Youth Training and Development | Ostersunds FK #2.4 | An FM18 Story

Welcome to another instalment in our Ostersunds FK series. In the previous post we looked in-depth at our tactical approach. If you missed it, do go back and read it here. In this part we take a look at our youth training and development with the Swedish side and see how our training aids our youth progression.

I must first point you towards my inspiration for this post. I have always been a ‘youth development’ style of manager – take a look at one of my first series here on VivaLaVidaFM. It’s great fun to see each youngster improve and develop their attributes based on my own actions in-game. Did I send them out on loan or give them the perfect tutor? How did my actions affect their development?

There’s nothing better than having a positive impact on a youngster with that 5-star potential. The purpose of this post will be to evaluate some of the younger players in my Ostersund squad and analyse how I aid their development in training. Let’s get straight into it.

Youth Training and Development | Ostersunds FK – Sweden

The Players

Let’s first introduce the youngsters I will be looking at in the post. I’ve only had two youth intakes over my time with Ostersund and neither has produced better than 4-star potential. Nevertheless, I’ve still taken the best prospects and given them tutelage and training in order to help them reach their potential. A 3-star player is still a decent squad member.

  • Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl
johan bjorklund-sandahl year 1

Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl | 2017

Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl began his footballing career with IFK Lulea before joining Ostersund for £4K in 2018. He is a central defender with excellent determination.

  • Malthe Lassen
malthe lassen year 1

Malthe Lassen | 2017

Malthe Lassen is a Danish youngster who came through the Braband IF youth system in 2017. The midfielder is fairly professional and joined Swedish side Ostersund for £24.5K in 2019.

  • Patrick Kpozo
patrick kpozo year 1

Patrick Kpozo | 2017

Ghanaian Patrick Kpozo is the only youngster to have been at the club when Oscar Friberg, our manager, joined. The left-sided win-back quickly became our first-choice defender.

  • Dejan Kulusevski
dejan kulusevski year 1

Dejan Kulusevski | 2017

Dejan Kulusevski is one of Sweden’s best hot prospects on FM18. I wrote a post about some of Scandinavia’s best youth prospects in which Kulusevski features. The central-midfielder joined Ostersund on loan towards the end of 2018.


In this section, I’ll begin to explain some of the training schedules I have put each individual player into. Shown below is an example of first-teamer Cole Grossman’s training screen.

training sample

Cole Grossman Training Schedule

As you can see, I have chosen for Grossman to train in the mezzala role. Not only does Grossman play this role during matches, but the mezzala also develops the attributes I want Grossman to improve.

Even if you don’t play certain roles in your tactic, it might be worth looking through the roles and seeing which attributes they develop. You’ll see I have done this myself later with some of our youngsters.

I haven’t added any additional focus for Grossman. This is because he is very well-rounded and doesn’t really have any outstanding weakness so it would be less than helpful to increase his training workload without any real need for it.

  • Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl
johan bjorklund-sandahl year 2

Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl | 2018


I decided to train Johan in the ball-playing defender role. He is not very well-rounded in terms of his technical attributes and as such training him in the ball-playing defender role will help to improve passing, first touch and extra mental attributes too.

  • Malthe Lassen
malthe lassen year 2

Malthe Lassen | 2018

By 2018 I’ve yet to sign Lassen and so his training doesn’t yet apply. But looking at his attributes he does seem to be fairly well-rounded with no significant weakness. With 15 passing and 13 for vision, I’ll be looking to train his defensive attributes so that he could develop into the deep-lying playmaker role used in my tactic.

  • Patrick Kpozo
patrick kpozo year 2

Patrick Kpozo | 2018


I play with attacking wing-backs in my tactic. As such I have been training Kpozo as a complete wingback. This is to give greater focus to his attacking attributes which would suit my tactic.

  • Dejan Kulusevski
dejan kulusevski year 2

Dejan Kulusevski | 2018


I managed to extend Kulusevski’s loan deal for an extra two years, meaning he’ll be with us until 2020. In terms of his development, I have been training him in the mezzala role too. I have also tried to improve his passing through the additional focus. At 18 years of age it would be good to get his passing up to around 14/15 in the future.

  • Anton Lundin
anton lundin year 2

Anton Lundin | 2018

Anton Lundin is the only player to feature from our youth academy. In all honesty I doubt he will ever develop into a regular first-teamer at our club, but I’ve tried to develop him as best I can. I did assign him a tutor in an attempt to increase his determination and personality, but unfortunately it was ended early after they struggled to work together.

  • Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl
johan bjorklund-sandahl year 3

Johan Bjorklund-Sandahl | 2019

Alongside training Bjorklund-Sandahl in the ball-playing defender role, I have also tried to give him as many first-team minutes as possible. He’s made 10 starts for our first team over the 2019 season and has made some good progress this year. but realistically he’ll never be a first-team regular with just 8 for both marking and heading.

  • Malthe Lassen
malthe lassen year 3

Malthe Lassen | 2019

Malthe Lassen could well be a good player for our first team, but with Fouad Bachirou solid in the DLP role I didn’t see how Lassen would get time in the first-team this year. I sent him out on loan to fellow Allsvenskan side Helsingborg where he made 17 appearances in all competitions (he was injured for 8 weeks of the season too).

  • Patrick Kpozo
patrick kpozo year 3

Patrick Kpozo | 2019

We are getting to a stage where Kpozo will struggle to develop significantly enough to save his spot as first-choice left-back. As we look to improve we’ll certainly be looking to improve in every position and unfortunately for Kpozo he could be improved upon.

  • Dejan Kulusevski
dejan kulusevski year 3

Dejan Kulusevski | 2019

Kulusevski is a star in our midfield. Sadly his improvement and form will mean his parent club Atalanta are unlikely to want to sell him come the end of his loan spell. But with one year left as an Ostersund player, I’ll be hoping that he can make a significant contribution to our side in 2020.

  • Anton Lundin
anton lundin year 3

Anton Lundin | 2019

As stated earlier, Lundin will be unlikely to make an impact for our first-team in the future. He would need to develop incredibly to stand a chance, and considering our facilities aren’t state of the art, our coaching isn’t top notch and the standard of youth team football isn’t challenging enough, we are unlikely to see Lundin in the first-team at all.

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Thanks for reading our last post for the 2018 season with Ostersund. The next post will be a review of our 2019 season with the Swedish club as we look to go one better than in 2018.

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