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FC Midtjylland are a Danish professional football club based in Herning and Ikast in the midwestern part of Jutland, Denmark. The team formed as a result of a merger between two football clubs – Ikast FS and Herning Fremad. Midtjylland compete in the Danish Superliga, winning it for the first time back in 2015.

In 2000, Midtjylland were promoted to the top-flight Danish Superliga after a record breaking season in which the club had won the most points ever in the first division.Midjtylland

Four years later, the team moved to a new stadium in Herning with a capacity of around 12,000. In July 2014, Matthew Benham (the owner of English side Brentford) became the majority shareholder of Midtjylland’s parent company FCM Holding. As an affiliate club, you could use this link to develop your youngsters? You could send them across to Brentford to allow them experience in the English leagues.

This post is written by @Casual_FM_, you can find him over on Twitter. Enjoy his club guide on FC Midtjylland!

The Squad | FC Midtjylland

Top Players

  • Filip Novák
filip novak

Filip Novak | FC Midtjylland FM18

Czech full-back Filip Novák is a 26 year-old with some solid attributes including tackling, marking and dribbling. He is on £4.8k a week, about average for the first-team, and he is rated as your best player when you join the club. He looks like a very capable wing-back to me so if you prefer to play with attacking wing-backs then Novak is you’re in luck!

  • Jakob Poulsen
jakob poulsen

Jakob Poulsen | FC Midtjylland FM18

Jakob Poulsen is my other pick for a top player at the club. The central midfielder is a veteran in this FC Midtjylland squad. He’s one of the oldest members at 33. However, he is still one of the best players, in terms of current ability, with 16 for passing and also free-kick taking. Poulsen also has 35 caps for Denmark which shows that he can perform at the highest level.

Other Notable First-Teamers

  • Rafael van der Vaart
van der vaart

Rafael van der Vaart | FC Midtjylland FM18

Somewhat surprisingly, Rafael van der Vaart is left in the reserves at the beginning of FM18. Though quite clearly lacking in physicals, the Dutch veteran would add extra experience to your side and should not be overlooked.

Areas to improve

I’d be looking to improve in the centre-back position as in this side there is a lack of quality after Kian Hansen. Obviously, you will need more than one good CB in the squad and with attackers in the league such as former Celtic man Teemu Pukki you will definitely need some defensive reinforcements.

Hot Prospects

  • Rasmus Nissen
rasmus nissen

Rasmus Nissen | FC Midtjylland FM18

Our first hot prospect in the FC Midtjylland ranks is Rasmus Nissen. He looks like a very well-rounded full-back that has potential to be re-trained as a winger. The Dane already has great crossing aged just 19 but his marking does leave a little bit to be desired so I would 100% train him in that department.

  • Christian Tue
christian tue

Christian Tue | FC Midtjylland FM18

Our second hot prospect is a central midfielder who goes by the name of Christian Tue. He has good potential and could develop into a more attacking midfielder in future. The 17 year-old Dane has decent mental and physical attributes for his age, including determination and natural fitness, that could help him develop into a great player.

The Club

clib overview

FC Midtjylland Club Overview | FM18


FC Midtjylland’s facilities

  • Great training facilities
  • Basic data analysis facilities
  • Great youth facilities
  • Good junior coaching
  • Extensive youth recruitment

FC Midtjylland facilities | FM18


FC Midtjylland have okay finances with around £130k on the wage budget and just under £3ook in the transfer budget. Try to look for either free signings or loan deals in the first few seasons until you can build up a decent enough transfer budget. This would be the way I’d go.


FC Midtjylland finances | FM18

The Rivals

  • Aalborg Boldspilklub

AaB | FM18 Overview

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So good luck to everyone who manages FC Midtjylland and I hope you have a fun time over in Denmark, please let me know how you get on in your saves either in the comments by heading over to my Twitter @Casual_FM_.

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