The Bromma Boys #15 | 2022 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another post in our Brommapojkarna series! We’ve already seen how BP performed in the 2022 season, so let’s now take a look at our Academy players and how they have progressed in the 2022 season. If you missed the previous post about our academy players, go back and check it out here.

The Bromma Boys | 2022 Academy Report


Our incredible academy players

Above you see every player in the club aged 21 or younger. Previously I’ve covered them all in these Academy Reports. From now on you’ll see a slight difference to this. As this really is an ACADEMY report, I will only be covering the true Academy players. This means that the player:
1. Has to have come through our youth intake OR be signed to the club at age 18 or younger.
2. Is brought in specifically for the Academy/U19s – this rules out Brazilian superstars aged 19 who never set their foot in the Academy Training Centre.

We will also not be looking at all the players, since I feel that it wouldn’t be an exciting read. Instead we’ll focus on the new players and the graduating Academy class. We will also cover any players with exceptional development. I hope you’ll like it this way!

And of course we’ll check in on GrassNGear, newgens from last year, to take a closer look at their development!

New players in

Nothing much happening here unfortunately. The worst youth intake yet didn’t see a single player worth mentioning. We signed five players with 4-5 star potential that I have some hopes for.

  • Kemal Calis – Belgium – 16 years old – DMC
Y Calis 22

Kemal Calis | FM18

From: Belgian Pro League A side Charleroi (250K)
Comment: Well rounded midfielder, but a bit lacking in every area. Not that strange though, considering he’s only 16 years old.
BP Style Rating: 37.67 (Skill 9.00|Perception 10.00|Movement 9.33|Character 10.33)
Prediction: A 4-5 star potential coupled with a nice Determination makes me hope for a nice development in coming years. When he moves on to Development stage 2 in 2 years we will assess his development for a more accurate prediction.

  • Francois Coulibaly – Ivory Coast – 19 yo – MR
Y Coulibaly 22.png

Francois Coulibaly | FM18

From: Ivorian team Africa Sport (€100K)
Comment: A right winger with nice acceleration and decent technique. Also nice mentals with a Determination of 15.
BP Style Rating: 46.00 (Skill 10.33|Perception 11.33|Movement 10.67|Character 13.67)
Prediction: Really needs to improve his technical attributes to become a long-term player for us.

  • Luis Semedo – Portugal – 18 yo – STC
Y Semedo 22.png

Luis Semedo | FM18

From: Ivorian team Africa Sport (€100K)
Comment: A striker with nice attacking abilities and decent physicals.
BP Style Rating: 43.00 (Skill 9.67|Perception 10.00|Movement 10.67|Character 12.67)
Prediction: Will need to improve his attacking abilities to become a player for our first team.

  • Francisco Mansilha – Portugal – 19yo – MC
Y Mansilha 22.png

Francisco Mansilha|FM18

From: Portuguese Premier League team Rio Ave (€500K)
Comment: A well-rounded central midfielder without any real weaknesses or strengths.
BP Style Rating: 47.67 (Skill 11.33|Perception 12.00|Movement 12.33|Character 12.00)
Prediction: He has a solid foundation without any weaknesses to build on. Currently his strongest area is his physical attributes. He will need to improv his technical abilities to become a first team player for us.

  • Aleksandar Dinevski – FYR Macedonia – 19yo – DL
Y Dinevski 22.png

Aleksandar Dinevski|FM18

From: Macedonian team Vardar (€550K)
Comment: A left back with nice speed and decent defensive attributes. Lacking in offense.
BP Style Rating: 43.33 (Skill 9.33|Perception 10.67|Movement 12.33|Character 11.00)
Prediction: Physically strong and speedy, he needs to improve his technical and offensive abilities to become a first team player.


Hot prospects and rising stars

Three Academy players stood out this season, primarily for some nice performances for the first team. These three are, despite their young age, quickly becoming important players for our first team.

  • Yves Karamoko – Ivory Coast – 18 yo – DR
Y2 Karamoko 21.png

Yves Karamoko | FM18

From: Ivorian side ASEC (€150K) in 2021
Prediction 2021: “He comes in with a great season of first-team football behind him, playing 43 games for Ivorian side ASEC both in the national league as well as in continental competitions. I have high hopes for this player who will most likely get some first team football straight away”
Result: He played 22 games for the first team with a nice average rating of 7.34. 1 assist in 22 games for a right back is a bit on the low side, though.
Development: Pretty decent. +1 increases in more than half of the attributes and nice +2 increases in Anticipation, Decisions and Strength.
BP Style Rating: 47.33 (Up 3.00)
Prediction: Hopefully he’ll keep improving both in games and in training, which is a must if he is to keep his spot in the team long-term. If he steps up his game I think he might actually become an Ivorian international in a couple of years!

  • Niclas Berglund – Sweden – 20 yo – DR/C
Y N Berglund 22

Niclas Berglund | FM18

From: Youth intake 2019
Prediction 2021: “He’ll get some serious game-time in 2022”
Result: He played 30 games for the first team, with a nice average rating of 7.24. He also played two World Cup games for Sweden!
Development: Nice development with a lot of +1s, +2s in Marking, Composure, Concentration, Flair, Off the Ball, Acceleration, Balance, Stamina and Strength and a 3+ improvement in Positioning. We also managed to improve his personality from Fairly Loyal to Fairly Professional.
BP Style Rating: 47.67 (Up 2.67)
Prediction: A Swedish international at the age of 20 I’m hoping for many more seasons with this guy. Really nice development during last season, hopefully we can build on this during the 2023 season. A key player for many seasons to come!

  • Albin Wahlberg – Sweden – 18yo – DL/C
Y2 Wahlberg 21.png

Albin Wahlberg | FM18

From: Youth intake 2020
Prediction 2021: “He is coming closer to getting some serious game-time”
Result: Played 32 games for our first team with a decent average rating of 7.19.
Development: Decent improvement with quite a few +1s.
BP Style Rating: 44.33 (Up 2.67)
Prediction: Played a lot this season, but will need to improve his technique and offensive skills in order to become a player for the long run.

Academy graduation  | “Class of 22”

With only three players in the squad aged 21 at the end of the 2022 season, the “Class of 22” won’t go down in history as one of the better ones. Only one player, Oscar Berglund, will remain at the club, and he only joined us a year ago.

  • Tarik Lugavic – Bosnia & Herzegovina – 21 yo – STC
GIF Lugavic.gif

Tarik Lugavic | FM18

From: German Third division side Aachen (€140K) in 2021.
Prediction 2021: “Certainly has the potential to become a decent player, but will need some improvement in every area. Perhaps a loan spell will see his development explode!?”
Result: Spent the 2022 season on loan at Norwegian First division side Viking, scoring 9 goals in 32 games. Scored in his first cap for Bosnia & Herzegovina.
Development: Not much, a couple of +1s here and there.
BP Style Rating: 45.33
Verdict: Came in as a 19 year old and didn’t improve or impress enough to gain himself a contract with the first team squad. Sold to Allsvenskan side Hammarby for €425K at the end of the season.

  • Oscar Berglund – Sweden – 21yo – MC
GIF O Berglund

Oscar Berglund | FM18

From: Allsvenskan side Öster (€750K) in 2021.
Prediction 2021: “Not actually bought as an Academy prospect but more or less as a player for the first team. Hopefully he’ll keep improving though, making him a player for the long run”
Result: Really solid performance for the first team. 32 games, 7 goals and an average rating of 7.46.
Development: Decent improvement. A lot of +1s and +2s in Technique and Teamwork. He also got some serious tanning done during the season, must’ve been an exceptional Swedish summer!?
BP Style Rating: 52.33 (Up 2.33)
Verdict: Has continued to improve and putting in solid performances. Will hopefully play a part in the club for many years to come, probably mostly as a back-up player. Potentially a really nice tutor in a couple of seasons. Might just fall short of becoming a Swedish international!?

  • Styrmir Sigurjónsson – Iceland – 21yo – AMC
GIF Sigurjonsson.gif

Styrmir Sigurjonsson | FM18

From: Breiðablik – Iceland (€160K) in 2020
Prediction 2021: “Still far away from first-team football. Will probably face a new loan spell”
Result: He played 16 games for Icelandic 1st tier team IBV managing a 6.91 average rating.
Development: Not a great deal of progress at the Academy. A lot of +1s and a couple of +2s in Composure and Leadership, that’s it. Not good enough.
BP Style Rating: 45.33 (Up 1.67)
Verdict: At 21 he has played a decent amount of first-team football away on loan spells, but has yet to make a real mark. He is not nearly good enough for BP and hasn’t shown enough promise to be kept at the club. He will therefore be sold as soon as possible.

Players out

We had some players leaving the club, mainly due to a lack of development and/or potential. However we lost one player who I’m sure will play over a 100 games for his country…

  • Dan Jensen – Sweden – 17yo – AMC
Y Jensen 21

Dan Jensen | FM18

From: Swedish Premier Division side GIF Sundsvall (€200K) in 2021
Prediction 2021: “He comes in with a nice BPS Rating and with a Fairly Determined personality he’ll hopefully improve quite a bit straight from the start. Has the potential to make it into the first team long-term”
Result: Didn’t improve at all. Sold to French Ligue 1 side Lorient for €350K in 2022.

  • Hugo Zetterström – Sweden – 20yo – DC
Y2 Zetterström 21.png

Hugo Zetterstrom | FM18

From: Youth intake 2017
Prediction 2021: “Has a bit left in order to cope with the way we want to play ball”
Result: Played 24 games for our first team, with a nice average rating of 7.22. At the age of 21 (old pic above) he hadn’t managed to improve his BP Style attributes enough to stay at the club. Therefore, he was sold to Crystal Palace for €2.5M.
BP Style Rating: 37.33

  • Lewis Park (Last season’s pic) – Australia – 19yo – AMC
Y2 Park 21

Lewis Park | FM18

From: Australian academy FFA COE (Free) in 2021
Prediction 2021: “Coming in at a record-breaking BPS Style of 55.33 at the age of 18 I feel that the sky is the limit for this guy. Already amazing, but still has some improvement left in him! Will probably play like a 100 games for Australia or something like that!”
Result: As covered in the previous post the board sold him to Belgian side Genk for €5.75M. Just writing it makes me furious. W***ers!

Park till Genk.png

Lewis Park sold

Prediction: Will probably play like a 100 games for Australia or something like that!

What about GrassNGear?

Both Grass and Gear, who came through last years youth intake have been putting in solid performances for our U19s this season. One of the players might actually be getting pretty close to first-team football, despite his young age!

  • Carl Bergqvist aka Grass – Sweden – 17 yo – STC
Y Bergqvist 22.png

Grass | FM18

From: Youth intake 2021
Prediction 2021: “He will spend the first couple of seasons in the U19s, working on improving his attacking skills (mainly passing) and physical attributes. With a 4 to 5 star potential I hope that long-term he will develop into a player for our first team”
Result: Has scored an impressive 31 goals in 29 games for the U19s in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Equally impressive average rating of 7.82.
Development: Quite disappointing. A couple of +1 increases but most attributes unchanged. A single +2 increase in Strength. Gained 5 kilograms weight. Didn’t manage to increase his poor Passing.
BP Style Rating: 39.33 (Up 0.33)
Prediction: Has been scoring for fun in the U19s, but is basically still the same player after more than a year at the Academy. Injuries have hampered his development, but as he is still considered a 4 to 5-star potential player I hope that long-term he will develop into a player for our first team. Hopefully he will stay fit for 2023, banging in goals for the U19s and improving his attributes significantly.

  • Hampus Erlandsson aka Gear – Sweden – 17 yo – Gk
Y Erlandsson 22.png

Gear | FM18

From: Youth intake 2021
Prediction 2021: Looks really decent for a 16 year old. Considering our lack of good keepers, he might get the chance rather soon if we get injuries to the first team keepers.
Result: Played 37 games for the U19s/U21s keeping 17 clean sheets and averaging a nice 7.21. Also made his debut for the Swedish U19s team.
Development: Decent. +1 increases in half of the attributes and a nice +3 increase in Strength.
Prediction: If he keeps his steady development rate he might make an appearance or two in the first team next season!


As you can see below, some of the former BP youngsters are getting some game time in big-ish European clubs, while the players at the BP Academy are progressing nicely. However, I feel that 2022 was a bit of a disappointment with an awful intake and a quite underwhelming graduation class.

Current Academy products in the first team squad: Five. Lorshag (33 games), Karamoko (28), Kresojevic (38), Niclas Berglund (30) and Oscar Berglund (32).

Notable Academy players at other clubs:

  • Jonathan Antonsson – Wolves – Sold for €375K in 2017/18. Spent the first seasons on loan gaining experience. Since his return to Wolves in 2021 he has been getting more and more game time and at the age of 23 he has become a regular for the first team in the Championship.
  • Ludvig Johansson – Monaco – Sold for €1.4M in 2018/19. He has really been struggling at Monaco, nearly spending all his time in the reserves or out on loan. He has only managed 8 league appearances for the Monaco first team so far. Spent the 2022 season on loan at Ligue 1 side Toulouse playing 36 games gaining valuable experience.
  • Fredrik Hammar – Stoke – Sold for €1.9M in 2018/19. Since his transfer he’s been on loan at Orlando City in MLS, Danish sides Nordsjaelland and AaB and Championship side Reading, where he played 38 games this season. No games for the Stoke first team.
  • Matteo Catenacci – FC Köln – Sold for €1.6M in 2019/20. Played 27 games for Köln during his first two seasons, before leaving for Second division side Bochum on a loan.
  • Lorenzo Venturini – Juventus – Sold for €5.5M in 2020. Played 14 games for the Juventus first team, before going out on loan to Serie B side Palermo, playing 23 games. Currently on loan at Mexican side (!) Santos Laguna, where he is playing regular football.
  • Daniel Pettit – Everton – Sold for €2.2M in 2020. Played 3 Cup games for the first team in his debut season, but has been left in the reserves since then, totalling over 100 games for them in three seasons.
  • Hervé Aka – Fenerbahce – Sold for €3.5M in 2021. He has played regularly from the start for the Fenerbahce first team, playing around 40 games over a year.
  • Lewis Park – Genk – Sold for €5.75M in 2022, against my will! Became an important player for the Belgian side straight away, playing regularly from the start.
  • Hugo Zetterström – Crystal Palace – Sold for €2.5M in 2022. Immediately loaned out to Allsvenskan rivals Malmö, where he finished the 2022 season.
  • Lado Archvadze – Frankfurt – Sold for €2M in 2022. Played a couple of games for a struggling Frankfurt side right from the start.

The next episode

In the next episode we will look at how the team does in the 2023 season. Will we defend our league title? Will any of the Academy talents make their way into the first team? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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