The Bromma Boys #17 | 2023 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen how BP performed in the 2023 season, so let’s now take a look at our Academy players and how they have progressed in the 2023 season. If you missed the previous post about our academy players, go back and check it out here.

The Bromma Boys | 2023 Academy Report

Previously I’ve covered every U21 player in these Academy Reports. I won’t be doing that anymore since it wasn’t a fun read, just a nearly never-ending list of names. Since last season our Academy Reports will cover the following:

  1. New players – Players that came through our intake or were signed to the club at age 19 or younger this season
  2. Hot prospects and rising stars – Players that have stood out during the season, either through excellent performances or a fantastic development
  3. Graduation class – Players that turned 21 years old during the year and therefore will leave the Academy. Who will be promoted to the first team and who will be sold?
  4. What about GrassNGear? – The yearly check-up on our GrassNGear named newgens
  5. Notable former Academy players – Academy Alumni now making their way towards the top of European football.

But before we get into any of that, let’s take a quick look at how we did in the 2022/23 U19 Youth Champions League:

YCL grupp

Under 19’s Champions League Group Stage

In a fantastic manner we managed to end up in second place in a very tough group, earning promotion to the knock-out stage next year. A real confirmation that we’re doing something right in the Academy!

New players in

New players.png
A lot of central midfielders and a lot of players with great potential. A nice youth intake saw us offer four players contracts to go into the Academy. It will be very exciting to follow this bunch!

  • Jesper Strömberg – Sweden – 16yo – DC
Y16 Strömberg 23

Jesper Stromberg

From: Youth intake
Comment: A decent hard-working tackler, but seriously lacking in the technical attributes.
BP Style Rating: 42.00 (Skill 9.33|Perception 7.67|Movement 11.67 |Character 13.33)
Prediction: Will need to improve both offensive and defensive skills in order to be considered for the first team squad in the long run.

  • Markus Olsson – Sweden – 17yo – MC
Y17 Olsson 23

Markus Olsson

Youth intake
Comment: A resolute midfielder with a nice passing game. Not the fastest playing around though.
BP Style Rating: 47.67 (Skill 13.67|Perception 11.33|Movement 9.00 |Character 13.67)
Prediction: Will need a lot of work on his physical attributes, but certainly has the potential to make it into our first team in a couple of seasons.

  • Tommy Lundh – Sweden – 17yo – MC
Y17 Lundh 23

Tommy Lundh

Youth intake
Comment: Another midfielder with a nice passing game. Decent speed, but lacks some toughness
BP Style Rating: 45.67 (Skill 13.00|Perception 10.67|Movement 11.67|Character 10.33)
Prediction: Will need a lot of work on both physical and mental attributes. I have the feeling that he will have a decent career, but will probably never be good enough for us.

  • Mohammed Neghiar – Sweden – 17yo – DC
Y17 Neghiar 23

Mohammed Neghiar

Youth intake
Comment: A central defender who doesn’t look too impressive actually. He’s tall, but that’s pretty much it.
BP Style Rating: 38.67 (Skill 8.33|Perception 10.33|Movement 11.33|Character 8.67)
Prediction: I have a hard time thinking that he’ll ever come even close to the first team, but I would love it if he proved me wrong!

  • Clément Gay – France – 17yo – MC
Y17 Gay 23

Clement Gay

French non-league side Cavigal (Free)
Comment: A decent hard-working midfielder. Lacking both technically and mentally.
BP Style Rating: 41.33 (Skill 11.33|Perception 8.00|Movement 10.33 | Character 11.67)
Prediction: Came in for a free, which means that the pressure is off. Probably won’t make it into our first team squad, but certainly has the potential to play professional football somewhere else.

  • Johan Humling – Sweden – 17yo – MC
Y17 Humling 23

Johan Humling

Swedish 2nd tier team Gefle (€500K)
Comment: A well-rounded midfielder with nice Passing skills. Lacking a bit of Character and could use some improvements defensively.
BP Style Rating: 46.00 (Skill 14.00|Perception 12.00|Movement 10.67|Character 9.33)
Prediction: Looks promising in offence but lacks defensive skills. A potential of 3-4 stars makes me think that he won’t become good enough for us.

  • Pontus Nyblom – Sweden – 17yo – MC
Y17 Nyblom 23

Pontus Nyblom

Swedish 2nd tier team Degerfors (€200K)
Comment: A midfielder with nice First Touch and Vision. Lacking in defence and Strength.
BP Style Rating: 45.67 (Skill 13.00|Perception 12.33|Movement 10.33|Character 10.00)
Prediction: Looks promising in offence but lacks defensive skills. Will need to improve basically everything to become good enough for us.

  • Enzo Hernández – Argentina – 18yo – AMC
Y18 Hernandez 23.png

Enzo Hernandez

Argentinian non-league team Liniers (Free)
Comment: An attacking midfielder that was brought in as a bit of a gamble on a free transfer. He looks decent with a nice First Touch and decent speed. Needs to work a bit both on his Perception and Character.
BP Style Rating: 44.00 (Skill 13.33|Perception 10.33|Movement 11.00|Character 9.33)
Prediction: I don’t think that he’ll make it into our first team considering the competition in central midfield. Obviously worth the gamble though, since he came in for free!

  • Souleymane Sanou – Burkina Faso – 19yo – DL
Y19 Sanou 23

Souleymane Sanou

Burkinabe team Etoile Filante (€80K)
Comment: A left back from Burkina Faso with a great season for Etoile Filante behind him! Great Character with a Determination of 20 and a Driven personality! Lacking in Perception.
BP Style Rating: 44.33 (Skill 11.67|Perception 7.67|Movement 10.00|Character 15.00)
Prediction: His amazing Character will help him reach his 4-5 star potential. I believe that if he shows nice development he’ll be in it for the long run!

  • Mohamed Khalaf – Egypt – 19yo – MC
Y19 Khalaf 23

Mohamed Khalaf

Egyptian team Al-Ahly (€350K)
Comment: A well-rounded central midfielder who is not afraid to put in some serious work. My biggest concern is his Temperamental personality that I’ll try to tutor away.
BP Style Rating: 49.00 (Skill 13.00|Perception 12.33|Movement 10..67|Character 13.00)
Prediction: Nice current ability coupled with a 3.5-4.5 star potential makes me hope that this is a player that will compete for a spot in our first team squad rather soon, unless he gets into too much trouble on the way, that is.

  • Christian Fechner – Germany – 19yo – DL
Y19 Fechner 23

Christian Fechner

German Second Division team Braunschweig (€425K)
Comment: A speedy left back with decent mentals. Lacking a bit in the technical department though.
BP Style Rating: 49.33 (Skill 11.67|Perception 11.00|Movement 13.00|Character 13.67)
Prediction: Looks like some nice attributes to build on. I certainly like his speed and I hope that he can improve his technicals enough to become a first team player for us!

Hot prospects and rising stars

Here we take a look at one player that keeps progressing nicely and two players making their way into our first team squad at an early age.

  • Kemal Calis – Belgium – 17 yo – MC
Y17 Calis 23

Kemal Calis

From: Belgian Pro League A side Charleroi (250K) in 2022
Prediction 2021: “A 4-5 star potential coupled with a nice Determination makes me hope for a nice development in coming years. When he moves on to Development stage 2 in 2 years we will assess his development for a more accurate prediction”
Result: Played 46 games for the U19s with an average rating of 7.17.
A nice development with many +1 increases. +2 increases in Dribbling, Passing, Bravery, Composure, Leadership, Vision and Stamina and a +3 increase in Strength.
BP Style Rating:
  41.00 (Up 4.33) (Skill 10.33|Perception 11.00|Movement 9.33 |Character 10.33)
Prediction: A 4-5 star potential player who showed some nice improvements this season. Will need to improve his Perception in order to fight for a place in the first team squad, but if he keeps improving at this rate I see a bright future ahead of him.

  • Steven Fröhling – Germany – 18 yo – STC
Y18 Fröhling 23.png

Steven Frohling

From: German team Karlsruhe (€1.5M) in 2022
Prediction 2022: “Brought in for quite a hefty fee. Already a nice striker, but with a possible 5 star potential he can hopefully turn into a great player for us!”
Result: Played 8 games for the first team with 3 goals to his name. Also spent a couple of months on loan at German Second Division side Augsburg where he scored once in eight games.
Development: A decent development with +1 increases in about half of the attributes and a +2 in Acceleration.
BP Style Rating: 49.33 (Up 2.33) (Skill 10.67|Perception 14.00|Movement 12.00 |Character 12.67)
Prediction: Has improved enough to be given a back-up spot in our first team squad. Hopefully he can keep developing in the coming years, fulfilling his huge potential.

  • Albin Wahlberg – Sweden – 20yo – DL/C
Y20 Wahlberg.png

Albin Wahlberg

From: Youth intake 2020
Prediction 2022: “Played a lot this season, but will need to improve his technique and offensive skills in order to become a player for the long run.”
Result: Played 42 games for the first team with a decent 7.04 rating. 4 U21 caps for Sweden so far.
Development: Another season of decent improvement with quite a few +1s.
BP Style Rating: 46.67 (Up 2.33) (Skill 10.00|Perception 11.33|Movement 11.33 |Character 14.00)
Prediction: Already an important player for the first team. If he fulfils his potential I believe that he has the chance of becoming a Swedish international.

Academy graduation  – “Class of 23”

There was only one player graduating, which keeps this pretty short!

  • Andriy Fedorov – Ukraine – 21yo – MC
Y Fedorov 21

Andriy Fedorov

From: Joined the club as a free agent in 2021. No previous club.
Prediction 2022: “I feel that he is getting closer to a place in the first team squad. He really improved on the training ground, but didn’t look too good in games. Perhaps another loan might do him good!?”
Result: We tried to loan him out, but strangely no team was interested in offering him a first team spot. Because of some fierce central midfield competition he spent the year in our U21s, impressing with 5 goals and a 7.51 average rating in 17 games. Played another 10 games for the Ukrainian U21s, now totalling 31 games.
Development: He continued to improve nicely with a lot of +1s.
BP Style Rating: 49.67 (Up 1.67)
Verdict: Came in as a free agent and has steadily improved. Notable improvements are +3s in Heading and Jumping Reach and +6 in Strength. Has yet to make his first team debut, but standing at a current ability of 2.5 stars with a 3.5-4.5 star potential he might still have a lot of development left in him. He has been offered a new contract and will either spend his 2024 season in our first team squad or out on loan, hopefully improving some more!

Players out

As usual we had Academy players leave the club, often because they weren’t good enough to ever play for our first team, but in some cases they just wanted out:

  • Styrmir Sigurjonsson (22) to Helsingborg (Swedish 2nd tier) for €31.5K. Came from Icelandic Premier Division team Breiðablik in 2020 for €160K  (-€129.5K)
  • Niclas Berglund (21) to Watford (Premier League) for €3.9M. From 2019 youth intake (+€3.9M)
  • Tarik Lugavic (22) to Hammarby (Allsvenskan) for €425K. Came from German side Aachen in 2020 for €140K (+€285K)
  • Oscar Fredriksson (21) to BMG (Bundesliga) for €3M. From 2018 youth intake (+€3M)

We made a nice profit of just over €7M, mainly because of the sale of two players from our youth intake.

What about GrassNGear?

Grass and Gear, who came through the 2021 youth intake have been progressing nicely, one of them actually got some first team football this season!

  • Carl Bergqvist aka Grass – Sweden – 18yo – STC
Y18 Bergqvist 23.png

Grass – Carl Bergqvist

From: Youth intake 2021
Prediction 2022: “Has been scoring for fun in the U19s, but is basically still the same player after more than a year at the Academy. Injuries have hampered his development, but as he is still considered a 4 to 5 star potential player I still hope that long term he will develop into a player for our first team. Hopefully he will stay fit for 2023, banging in goals for the U19s and improving his attributes significantly.”
Result: He has continued to impress for the U19s and this season for the U21s as well. In 46 games he scored 39 goals and made 23 assists, resulting in an impressive average rating of 7.88.
Development: Following a really disappointing 2022 where he basically stood still in his development he has shown some nice improvements this season. Most of his attributes increased by 1, while he saw +2 increases in First touch, Passing and Strength and a single +3 increase in Bravery
BP Style Rating: 43.00 (Up 3.67)
Prediction: On the pitch he has really impressed scoring loads of goals and also bagging a lot of assists in 2023 despite his low Passing. He will stay in the U19 squad during the 2024 season, but it’s not totally out of the question with an occasional game off the bench for the first team! Long-term I still hope for him to become a regular in our first team.

  • Hampus Erlandsson aka Gear – Sweden – 18yo – Gk
Y20 Erlandsson 23.png

Gear – Hampus Erlandsson

From: Youth intake 2021
Prediction 2022: “If he keeps his steady development rate he might make an appearance or two in the first team next season”
Result: Played 12 games for the first team and another 7 for the U21s. 12 clean sheets in total with an average rating of 7.21. He was also capped at the U19 level.
Development: Nice improvement. +1 increases in many of the attributes and +2s in Reach, One on Ones, Passing and Throwing.
Prediction: He will be our back-up goalie in the coming season with a focus on getting more game time. Hopefully he will be good enough to be our no 1 the season after.


No real additions to the first team squad since the graduating class was really small due to the sales of Berglund and Fredriksson. However, things are looking promising with a nice youth intake and some very nice signings for the Academy. It will also be very interesting to see if we can keep upsetting teams in the Youth Champions League Knockout stage!

Notable Academy players at other clubs

  • Jonathan Antonsson – Wolves – Sold for €375K in 2017/18. Spent the first seasons on loan gaining experience. Since his return to Wolves in 2021 he has been getting more and more game time and at the age of 24 he has become an important part of the first team, now totalling 91 games in the Championship. Currently valued at €7.75M.
  • Ludvig Johansson – Monaco – Sold for €1.4M in 2018/19. He has really been struggling at Monaco, nearly spending all his time in the reserves or out on loan. He has only managed 8 league appearances for the Monaco first team so far. Oddly enough he recently signed a new contract over the 2025 season. At age 22, currently valued at €9.25M.
  • Fredrik Hammar – Genclerbirligi – Sold to Stoke for €1.9M in 2018/19. Spent the entire time at Stoke out on loan. No games for the Stoke first team. Left for Turkish Super League side Genclerbirligi at the end of his contract. So far he has played 17 games for them in the 2023/24 season. At age 22, currently valued at €2.7M.
  • Matteo Catenacci – FC Köln – Sold for €1.6M in 2019/20. Played 27 games for Köln during his first two seasons, before leaving for Second division side Bochum on a loan. During his one and a half years at Bochum he’s played 37 games. At age 22, currently valued at €3.2M.
  • Lorenzo Venturini – Juventus – Sold for €5.5M in 2020. Played 14 games for the Juventus first team, before going out on loan to Serie B side Palermo, playing 23 games. Since a year and a half he is out on loan at Mexican side (!) Santos Laguna, where he has played 41 games so far with a nice average rating of 7.16. He has also made 4 appearances for the Italian national team! At age 22, currently valued at €8M.
  • Daniel Pettit – Everton – Sold for €2.2M in 2020. Played 3 Cup games for the first team in his debut season, but has been left in the reserves since then, totalling over 100 games for them in three seasons. Currently on loan at Danish side AaB where he is enjoying regular first team football for the first time in a while. At age 22, currently valued at €2.5M.
  • Hervé Aka – Fenerbahce – Sold for €3.5M in 2021. He has played regularly from the start for the Fenerbahce first team, totalling 52 games since he left us. At age 22, currently valued at €2M.
  • Lewis Park – Genk – Sold for €5.75M in 2022, against my will! Became an important player for the Belgian side straight away, playing regularly from the start, totalling over 60 games for them so far. At age 20 he has played an impressive 21 games for the Australian national team. Currently valued at €20M, unhappy and wanting to leave Genk for a bigger club.
  • Hugo Zetterström – Crystal Palace – Sold for €2.5M in 2022. Immediately loaned out to Allsvenskan rivals Malmö, where he finished the 2022 season. Since then he spent a period on loan at Championship side Wolves and is now currently out on loan at French Ligue 1 side Montpellier, where he has played 7 games so far. At age 22, currently valued at €1.5M. 10 U21 caps for Sweden so far.
  • Lado Archvadze – Frankfurt – Sold for €2M in 2022. Played 14 games for a struggling Frankfurt side that was relegated form the Bundesliga. At age 22, currently valued at €2.4M and wanted by Mainz and Torino. 17 caps and 3 goals for Georgia so far.
  • Ali Kemal Yazici – Wolfsburg – Sold for €4.1M in 2023, against my will! Played regularly for Bundesliga side Wolfsburg since his awful departure. At age 20, already valued at €24M. 7 U21 caps for Germany so far. F’ing hell, he’s gonna be great…
  • Niclas Berglund – Watford – Sold for €3.1M in 2023. Played 3 games for a Watford side that got relegated from the Premier League. So far he has played 12 games in the Championship this season, and despite a poor 6.57 average rating he has attracted the interest of Italian clubs Lazio, Genoa and Palermo. At age 22, currently valued at €12.5M. 13 caps for Sweden so far.
  • Oscar Fredriksson – Borussia Mönchengladbach – Sold for €3M in 2023. Has played 8 games in the Bundesliga so far. At age 21, currently valued at €1.9M. 3 caps for Sweden so far.
  • Litha Hlophe – Borussia Mönchengladbach – Sold for €1.9M (minimum release clause) in 2023. Has played 11 games in the Bundesliga so far. At age 20, currently valued at €7.759M. 10 caps for South Africa so far.

The next episode

In the next episode we will look at how the team does in the 2024 season. Will we win our third consecutive title? Will any of the Academy talents make their way into the first team? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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