The Bromma Boys #8 | 2019 Academy Report | An FM18 Story

A couple of posts ago we introduced the thoughts behind our often used term ‘The Swedish Talent Factory’. Here we spoke about how we develop our players in order for them to develop into players that suit our BP style. To go back and read this post, follow this link: BP Talent Factory.

We’ve already seen how Brommapojkarna performed in the 2019 season, so let’s now take a look at our academy players and how they have progressed in the 2019 season.

The Bromma Boys | 2019 Academy Report

The Academy


BP Academy

The 2018 youth intake saw the additions of Jönsson and Fredriksson, while Aka, Koné and Pettit were signed during the season. This means that we now have nine 5 star and four 4.5 star potential prospects at the start of 2019.

Below, I will take an in-depth look at the development of the players we highlighted as potential stars in earlier episodes as well as our new potential stars. I will split these players into the different Development Phases covered in the last episode to present a clearer picture of the current development of each player and also what kind of players we can expect from each coming “Academy graduation year”.

I will also be implementing the “BP Style Rating” introduced in the last episode.

Development phase 1 | 15-17 years old

Phase 1

Players in the 1st stage of development

No real stand-out talents here. Young Haidar’s Unambitious personality will need some work if we are ever going to be able to get him developing into a decent footballer.

  • Haidar Salem Gatea
Y Gatea

Haidar Salem Gatea | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: Youth intake

Decent passing skills and decision making, but really lacking both physically and mentally. As mentioned above we need to tutor him straight away in an attempt to get rid of his Unambitious personality

BP Style Rating: 36.67

Prediction: Far far away from first-team football. Will probably need all six years in the Academy program, but might not make it anyway.

  • Niclas Berglund
Y Berglund

Niclas Berglund | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: Youth intake

Nice physical attributes and decent on the mental side. Will need work on his technical attributes in order to be truly competitive.

BP Style Rating: 40.00

Prediction: His decent mentals stand him in good stead for the future but his lack of technical attributes could hinder his progress. 

  • Oscar Fredriksson
Y Fredriksson

Oscar Fredriksson | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: Youth intake

Quite speedy, but lacking both technical and mental attributes right now.

BP Style Rating: 38.00

Prediction: Like Haidar, Fredriksson is far away from first-team football. He too will probably need all six years in the Academy program if he has any chance of making it.

Development phase 2 | 18-19 years old

Phase 2

Players in the 2nd stage of development

A couple of decent players here, with Australian Daniel Pettit being the stand-out talent with an Academy high BP Style Rating of 51.00.

  • Herve Aka
Y Aka

Herve Aka | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: Séwé FC – Ivory Coast (€70K)

Looks like a decent central defender in the making, except for his awful jumping reach. A nice heading ability won’t get him far if he’s never able to reach the ball. We will also need to tutor away his light-heartedness!

BP Style Rating: 36.67

Prediction: Might get his chance rather soon as a DMC for now to gain some valuable experience.

  • Mikael Jonsson
Y Jönsson

Mikael Jonsson | Brommpojkarna FM18

From: Youth intake

Decent speed and a couple of nice attacking abilities. Quite well rounded, but lacking a bit in Perception, which needs some improvement. We will also look to strengthen his physical attributes.

BP Style Rating: 39.33

Prediction: Interesting little player, but needs improvements everywhere in order to compete for a spot in the first team anytime soon.

  • Daniel Pettit
Y Pettit

Daniel Pettit | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: FFA COE – Australia (Free)

Straight out of the Australian Football Federations Center of Excellence he truly looks like an excellent prospect! Great passing coupled with amazing vision looks like a recipe for some great chance-creating abilities. 10 or above in all the twelve important BP style attributes!

BP Style Rating: 51.00

Prediction: With an Academy high BPS Rating of 51.00 he is ready to get some serious playing time in the first team. He will hopefully develop into a great player!

  • Matteo Catenacci
Y Catenacci

Matteo Catenacci | Brommapojkarna FM18

Prediction 2018: “Will start the occasional game but will need to improve significantly”

Result: Continued from last year with 9 starts and a decent 6.90 avg rating.

Development: No real development to talk about. Most attributes unchanged. A single +2 increase to Concentration.

BP Style Rating: 40.33 – Movement a real strong point. Needs work in all other areas.

New prediction: He will remain in the first team squad basically on the same premises as the last couple of years. He will serve as a back-up, but I’m really starting to doubt whether he’ll ever turn in to more than a decent player.

  •  Amara Kone
Y Kone

Amara Kone | Brommapojkarna FM18

From: Africa Sports – Ivory Coast (€80K)

Physically well developed and a real team player! Looks like a decent player in the box. WIll need tutoring though, to get rid of that low determination.

BP Style Rating: 40.33

Prediction: Will probably get his chances as a back up to Lorshag straight away. Needs to improve significantly in order to become our starting man up front.


Development phase 3 | 20-21 years old

Phase 3

Players in the 3rd stage of development

  • Nikola Kresojevic
Y Kresojevic

Nikola Kresojevic | Brommapojkarna FM18

Prediction 2018: “He will certainly be in contention for either of the central midfield roles this season”

Result: He started 18 games in the league and cup with a respectable average rating of 7.17. He also made 3 appearances for the Serbian U21s, now totalling 6.

Development: A steady build on the last season’s extraordinary development. +1 increase in many attributes and +2 increases in Corners, Composure, Vision, Pace and Strength.

BP Style Rating: 49.00 – Fairly well-rounded, but could use an increase in both Perception and Movement.

New prediction: He must be considered a solid part of the first team over coming seasons. Hopefully there is still a bit of development left in him, making him a potential international for either Sweden or Serbia!

  • Gustav Lorshag
Y Lorshag

Gustav Lorshag | Brommapojkarna FM18

Prediction 2018: “He will primarily serve as a back-up to Brazilian star Léo Paoli

Result: Following the sale of Léo Paoli he made a couple of unconvincing starts. He started 9 games and came in as a sub in another 9 averaging 7.14. He managed 8 goals and 5 assists.

Development: Decent development. About half of the attributes increased by +1. +2 increases in Crossing, Long Shots and Passing. Unfortunately saw a -1 decrease in Determination and a personality change from Professional to Balanced.

BP Style Rating: 49.00 – Lacking a bit in the Perception department.

New prediction: 8 goals in 9 starts shows that he is growing into his first team costume. Without any realistic alternatives, he will be our first choice striker. Hopefully he will deliver as one as well.

Players out

  • Fredrik Hammar
Y Hammar

Fredrik Hammar | Stoke City FM18

Prediction 2018: “Promoted to the first team squad on a “watch-and-learn” basis”

Result: 8 starts and 13 off the bench with an average rating of 6.87, decent at most. Quite surprised when Stoke came in with a €1.9M bid, which I happily accepted.

New prediction: He is still quite far away from becoming a great player. I really think I got the most out of this deal!

Hammar till Stoke

Stoke sign Hammar

  • Ludvig Johansson
Y Johansson

Ludvig Johansson | AS Monaco FM18

Prediction 2018: “High hopes of him becoming a club legend and a Swedish international.

Result: Sold by the board to Monaco without listening to my high pitched protests. I would have loved seeing him become an icon at the club, but let’s be honest, at the time of the sale he was already too good for us. My aim is to improve the club to such an extent that we get to keep the next Ludvig Johansson, if we ever get one. Hopefully we’ll make a decent amount of money when Johansson moves to an even bigger club.

Johansson till Monaco

Monaco sign Johansson


The Academy is starting to produce both some serious talent for the first team, but also a bit of cash for the club in recent transfers out. A worrying thought is that we’re a bit thin in the younger years, but this is hopefully something we can straighten out in coming youth intakes or with some cheeky transfers in. The future is looking quite bright!

Current Academy products in the first team squad: Seven. Kresojevic (37 games in 2019), Lorshag (35), Catenacci (24), Erdogdu (13), Pettit (20), Westerberg (10) and Venturini (13)

Notable Academy players at other clubs:

Fredrik Vestin – Lille – Sold for €425K in 2017/18. Currently in the Reserves squad waiting for his first-team debut.

Jonathan Antonsson – Wolves – Sold for €375K in 2017/18. Started 2 games in his first season at Wolves. Then spent the rest of 2018 and the entire 2019 season on loan at Scottish Premiership side Aberdeen, playing 49 games.

Ludvig Johansson – Monaco – Sold for €1.4M in 2018/19. Started 7 games in 2018/19, but spent the rest of 2019 playing for the Reserves.

Fredrik Hammar – Stoke – Sold for €1.9M in 2018/19. Currently in the u23s. No games for the first team yet.

But wait! What about Venturini? Yes, what about him!? Recently released from Siena he impressed in the Under 20 World Cup for Italy. I was quite surprised when we managed to sign him in front of the eyes of bigger teams. A technically gifted central midfielder, hopefully he will continue to improve and I think he might even have the ability to become an international for the Gli Azzuri one day! 

Thanks for reading!

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