The Bromma Boys #0 | Introduction | An FM18 Story

Welcome to a new Football Manager series here on VivaLaVidaFM. The series will be written by first-time FM blogger @MikaelinhoFM. You can find him on Twitter by clicking his username. I’ll now hand you over to Mikael for his new story with Swedish club Brommopojkarna.Hi reader, MikaelinhoFM here!

I’ve been an addict of FM for as long as I can remember, but I am completely new to producing content. This is my first ever piece of FM writing and I’m more than happy for any criticism, positive or negative!

In this story I will be managing Swedish side Brommapojkarna, very well known to all Swedes but probably more or less unknown to anyone outside of Sweden. This first episode will cover some background info about the club and my goals for this save.

I hope that you will enjoy the read and welcome to…

Brommapojkarna – The greatest club in Europe


Brommapojkarna (basically meaning the Bromma Boys) or BP for short, is a Swedish club formed in 1942 in Bromma, a relatively wealthy suburb of Stockholm. BP is the greatest football club in Europe in terms of the number of active teams of all ages, with over 250 teams and 4000 active players.

They are mostly known for their superb Academy, which in recent years has produced players such as John Guidetti (Man City, Celta Vigo, Alaves), Albin Ekdal (Juventus, Cagliari, Hamburg), Kristoffer Nordfelt (Heerenveen, Swansea) and Ludwig Augustinsson (FC Copenhagen, Werder Bremen). Former Academy alumni include such names as Bojan Djordjic (Man Utd, Glasgow Rangers, Red Star Belgrade) and Anders Limpar (Arsenal, Everton).Brommapojkarna

Sadly but quite significantly for a team a bit down the food chain, few Academy stars stayed with the club long enough to secure any kind of success for the senior team. Young prospects kept leaving the club for higher divisions, resulting in BP being stuck in the Swedish 2nd and 3rd tier for long periods.

In 1984 BP lost the final promotion playoff to the Swedish Premier League Allsvenskan, the closest they had ever come to top-flight football. In 2007 BP finally managed to secure a place in Allsvenskan. The following season they finished last and were immediately relegated back to the 2nd tier Superettan.

They were promoted again in 2008, relegated in 2010, promoted in 2012 and relegated in 2014. During the 2014 season iconic captain, Pontus Segerström, tragically died at the age of 33 due to a recently discovered brain tumour. Shell-shocked, the team finished the 2015 season last in the Superettan, which meant relegation to the Division 1 Norra (3rd tier).

This was a wakeup call for the club, gaining immediate promotion back to Superettan in 2016. Displaying a fast-paced, technical style of play during 2016 they quickly became media dark horses for a 2017 promotion back to Allsvenskan.

This is where I enter the stage as manager!

Short and long-term goals | Brommapojkarna

The short-term goal is to secure promotion back to Allsvenskan, preferably in the first two seasons. I think this is pivotal in terms of economy. Running a world class academy isn’t cheap, you know!

The long-term goal must be to keep up the quality of our excellent youth system and keep the prospects coming out of the academy at the club to a much greater extent than before. If we can keep the players for a couple more years than what’s previously been the case I am certain that we can become a solid Allsvenskan team. After we’ve grown into our Allsvenskan costume, next up is of course towards European domination, but let’s take this step by step.

In the next episode we will look at facilities, economy and expectations for the 2017 season. Thanks for reading.

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