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First of all I would just like to welcome you all back to Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze, the support I have received from the last four parts has been fantastic but part five will be the final post in this series.After winning the league last time out my goal was to once again be crowned champions of the LOTTO Ekstraklasa, however as this was going to be my last season in charge of the Polish side I wanted to win everything possible. This includes the Polish FA Cup, the Super Cup and also if possible the Champions League.

Obviously I do realize that some of my goals will most likely not be achieved especially the Champions League, but because it’s my last season I want to try and do the very best that I can. But to be honest with some of the signings that other teams in this league are making it is going to be very hard to achieve my goals.

Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze | Season Five


Now to the transfers, I am very happy with the business that we have done this season. The reason I have been able to bring in some top players is because of the boost to our finances that qualifying for Europe brings, and with us now qualifying for Europe on a regular basis we are receiving huge boosts.

First up came Argentinian defender Tiago Casasola, I managed to sign this guy on a free transfer from Italian club Alessandria and he immediately becomes the best-rated centre back in our squad.

Tiago Casaola.jpg

Tiago Casasola | Gornik Zabrze

Next up comes another South American beast in the form of Darwin González. The Venezuelan winger is a really good signing for us and will start on the left side of midfield for me. On a wage of 7k a week he becomes our second highest paid player in the squad so I am certainly expecting big things from him.

Darwin Gonzalez

Darwin Gonzalez | Gornik Zabrze

The last signing that I will talk about is striker Oskar Zawada who becomes just the second player in this series who I have actually bought. He was purchased from Berlin-Köpenick Dammfeld for £93k and will become backup striker in my Gornik Zabrze side.

Oskar Zawada

Oskar Zawada | Gornik Zabrze

On to the outgoings and I am sad to say that another one of our regen stars has been sold, this time it is Dariusz Pach who has been sold to German side Hamburg. I am very disappointed in this but I did not expect him to turn down a big money move especially with the World Cup coming up at the end of the year.

Slovenian man Sandi Arcon was also sold but this time to a side closer to home in the form of rivals KGHM Zagłębie Lubin. I am actually very sad about this transfer as Arcon was a fantastic front man for us and he is actually in my Gornik Zabrze best eleven, something which I will show you later on.


Gornik Zabrze | Season Five Transfers


In terms of the four competitions that we completed in this year we actually managed to win two of them. So which ones were they, the League, the Champions League? Not quite!

The first competition we managed to win was the Polish Super Cup, this came after a routine 3-1 victory against Legia Warsawa. We actually have a 100% record in this competition since I have taken over at Gornik Zabrze, competing twice and of course winning it both times.

We also managed to win the Polish FA Cup with another 3-1 victory, this time it came against Lechia. In addition to our good record in the Super Cup we have also managed to win the FA Cup in the three of the five seasons since we have managed over in Poland, which certainly isn’t too shabby indeed.

Next up comes the biggest competition in the world, the Champions League. We managed to qualify for the group stage as luckily the qualifying draw was extremely kind to us, first up came Bulgarian’s Ludogorets Razgrad who were brushed aside 8-0 on aggregate, then a slightly harder affair against Greek’s Olympiakos who we also managed to battle past.

2018-02-07 (4)

Champions League Qualifiers

However, something which we didn’t get very lucky with was the draw for the group stage, I would probably say that we were drawn in the group of death. First up came German Goliath’s Bayern Munich, swiftly followed by in-game Champions League winners in 2018 Liverpool. Lastly came Shakhtar Donetsk who eventually got into the semi-finals.

To be honest we had an absolutely torrid time here, not even picking up a single point from any of our games. In fact we only managed to score three goals whilst conceding a huge seventeen in six games. Even though we didn’t do too well I am still very proud of the side for even getting into the group stage as huge teams such as Ajax couldn’t even manage this.

2018-02-07 (5)

Champions League group stage

Last but certainly not least came the LOTTO Ekstraklasa, unfortunately we could not retain our title this time out as we finished third behind Pogon and eventual champions Legia. This was no surprise really went you look at some of the players Lechia have brought in, they include Spanish Full Back Marcos Alonso and French international Moussa Sissoko. I just simply cannot compete against these type of signings and Lechia certainly ran away with the league only losing three all season!

2018-02-07 (6).png

Ekstraklasa pre-split | 2021/22

2018-02-07 (7)

Ekstraklasa Championship group | Final Table 2021/22


As this is the final part of my Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze I thought that I would show you my best eleven whilst I have been at the club, so here it is in all its glory. We have had some fantastic players through our journey to try and reach the top of Polish football and I would like to thank you for joining us along the way.

2018-02-07 (8).png

Gornik Zabrze best XI

I have also decided to attach my history whilst at Gornik Zabrze which shows everything that we have won in our five seasons at the club. You can see the screenshot below but to summarize we have won:

  • 3 Polish Super Cups
  • 3 Polish FA Cups
  • 1 LOTTO Ekstraklasa
  • 4 Manager of the month awards
  • 2 Manager of the season awards

I think that all things considered our reign was quite a successful one.

2018-02-04 (2).png

Manager History

Finally, one of our secondary goals of this save was to improve the reputation of the LOTTO Ekstraklasa. Personally I think that we have achieved this goal as the league has moved up once again to 11th, the league originally started at 21st and is now above the likes of Danish Super League and the Belgian Pro League.

2018-02-07 (9).png

Polish Ekstraklasa moves up to 11th in Europe

So that’s it for Part 5 of my Rebuilding Gornik Zabrze save in the 2021/22 season. I hope that you enjoyed my blog and if you want to check out any of my other stuff please head over to my Twitter @Casual_FM_ . Once again thank you for taking the time to read this blog!

This post was written by Casual_FM_. Do leave some comments below if you have any thoughts about his save with Polish club Gornik. Have you managed in Poland on FM before? And be sure to follow Casual_FM_ through his Twitter linked above.

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