The Bromma Boys #20 | 2025 Season Summary | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the twentieth episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna, and I must say that I’m really loving both the save and this blog series. If you missed last seasons’ updates, do go back and read them through the links below.

This episode covers the entire 2025 season. In last season we won our third straight league title but struggled in Europe. We finished last in our Champions League group which quite disappointingly ended our cup run early.

However, with our domestic dominance slowly but steadily increasing I will be changing focus slightly on the series, or rather adding another focus; I will attempt to incorporate a “Building a nation” approach to the series, which basically means that I’ll try to strengthen the Swedish Premier Division Allsvenskan and the teams in it. I believe that stronger teams will lead to a stronger league, which in the long run will help us get better as well. So, how will I do that?

  1. Sell to Allsvenskan clubs – When selling players I will try to get the player to move to a Swedish side if possible, trying to strengthen them both in the short and long term. Of course, if a European club comes in with a much better offer than their Swedish counterpart, then I’ll choose the better deal.
  2. Sign Swedish talent – I will try to get as many Swedish talents into the Academy as possible. Not primarily for all of them to play in our first team, which will never happen. The level of players coming into our first team now is so high that it will take an extraordinary Swedish talent to make it through. Instead, I’ll sign them in order to offer them the best possible Swedish footballing education there is – the BP Academy – to then move them along to other Swedish teams. I’m calling it the “National Development Program”
  3. Manage the national team – The current Swedish manager Janne Andersson has held the position since 2016. When he retires/resigns/gets sacked I’ll apply for the position to see how far we can take our “National Development Program”. Can we turn Sweden into an international superpower!?

Well, that’s that. Now, back to the current season.

The Bromma Boys | Episode 20 – 2025 Summary

Transfers out

Transfers ut.png

Transfers out before the start of the 2025 season

Mostly young prospects that didn’t really make the cut for us. Hopefully they’ll blossom at their new clubs since we always include 50% sell-on clauses when selling youngsters. However we also sold some players that played for the first team last season.

UT Cajtoft.png

Anton Cajtoft to Cardiff

Well, our best goalkeeper, but he wasn’t getting any younger and wanted quite a hefty wage to sign a new contract. I wasn’t ready to meet his demands so he moved to Cardiff on a free transfer. This will give our younger keepers their chance to shine!

UT Linderoth.png

Jörgen Linderoth to IFK Göteborg

Linderoth is a really nice player, but in all honesty he isn’t good enough to start for us. At the age of 25, I felt that I owed him the chance to play first team football every week. When IFK Göteborg came in with a bid of over €3M I saw the opportunity to help both Linderoth and IFK Göteborg.

UT Awuah.png

Mohammed Awuah to IFK Göteborg

We also sold Mohammed Awuah to IFK Göteborg, with the exact same reasoning as above. He wanted more game-time than we could give him so we sold him off to Göteborg to help both him and them.

Transfers in

Transfers in.png

Transfers in before the start of the 2025 season

Five signings, all of them Academy signings aged 17 years old or younger. Belgian defender Vandenbuicke was quite expensive and therefore comes in with high expectations. All of them will be presented in the coming Academy Report.

Swedish Cup – Group stage


Cup matcher

2025 Swedish Cup group stage games

We easily beat 2nd tier teams GAIS and Ängelholm but struggled to draw against Allsvenskan side Gefle. Fortunately this was enough for us to win the group for a place in the quarter-final.

Cup grupp

2025 Swedish Cup group stage table

Swedish Cup – Quarter-final

Cup kvart.png

2025 Swedish Cup quarter-final

We’ve been struggling a bit against Sundsvall in recent games, but that certainly wasn’t the case in this game. We absolutely hammered them, only allowing them one shot on goal.

Swedish Cup – Semi-final

Cup semi.png

2025 Swedish Cup semi-final

We were the better team in the semi-final as well, but it was Elfsborg that scored the first goal after a corner. We equalised, but didn’t come closer than two shots in the post to winning it. Despite getting midfielder Kresojevic sent off early in extra time we dominated but didn’t manage to score the winner. Unfortunately, we lost the subsequent penalty shootout. Disappointing.

Allsvenskan – Expectations



Media expectations

The media singled out four teams to fight for the title, unsurprisingly it’s the four teams that’s been fighting it out every year in the last five.

We are predicted to win it and I would be terribly disappointed if we didn’t, especially considering how easily we won it last season.

Allsvenskan – first half

14 matcher

2025 Allsvenskan first half games

After an unconvincing start we quickly picked up speed and won every single game but one in quite convincing fashion. We lost away to Malmö in a strange game where they scored on one of their two shots on goal, while we had two shots in the crossbar and one in the post, but didn’t manage to score. I’m having a hard time seeing any team put up a real challenge against us, and I think that we might be cruising towards our fourth straight league win.

14 tabell

2025 Allsvenskan first half table

Summer transfers in

IN Guidetti.png

John Guidetti | FM18

After being released after 6 seasons in the Premier League for Newcastle, BP icon John Guidetti signs a two year contract for the club. He is still a really good player (BP Style Rating 53.67) at the age of 33 and with 72 caps for Sweden, many years playing abroad and a Spirited personality he will be very important to our younger players.

IN Pintos.png

Matias Pintos | FM18

We were presented with this guy by our scouts, 19 year old Matias Pinto. A fantastic goalkeeper who has already played 10 international games for Uruguay. There’s only one minor issue. He can’t jump. You say what? Yes, it’s true. He can’t jump to save his own life. I feel that this would probably be a major thing for a goalie, but I’m hoping, praying and pretending that it’s only minor and that his other attributes will make up for his lack of Jumping Reach. Hopefully my coaches will be able to improve him a bit as well. All in all he is by far the best goalie to ever play for us.

Summer transfers out

Nothing much happening here. We sold decent Academy striker Fontas Bastis to Barnsley for €1M, that’s pretty much it.

Allsvenskan – second half

Slut matcher

2025 Allsvenskan second half games

We continued the smooth sailing towards our fourth straight league title and with five games left to play the title was ours! We gave a lot of youngsters much-needed game time in the final five games, which meant that results suffered a bit, but so what!

Slut tabell

2025 Allsvenskan final table

We end up winning it with an eleven point margin ahead of Hammarby, sending us straight into next season’s Champions League group stage, while Hammarby will get a chance in the qualification rounds.

Champions League 2025/26 – Group stage

Champions league

chl matcher

2025/26 Champions League group stage games

As a result of Allsvenskan’s improved coefficient our league win last season saw us qualify directly for the group stage. We faced a rather tough group with Manchester United, Sporting Lisbon and RBL. We started off with a fantastic win over Manchester United after a save from new keeper Pintos on a Dybala (BP Style Rating 65.33! Insane!) penalty.

We followed it up with a win over Sporting Lisbon before being absolutely smashed by Red Bull Leipzig in back-to-back games. Our poor form continued with a 2-6 loss away to Manchester United, which meant that we needed to win our final game against Sporting while ManU had to beat RBL for us to go through to the knock-out stage.

chl grupp

2025/26 Champions League group table

We managed to pull ourselves together and win over Sporting, which was just enough to secure the second place in the group which means qualification to the first knock-out round in the spring. We will face Arsenal and probably get smashed but I’m still absolutely thrilled!

ChL mot arsenal

2025/26 Champions League First knockout round draw

Facilities and finances


Stadium expansion plans for next year

The board quickly realised that we had already outgrown new Anders Limpar Arena at the time we moved in late 2024. Therefore this expansion is absolutely necessary. We are paying for it straight out of our pocket, which is nice, and during the year of the expansion construction work we will play our home games at 31200 capacity Tele2 Arena.

Finances 2025

Financial report at the end of 2025

Despite the 7M spent on the stadium expansion, the finances look healthy. We have €22M in the bank and our generous board is allowing us to spend every penny on transfers if we want. This won’t happen though, since one of the goals in our five-year plan was to have €50M in the bank at the end of next season.

End of season


2025 BP First team sorted by appearances

Young right back Ronny Boden had the most starts for us this season, while Gustav Lorshag regained his goal scoring form with 23 goals in 23 starts. Tobias Jönsson and Magrão, who came 1st and 2nd in the vote for the Fans’ Player of the Year Award were outstanding with average ratings of above 8.00!

As you can see above we have a really young team. Lorshag and Kresojevic were the only two players above the age of 22 getting any serious game time. This looks really promising for the future! Worth mentioning are also young Brazilians Edmilson (currently doing the Diego Costa thing turning Spanish) with 11 goals in 11 starts and Murilo Baroso with 8 goals in 9 starts.

End of season.png

2025 End of Season Awards


Our best season by far! We won our fourth league title and managed to upset the bigger European teams by progressing to the knockout stage of the Champions League. I am really looking forward to the next season, where we’ll hopefully see more Academy talents filling up the first team, making us more competitive in Europe!

The next episode

In the next episode we will take an in-depth look at what’s been cooking in the Academy, aka the Talent Factory, during 2026. The talent pool is steadily growing, but are there any real superstars in the making? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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