The Bromma Boys #9 | 2020 Season Summary | An FM18 Story

Hi! MikaelinhoFM here with the ninth episode of my first ever FM18 blog “The Bromma Boys” about Swedish talent factory Brommapojkarna. If you missed last seasons’ updates, do go back and read them through the links below.

This episode covers the entire 2020 season. We come into an exciting fourth season as reigning Cup champions and yet another solid Allsvenskan season saw us finish top three for the second year in a row. This means another season of Europa League qualification games at the horizon and perhaps (hopefully) a subsequent group stage.

The Bromma Boys | Episode 9 – 2020 Summary

Transfers in

Transfers in

Bromma | Transfers In

With a transfer budget of €1M I perhaps got a little carried away. The signing of young Norwegian central defender Roseth is one I’m really satisfied with. We’ll get back to him in a short while. The rest of the signings are all decent youth prospects, strengthening our Academy setup short term and hopefully the first team long term.

Lastly I brought in Joevin Jones on a quite hefty loan deal, since the squad totally lacked left backs and he was the best one available by far.

  • Martin Ove Roseth (Norway) 21 years old
Y Roseth 20

Martin Ove Roseth

From: Norwegian Premier division side Molde (€400K)

BP Style Rating: 46.67 (Skill 10.67|Perception 12.00|Movement 10.33|Character 13.67)

Comment: A real mature looking Norwegian U21 regular. Great Determination and a Professional personality makes me hope that this guy will lead our lines from the back for many years to come. Also has the Skill to serve as a decent ball playing defender.

Transfers out

Transfers out

Bromma | Transfers out

Wede, third choice on both wings offensively, started complaining wanting first team football. He wouldn’t be getting any this season and at the age of 28 I highly doubt that he’ll ever develop into a future starter.

Erdogdu is an Academy graduate that just kept disappointing. With a very stagnant development, I got tired of him and gave him away for free.



Bromma finances

My little spending spree emptied the bank once more. Hopefully we’ll sort out the finances by qualifying for the Europa League group stage. Otherwise we’ll have to sell someone decent. Again.



Bromma squad for 2020 season

Not that many Swedes left in the squad, which I find a bit troubling. My intentions have always been to keep a Swedish core and fill up the team with foreign star quality.

Because of the low quality of Swedish players available to us I’ve been more or less forced to fill up the team with various foreign players. This is an issue that I need to address in coming seasons, preferably by bringing more Swedish players through our youth setup!

We also have to address the issue straight away, since the match day squad in Allsvenskan needs to contain at least 9 Swedish players. With only 8 in the current squad I probably need to promote a couple of youngsters to fill out the bench.

Swedish Cup – Group Stage


Cup matcher

We started off shaky away to Helsingborg, only managing a draw. In coming games we did what was expected by us, thrashing lower league teams Arameisk-Syrianska and Norrby. Helsingborg did the same, but came up a goal short compared to us, meaning we won the group on goal difference and qualified for the knock-out stage.

Cup grupp

BP qualify for the knockouts

  • Swedish Cup – Quarter final

Cup kvart
Unfortunately, we got Hammarby in the quarter-final draw. Even more unfortunate, we lost to them in a tight battle. This ends our cup run prematurely, but on a positive note now we can focus fully on Allsvenskan. Yay!

Expectations | Swedish Allsvenskan


Inför tabell.png

The media seems to have a really hard time accepting the fact that we belong in the top of the table! They predict us finishing fifth, well distanced from the top 4. I’m really going for the gold this season after back to back top 3 finishes in the last couple of years!

Allsvenskan – First half

14 matcher

First half of the Allsvenskan

We had a great first half of the Allsvenskan season, beating teams left and right. Our most impressive period was in late April when we won four straight games, scoring 20 goals! With this form we look pretty close to unbeatable. (Damn you, Jönköping Södra!)

14 tabell

Allsvenskan midway through the season

We finished the first half of the season top of the league, with a band of teams trailing just a few points behind. Things are looking promising, but we really have to keep it up in order to win our first league title ever.

14 spelare

BP Squad | Sorted by appearances

Lorshag and Crispim up front have been the shining stars, with Edvardsen coming in third place. New signing Roseth is having a great season so far with an average rating of 7.67, only beaten by the average ratings of Jordan Clarke and youngster Niclas Berglund.

Allsvenskan – Second half

30 matcher

Allsvenskan – second half of the season

Now, the second half of the season was a real disappointment compared to the first. We lost five games, which meant that we were out of contention for the title with 2 games left to play. In fact, we were parked in 4th place, outside of top three and the European qualification spots.

However, we managed to pull ourselves together by beating AIK in the penultimate game, at least keeping the dream of European football alive. We were now level on points with AIK, us only needing a win in the final game to secure the third place spot. “Only needing a win”, those famous words.

Åtvidaberg, fighting for survival, scored an early goal and when AIK took the lead in their game we were starting to contemplate a 2021 season with only domestic competitions. However, we managed to equalise by fan favourite Lucas Crispim in the 77th minute, getting our hopes up.

Like in a well scripted Hollywood movie we are awarded a penalty in the 89th minute. Up to the spot steps our goalkeeper(!) Budimir Janosevic and I’m 100% certain that he is going to miss, being a goalkeeper and all. Cool as a cucumber Janosevic steps up and tucks away the penalty, winning us a third consecutive top 3 finish!

30 tabell

Allsvenskan final table 2020

So, we end up in third place behind giants Malmö and Göteborg. The disappointment of yet another year of missing out on the title is overweighed by the relief that we get to qualify for Europa League once again, meaning priceless experience for our young players and some much-needed money in the bank.

30 spelare

BP Squad | Sorted by appearances

Kevin Kabran, Lucas Crispim and Gustav Lorshag were the top three offensive players of the season. Lorshag being the top scorer, Kabran with the highest average rating and Crispim voted the fan favourite. New signing Roseth also deserves a mention along with youngsters Moses and Berglund.

And what? Wait! What? What’s that name at the bottom of the list? Fabregas? Yes, it’s the real deal. We got him on as a free agent and I could hardly believe it. He is lacking in the physical attributes, but his mentals and technicals are through the roof, so I gambled a bit. However, he has come in off the bench three times so far, being truly unimpressive. Hopefully this is just temporary due to a lack of match fitness!

End of season

BP team of the season 2020

Europa League


Europa League kval

Brommapojkarna Europa League exploits

We looked solid throughout the first games, beating Moldovan side Zaria 10-1 on aggregate, Russian Lokomotiv Moscow by 4 goals to 1 and Danish side Bröndby 6-3. This qualified us for the 4th and final qualifying round of the Europa League.

This year we got a much better draw, Freiburg felt like nothing compared to last years AC Milan. However, we didn’t manage to deliver the goods as the German side beat us by one goal both home and away, ending our European adventure for this season.

All in all a season where we came close but didn’t manage to live up to the expectations. I would have loved an Allsvenskan title and a qualification to the Europa League group stage, but none of it happened. Therefore this season feels pretty much like a replay of last season and I’m becoming a bit worried about the lack of progress. Hopefully we’ll come back stronger next year with a squad strengthened by yet another season’s valuable experience.

The next episode

In the next episode we will take an in-depth look at what’s been cooking in the Academy, aka the Talent Factory, during 2020. The talent pool is steadily growing, but are there any real superstars in the making? The only way to find out is by reading the next episode!

Thanks for the read, I hope you liked it as much as I did writing it!

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