A Successful First Year | Glenn Toussaint #4 | Football Manager 2018 Stories

Welcome to Part Four of FMRookieGlenn’s maiden Football Manager series. This series follows young manager Glenn Toussaint as he enters the world of football management. In the previous post, we saw how well Toussaint’s side performed in the first half of the Belgian league season. This post details the second half of Toussaint’s first year in management.

So, you all know KRC Genk ended the first round of the season: at the top of the table. Now you will find out how we did in the cup and how we ended our season!

KRC Genk | 2017-2018 Season Review

January Transfers

First of all I need to talk you all through the January transfers! We didn’t need to buy many players because I was confident that our squad was strong enough to continue their good run of form! Douglas Pote was an opportunity to buy a talented young player for a good price, so we couldn’t let him slip! He was immediately loaned out to get some first-team experience in Europe! Georges-Kevin Nkoudou came in because we didn’t really have a back up to Trossard that could play as an inside forward on the left!

K Racing Club Genk_ Transfer History

Transfers in | January 2018

There were no important players that left our team! Jakub Brabec wanted more playing time, but I couldn’t give him that so he left on loan to Hoffenheim. Yoni Buyens was loaned out last season, and wouldn’t get any minutes in our first team so he left on a free! Youngsters Limbombe and Cuypers haven’t impressed me and when the big teams came with enough money they wanted to leave. I didn’t do anything to keep them in Genk!

K Racing Club Genk_ Transfer History-2

Transfers Out | January 2018

The Croky Cup Adventure

The board wanted us to reach the semi-finals of the Belgian Cup. We couldn’t live up to these expectations with the draw not being in our favour! We started off against a team who are 2 divisions lower than us, which we won, but then both Club Brugge and Anderlecht blocked our path to the Final. Against Club Brugge luck was on our side in a close match. The quarter-final against Anderlecht was our final game in the cup as they beat us on penalties!

K Racing Club Genk_ Senior Fixtures-2

Croky Cup Adventure | KRC Genk

Second Half of the Regular Competition

In the second half of the competition, we only lost 2 more matches and drew 3 times. Because of our continued good form our opponents didn’t have any chance to catch us at the top of the table, and we ended 12 points clear!

K Racing Club Genk_ Senior Fixtures-5

Good form to win the regular season!

Jupiler Pro League_ Overview Stages-4

Belgian league table | Regular season 17-18

Champions Group

The first 6 teams after 30 matches end up in the Champions group and play for the title! The points total after 30 matches gets halved, meaning we top the group 35 points. The battle for the Championship begins! We drew 6 times in 10 matches, so you might think we gave the opposition the chance to catch us, but because there were no other teams had with any great form, we still ended up 10 points clear on top!

K Racing Club Genk_ Senior Fixtures-6

Belgian League – Championship Group

Jupiler Pro League_ Overview Stages-5

KRC Genk are champions!

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Thank you all for reading! Next season we will play in the Champions League and we’re excited to match up against the biggest sides in Europe. We are looking forward to being as dominant in Belgium as we were this season!

This series is written by FMRookieGlenn and is his first series of written Football Manager content, so do leave some comments below if you have any advice! And be sure to follow Glenn through his Twitter linked here.

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