Surpassing Pep | Introduction | Football Manager Experiments

Once you start up a Football Manager 2018 save and head over to the Hall of Fame screen, you’ll see Scottish manager Sir Alex Ferguson leading the way. The ex-Man Utd boss won countless titles over his career yet his position at the top of the leaderboard is far from safe.

Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho are hot on his heels and, though a fair few titles away from overtaking Fergie, both are at trophy-chasing clubs in Man City and Man Utd respectively and therefore they do more often than not surpass Ferguson in the FM Hall of Fame.

hall of fame beginning of game

FM18 Hall of Fame – Worldwide

SurpassingPep | An Introduction to our new FM18 series

SurpassingPep | The premise of the series

the 24 managers

24 new Football Managers | SurpassingPep

Twenty-four new football managers have entered the crazy world of football management. Each individual will start their career in charge of an English League Two club at the beginning of the 2017/18 season.

The aim of the series is to eventually have one of these managers surpass Pep Guardiola in the Hall of Fame ranks. This is the pipedream, but realistically it will just be fun to see what happens and to follow the careers of our managers. There will be several rules to help our save run smoothly, and I have developed a scoring system to be able to rank our managers in terms of their success.

Let’s take a look at how I have made these managers using the Football Manager editor.

SurpassingPep | Using the Football Manager Editor

editor manager details

FM Editor | Manager Details

  1. All of the 24 managers will be the same age (39 at the beginning of the save)
  2. I asked each manager to choose their own nationality (with a maximum of two managers per nation). For anyone with a non-British nationality I have added English as their second nationality
editor languages

FM Editor | Manager Languages

  1. All managers from non-English speaking countries have been made fluent in English
editor person attributes

FM Editor | Manager Person Attributes

  1. Attributes – I have set each managers ambition to 17 with the rest set at 0. When an attribute is set at 0 it is randomly selected at the beginning of the game
  2. All managers will only want to work as a manager with the rest of the job roles in FM set to 1.
editor tendencies

FM Editor | Manager Tendencies

  1. All managers have a tendency to work in the lower leagues of football, but the attribute is set at 13. When testing the save I found that not including this tendency left managers reluctant to drop down the leagues and therefore without a job, but I also saw that setting the attribute at 20 meant that managers were too happy to drop down a division and in some cases multiple leagues just to manage
editor non player general

FM Editor | Non-Player Data

Perhaps the most interesting screen is here.

  1. Each manager has a current ability of 130 with a potential of -10. -10 potential means that the manager could reach a current ability of between 170 and 200 and is randomly selected when starting a game
  2. Reputation is one of the factors that I tested heavily across multiple simulations and I admit that I’m still not certain of the best formula. I started by setting each managers reputation on similar levels to those currently managing in the fourth tier. But an in-game sacking would significantly lower the reputation and make it difficult for the manager to find another job. I have settled on these reputations levels. The stars you see in-game for manager reputation corresponds to their world reputation. This is set at 70 which is two stars.

If you have any questions about the use of the pre-game editor, do leave them in the comments below or get in touch either on Twitter (@VivaLaVidaFM) or on FMSlack (FM Slack – SurpassingPep).

SurpassingPep | Rules of the series

I have made one rule that will help the series to flow more smoothly and it will involve the use of the in-game editor.

  1. If a manager has been out of work for 1 in-game year, I will manually move the manager to another club at the same level they were sacked from.

When testing the save, eventually most managers were sacked and spent a lot of time without finding another managerial role. Usually, this resulted in early retirement. To make sure this doesn’t happen in our save, I’ll be moving any manager who hasn’t found another job within a year to a club in the same tier to their previous club.

If a manager suffers relegation and is sacked, they will join a team in the league in which they were relegated to.

However, I will only be able to move a manager three times. So each manager has three lives, use up their lives and they are on their own. If, after using all three lives, they are sacked or end up jobless and fail to find another job they inevitably retire and will not be able to add any more points to their manager’s score.


The Managers | SurpassingPep in #FM18

SurpassingPep | The scoring system

point scoring system

Over the course of the series it is likely that there will be more areas in which we could award points to our managers. I would like to incorporate win percentage into the scoring system somehow but haven’t yet worked out a fair way to do so. But above are the points I’ll be using to start off with. If you have any ideas do leave them in the comments section at the end of this post!

point scoring system example

Here is an example of how the scoring system will look as I input the data. Which manager will top this list come the end of the series??

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