. Some +1s here and there, but also a couple of -1s. The only attribute that really saw a great deal of improvement was his Determination that increased by +6. He also underwent a personality change from Fairly Professional to Driven.
BP Style Rating: 47.00 (Up 2.00) (Skill 8.67|Perception 11.33|Movement 14.33|Character 12.67)
Verdict: The verdict is the same as for Lindh above. Due to a lack of central defenders he will be promoted to the first team squad as a back-up option. He’ll most likely be out the door once we find someone better, though.

  • Xabier Gonzalez – Spain – 19yo – MC
GIF Gonzalez.gif

Xabier Gonzalez

From: Spanish La Liga club Real Sociedad (€4.4M) in 2024
Initial comment and prediction: Another expensive signing. Looks amazing technically and offensively, but lacks a bit in the mental department. My plan to tutor away his low Determination and Temperamental personality has not yet worked, since Xabier has refused every attempt at pairing him with a tutor. Quite worrying! “Looks amazing, but I’m afraid that he won’t reach his potential due to his low Determination and Temperamental personality. He might in fact cause trouble over time if we won’t manage to calm him down…”
Result: Came in as a back-up towards the end of the 2025 season and became a regular starter in 2026, scoring 8 goals in 26 games from a central midfield position. He has also earned 4 U21 caps for Spain so far.
Development: Not great, mostly +1s and +2s. Not a single +3 or better. Even though he has refused every attempt at tutoring him he has seen a personality change from Temperamental to Balanced.
BP Style Rating: 50.67 (Up 2.00) (Skill 14.67|Perception 14.33|Movement 11.67 |Character 10.00)
Verdict: Being one of our most expensive Academy signings so far he hasn’t really lived up to our high expectations. We are not ready to part with him yet though, since he put in a lot of decent performances during the 2026 season. He will be promoted to the first team.

  • Leandro Mathias – Brazil – 19yo – MC
GIF Mathias.gif

Leandro Mathias

From: Brazilian First Division club Corinthians (€3M) in 2025
Initial comment and prediction: The diamond among other gems in this season’s new Academy players! A fantastic midfielder with a glorious touch and nice passing game. Both strong and quick! Lacking a bit defensively. I couldn’t guarantee him the game time needed for his development this season, so he spent the season on loan at German First Division team Hamburg, where he made 22 appearances. 9 U20 caps for Brazil (1 goal).
“With Wonderkid status the only way for him is up. Will surely find a way into our first team, perhaps as soon as this coming season”
Result: Made 22 appearances on loan at Bundesliga team Hamburg in 2025 before returning to the team mid-season 2026. He made 9 starts for us but struggled to impress.
Development: Sadly pretty much none. A handful of +1s, but also a couple of -1s.
BP Style Rating: 55.00 (Up 2.67) (Skill 15.00|Perception 13.00|Movement 14.33 |Character 12.67)
Verdict: Even though competition is fierce at central midfield he will be promoted to the first team. Chances are that he’ll be a back-up option or even go out on another loan deal in 2027.

  • Pål Kristian Bakke – Norway – 17yo – DC
GIF Bakke.gif

Pal Kristian Bakke

From: Norwegian Premier Division club Kristiansund (€400K) in 2025
Initial comment and prediction: A central defender with mostly defensive strengths. Spent part of this season on loan at Allsvenskan team Örebro, playing 8 games with an average rating of 6.71. 5 U21 caps for Norway.
“Already U21 caps and Norwegian Premier Division experience at the age of 17 is impressive. However, he will need to improve his technical skills in order to become a first team player for us”
Result: Went on another loan in 2026, this time playing 27 games for Allsvenskan side IFK Göteborg with an unconvincing 6.82 average rating.
Development: Decent. He basically improved nearly every attribute by +1, with +2s in Composure, Flair and Balance and a +3 in Strength.
BP Style Rating: 44.00 (Up 4.00) (Skill 10.67|Perception 12.33|Movement 12.67 |Character 8.33)
Verdict: On paper he looks solid defensively, but he has yet to impress on the field.  He will be promoted to the first team, but I will loan him out with hopes that he’ll finally make his mark playing first team football.

  • Murilo Barroso – Brazil – 18yo – STC
GIF Barroso.gif

Murilo Barroso

From: Brazilian First Division club Goias (€2.1M) in 2025
Comment: Brought in for quite a hefty fee on his 18th birthday, having already played over 30 games in the Brazilian first and second divisions. He’s looking like a real poacher up front. Quick with nice Finishing and Composure. Lacking a bit of work rate and passing though. Made his first team debut during the season, ended up playing 11 games with an impressive 8 goals and 6 assists! 4 U20 caps (3 goals) for Brazil so far.
“Impressive performances so far. If he’ll progress nicely and strengthen his weaknesses next year I think he can become a star! With a Driven personality he’ll make sure to give himself the chance. Will be getting his fair share of first team starts in 2026”
Result: Scored 12 goals and assisted to 11 in 29 appearances for the first team in 2026, really establishing himself as an offensive force to be reckoned with.
Development: Decent. Mostly +1s with +2s in Vision and Strength.
BP Style Rating: 54.67 (Up 2.33) (Skill 13.00|Perception 12.33|Movement 15.67 |Character 13.67)
Prediction: Without a doubt he will be promoted to the first team. I have high hopes for him, hopefully he’ll lead our offensive line for many years to come!

  • Kjetil Richardsen – Norway – 19yo – AMC
GIF Richardsen.gif

Kjetil Richardsen

From: Norwegian Premier Division team Rosenborg (€775K) in 2024
Initial comment and prediction: A really good attacking player that might struggle a bit because of his height (8 cms shorter than Messi, for example). Hopefully his nice Determination and Resolute personality will make him fulfil his 3.5-4.5 star potential. “With a great BP Style Rating he’s more than halfway on his way to becoming a player for our first team. If he keeps progressing he might make it there rather soon!”
Result: Spent the 2026 season on loan at Scottish Premiership side St. Johnstone where he managed 5 goals and 9 assists in 36 games. 17 U21 caps for Norway so far.
Development: Meh. +1s in less than half of the attributes with +2s in Vision and Stamina.
BP Style Rating: 52.67 (Up 2.00) (Skill 14.67|Perception 12.67|Movement 11.67 |Character 13.67)
Verdict: I don’t think that he’s done enough to secure a first team spot. Therefore I will sell him to the highest bidder.

  • Nuno Santos – Portugal – 19yo – AMC
GIF Santos.gif

Nuno Santos

From: Portuguese Premier Division team Vitoria Guimarães (€775K) in 2024
Initial comment and prediction: Another nice offensive player with strengths in the physical department.
Will need to improve his Perception, but certainly has the potential to become great!”
Result: Impressed in 2026 with 12 goals and 19 assists for the U19s/U21s and 4 goals and 9 assists for the first team in 14 games. 10 U21 caps for Portugal so far.
Development: Decent. Mostly +1s with +2s in Decisions, Jumping Reach and Strength.
BP Style Rating: 50.00 (Up 3.00) (Skill 14.67|Perception 10.67|Movement 11.67 |Character 13.00)
Prediction: He impressed on the field, but perhaps his development stat-wise is somewhat of a disappointment. Either way, he’ll get the chance in the first team in 2027, being able to play both in the midfield as well as upfront.

Players out

What about GrassNGear?

Last year we saw Gear earning a first team contract, while decisions were made that Grass was leaving the club. So, what happened during 2026. Has Grass made us regret the decision to let him go? Has Gear established himself as our no1 goalkeeper?


Carl Bergqvist AKA Grass

Grass spent the 2026 season on loan at Allsvenskan club Helsingborg where he impressed with 15 goals in 24 games. He attracted the attention of fellow Allsvenskan team Sundsvall, who paid €800K to sign him on a permanent deal. Hopefully he’ll get the recognition he deserves at his new club. He’s not a bad player at all, he just fell victim of a fierce competition for the attacking spots at BP.


Hampus Erlandsson AKA Gear

Gear saw significantly less game time after the signing of undisputed no1 Pintos. He only played 6 games before going away on loan as youngster Holmén started rising up the ranks. He is currently on loan at Scottish Premiership side Partick Thistle where he seems to be doing ok, with an average rating of 6.87 in 8 games so far. He will need to step up his game in 2027 in order to stay at BP. Pintos is by far our best keeper, so Gear will need to fight young Holmén for the no2 spot.


Giving an exceptionally large amount of Academy players the chance in the 2027 first team I really must say that the future is looking bright. With the Academy still brimming with talent I hope that we’ll keep improving as the years go by.

The next episode

In the next episode we will look back at the last five years and make a new five year plan in an all new bonus episode! After establishing ourselves as domestic powerhouses during the last five years, how high can we aim in the coming five?

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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