Sir Alex Reborn | Intro | Football Manager 2018 Experiments

Sir Alex Ferguson, in my slightly biased opinion as a Manchester United fan, is the greatest manager of all-time. He oversaw exactly 1500 matches with Man Utd in a spell spanning close to three decades. He turned United into a hugely successful side through the nineties and noughties and built the club into one of the World’s best.

Using the Football Manager 2018 Editor, I’ve created a 32-year-old Ferguson who has just been appointed manager of East Stirlingshire in Scotland. Over the course of this series we will be following young Fergie as he makes he way through football management. What kind of career will he make for himself in the current era of football?

Alex Ferguson Reborn | Football Manager 2018

What did I do in the Editor (and why)?

So, to create Alex Ferguson as a 32-year-old in game I had to use the Football Manager Editor. Here I’ll explain exactly what I’ve done to create the young Scot.

Sir Alex in-game

ferguson at 32

Alex Ferguson aged 32

As you can see, Ferguson was born on 31st December 1984. This allows him to be aged 32 at the beginning of an FM18 save. He was this age when he took charge of Scottish side East Stirlingshire in real-life.

On the editor, I set Ferguson’s current ability to 110 with his potential ability set at 200. This doesn’t mean that he will necessarily reach 200 (the maximum ability level in FM) but he has the opportunity to do so should the game allow.


I’ve set his reputation at 95, with his world reputation at 50 and his home reputation at 120. He played 7 games for Scotland, scoring nine goals so I’d think his reputation in Scotland would be fairly high. Aged just 32 his reputation wouldn’t be very high abroad so I set that at 50.


I also specified Ferguson’s personal attributes. I think these are all more or less fair, excluding loyalty. I set this attribute much lower than it should be. Ferguson was very loyal to Manchester United having spent over two decades there, but I want Ferguson to move about a bit more in my save (otherwise I think we’d all lose interest rather quickly).

I left the rest of Fergie’s attributes to the lottery of the FM database. Meaning that for each save I load his attributes would change (though not massively).

Plans for the series

I have downloaded a Scottish Lower League database from the Steam Workshop. I’ve used the database created by MozzaGaming, if you are interested in the lower leagues of Scottish football and more downloadable content to head over to his Twitter.

This means I’ll be able to track Ferguson’s progress at East Stirlingshire as they play outside of the playable leagues on the standard version of FM18. The plan for the series is to bring out one post every two seasons. In each post I’ll review the seasons just gone and how Fergie has performed.

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If you liked this post, please do leave your feedback in the comments! What are your predictions for 2018 for Fergie? Will he remain loyal to East Stirlingshire or will he find work elsewhere?

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