The End?? | SurpassingPep #5 | Football Manager Experiments

SurpassingPep is a Football Manager 2018 series where I have added 24 managers into an FM18 save and simulated to see the results. In this post, we discuss the problems we are having with the simulation and whether there is a way around this. If you missed the last post, we saw how our managers were doing ten years into their managerial careers.

I have simulated another 2 and a half years since the previous post, but unfortunately I’ve encountered several problems that have brought me to the decision to prematurely end the series, at least in its current format. I’ll explain shortly why I’m considering this, but I’d like to apologise to anyone who is disappointed, hopefully you’ll understand why!

Firstly, now we are ten years into the save and with several leagues loaded, holidaying a season takes between 2 and 3 hours. Ordinarily this would be fine, but because of the nature of our simulation I have to keep an eye on the game whilst it is simming to return from the holiday and manually move managers using the in-game editor. This means I cannot simply leave the simulation running and do other things, I have to be on my laptop for the time I’m simulating.

game time nearly two days

Nearly two days of simulating

As you can see, I’ve spent nearly 2 days just holidaying the save.

Secondly, our in-game managers are failing to find work once they are out of a job. I’ll use my manager as an example of this. VivaLaVida left Aberdeen after 5 successful years (winning multiple cup competitions) to join Spanish side Athletic Bilbao. After about 6 months, he was sacked – this is fair enough, Bilbao are clearly a step up from SPL side Aberdeen. But surely he would be able to find work elsewhere?

If you missed the introductory post to this series, you’ll have missed that I gave all managers 17 for their ambition attribute and 13 for their tendency to work in lower leagues. It has been the case for many managers that they are unable to find work after being sacked.

The third problem I am finding with this series is that each post takes hours to write. I have to spend time taking screenshots of each league, create manager graphics and write a paragraph or two about each league for each season. I probably spent around 12-15 hours preparing and writing the previous SurpassingPep post.

What I could do to solve all three problems is to forget about our points system, forget about the rule where I can move managers using the in-game editor, and just holiday way into the future (meaning I can leave the simulation when at work or asleep) to just see what happens. I can then write a final post to give an overview of all 24 managers.

But I cannot continue this series in its current format, it takes far too long and I am simply not enjoying it! I’ll have a think about the future of this save, in the meantime do feel free to take a look at the other regular content on this site as linked below.

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