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Melbourne City are an Australian professional football club based in Victoria, Australia. They play in the Australian top tier, the A-League, and are one of the country’s top teams. The club was founded in 2009 as Melbourne Heart before being renamed in 2014.

The club is owned by the City Football Group. This is a holding company that is affiliated Melbourne Citywith the Abu Dhabi United Group. The aim of the company is to own a football team on each continent and they boast Manchester City and New York City amongst their clubs.

Interestingly Melbourne City have never won the top tier of Australian football and as of 2017 their only honour remains the FFA Cup they won in 2016. Your job will be to change this!

This post is written by @Casual_FM_, you can find him over on Twitter. Enjoy his club guide on Melbourne City!

The Squad

Top Players

  • Tim Cahill
tim cahill

Tim Cahill | Melbourne City FM18

Austrailian all-rounder Tim Cahill still has solid attributes despite now being 37 years old. As I’m sure we can remember from his Everton days, his heading is his outstanding attribute. He is one of the highest paid players in the squad on £4.6k a week. I would urge you to use Cahill while you still can as I have a feeling he will be retiring from a playing role in football very soon.

  • Fernando Brandán
fernando brandan

Fernando Brandan | Melbourne City FM18

Fernando Brandán is my other pick for a top player at the club. The attacking midfielder is one of the better players in this squad and is highly versatile – he can play on both wings and through the centre. He has 16 dribbling which shows that he can confuse and frighten defences.

Areas to improve

The goalkeeper would be my recommended position to improve in this side as currently there are two decent options in the Melbourne City squad but neither are realistic long-term options. I would personally try to improve in the first transfer window but Dean Bouzanis could do a job for your side short term.

dean bouzanis

Dean Bouzanis | Melbourne City FM18

Hot Prospects

  • Denis Genreau
denis genreau

Denis Genreau | Melbourne City FM18

Our first hot prospect in the Melbourne City ranks is Denis Genreau. He should be used as used as one of your rotation options in central midfield. The Melbourne City squad isn’t blessed with many hot prospects and a such Genreau may not turn into a superstar in your side. Nonetheless with consistent first-team football he could turn into a useful squad member in the future.

  • Dylan Pierias
dylan pierias

Dylan Pierias | Melbourne City FM18

Our second hot prospect is a right back who goes by the name of Dylan Pierias. To me he looks like he has the potential to become an integral part of your squad. The 17-year-old is fresh out of the youth academy and I’m sure that he will be eager to impress and play consistently in the Melbourne City first team.

The Club

melbourne club overview

Melbourne City Club Overview | FM18


Melbourne City’s facilities

  • Excellent training facilities
  • Superb youth facilities
  • No data analysis facilities
  • Good junior coaching
  • Established youth recruitment
melbourne facilities

Melbourne City facilities | FM18


Melbourne City have okay finances with around £115k on the wage budget but they only have around £200k in the transfer budget. With the foreign player limit and the minimum of three under-20s rule you’ll need to think about how you spend your budget. Will you chase a high profile foreign player or focus more on developing young Australian talent?

melbourne finances

Melbourne City finances | FM18

The Rivals

Melbourne Victory

melbourne victory

Melbourne Victory | FM18

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So good luck to everyone who manages Melbourne City and I hope you have a fun time over in Australia, please let me know how you get on in your saves either in the comments by heading over to my Twitter @Casual_FM_. Thank you for taking the time to read this club guide!

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